Covid-19/Corona Virus. Conspiracy Theories And Keeping It Simple.

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I have always enjoyed being the massive fart in the elevator among my family and friends. Hell, over the years I've sat at dinner tables with bishops, composers, peers of the realm, and unabashedly been ready to discuss ideas from the aluminium foil wrapped chapters of 20th century history. Normally, once I've sparked enough good natured awkwardness I'm asked if I’m a conspiracy theorist. I always reply no. I just love history.

If we are looking at an accurate history of the 20th century then we are looking at conspiracies. Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, two bullets whacking Kennedy, Bay of Pigs, etc. The shaking and moving events reported accurately around the time of their occurrence were conspiracy theories at the beginning. They were attacked, those vocalizing them were ostracized, belittled, and over all considered unstable and lacking in credibility.

So recently the Corona virus that’s spreading its tendrils across the planet sparking market spirals and mass panic has started to come up in conversations. With visible dread recently I was asked my opinion on the current soon to be pandemic. I’ve worked in areas of public service and have a pretty good idea as to how our government will respond here, so I do get queries from people regarding these matters.

I responded by asking ‘Do you remember swine flu? There’s a possibility no one had it. It may have been a lie.’ Immediately I got an eye roll. But it could be true. The CDC stopped testing despite the fact that the tests they had run showed up zero cases of H1N1. The reason for this was the government had already declared there was an epidemic underway so why bother. However a little thing like limited evidence of H1N1 didn’t stop our good hard working folks at the CDC from declaring that 1 in 14 Americans had swine flu.

So during that madness I remember the global efforts at stock piling Tamiflu (roundly proven to be useless), folks like old The Don Donald Rumsfeld making a cartload of cash on it, and the roll out of a vaccine for swine flu. Yay for big pharma.

I’m an American and I’m British. I’ve grown up neatly between both countries, and the one thing that still makes me chuckle with a twist of being horrified is the way big pharmaceutical advertising in the states works. Is the lower part of your higher self flaccid? Gotta commercial for a drug to treat it. Losing hair? Gotta a commercial. Feeling blue, yellow, or pink? Gotta commercial for it. Suffering from psychosomatic illness? Well, give it until the end of the show your watching, and the commercials have finished and you will.... and don't worry... there's a drug to treat that to.

Americans are at around 5% of our global population, yet down red white and blue necks go over 50% of the planets prescription meds. The numbers go out to around 80% when look opioids. After all the pharmaceutical industry needs dat paper baby.

So when looking at the upcoming pandemic one can’t help but think.... well, a lot of countries in the world have been reluctant to play ball with American drug policies.... will something like this actually bring them to the table? Is there a “conspiracy” in this? Global markets are well and truly on a meteoric course for the asphalt so is it about the money? We’ll adjust your tinfoil hat and see how the reception is.

Now currently the pushed and minute by minute reinforced belief is that this Covid19 came from bats via pangolins... don’t let a little thing like the origin of the outbreak being a rocks throw from a bio weapons lab confuse you... it’s bats... (bullshit cough cough cough). One of the more excited/in possession of permanent boner parties since the outbreak began has been Bill Gates. The guy has been drooling while tap dancing throughout and will probably continue to do so. He, like the big pharmaceutical industry will make a killing out of this crisis. Don’t worry folks... uncle Bill will be bringing a vaccine to the table soon.... why is it every time that guy is looking happy people are dying from something horrible? Gates joy= fuckin worry for everyone else it seems.

The surge into the green of biotech stocks (see Gilead Sciences and Moderna at time of writing is kicking ass) among others related to the field and it starts to become clear... there will be winners in this and it’s probably not us. Is this about global depopulation at the hands of the mythical and ever elusive “THEY”?... depends on how you look at it.

If you believe the current real power structures approach is Fabian in nature it’s probably another small step taken. If you believe depopulation is of mass importance and will be done all at once then no. If you don’t believe in any of these things then it won’t be about anything other than what media outlet /intellectual who does the heavy lifting for you that you subscribe to tells you in an easy to adopt digestible fashion... then it’s just a scary flu....this is a long game of perception really, so adopted truths will be concrete to the individual experiencing/witnessing the event. In short fact will be selective process for most..... the battle for the archetypes involves how information is subverted and used, the people contained and subverted, the perceptions manipulated to be adopted or rejected, one mans absurdity will be another mans religion, etc. etc. etc.

Knowing the facts behind the outbreak will be difficult due to the way information is disseminated, so this will be as clear as mud. I recently tried my hand at listening to the 24 hour news stream of American media outlets as an experiment. It was an insane exercise but I did it anyway to see how it would impact my mood. After three hours I switched it off and came to a conclusion.... no wonder my countrymen are all so fucking crazy over there. Seriously.... you guys just need to switch it off. It began to make sense why the entire nation is practically rocking in a corner... if anything with what’s occurring with a potential pandemic inbound you definitely should switch off the media. Mainly due to the fact that it will probably screw up your ability to react with common sense/clarity at the forefront.

My Grandmother used to whack me upside the head if I was making things to complicated and say "Keep it simple stupid." Now maybe the whacks made me stupid so keeping it simple is easy, or it could be I took the words to heart and it just become habit. But keeping it simple in times like these is always the best approach. Especially when watching devastating history unfold. Not listening to certain things being pushed by mainstream outlets and suspecting that not all advice may be in your best interest can be helpful. For instance the UK recently said wearing protective masks or eye protection doesn’t help in protecting you from catching Covid19.... so all those medical workers dealing with the sick are basically just engaging in a bit of cosplay... buy a good carbon filter mask that’s up to spec and use it. Same goes for gloves, eye wear, and good disinfectants. Even if it is a simple flu... why not try to avoid catching it?

Using common sense is a great way to not get sick. Or alternatively look at it from a conspiracy theorist point of view questioning everything your told, then use common sense. Don’t abandoned staying grounded though....If you reach the point where you believe the earth is flat, and medical workers are lizards that are being given orders from a mother ship hailing from Ceres..... you may have gone to far and perhaps dial it back a bit.

Chances are there is something happening above all of our heads with all of this. Chances are we will have very little clue as to what that is. We just witnessed the largest quarantine in the history of our species and it failed, so as this all rolls forward it’s probably gonna get a lot more colorful. There could be a conspiracy behind this of epic proportions and we will have little to no clue as to the truth of the matter. I.e. whether it’s man made, deliberately set loose, etc. Furthermore, those who look at history with an eye to understand its lessons know that for those who were present during an event never understood in full what was occurring. That's the way this game works sadly.

I’ve always maintained that there’s not enough accurate information to form absolutes on anything so I don’t see this being different. But to theorize on? Hell yeah. That’s the wonderful thing about freedom of thought. Get crazy and look at everything. Just don’t theorize yourself into terror. You’ll be so busy thinking about the monster under your bed that you may not hear the boogeyman coming through your front door.

Well guys, if you’ve read this far thanks. Figured I’d throw a post up exercising my crazy ass tin foil encased brain by rambling a bit. As always I’m looking forward to all the posts and projects you wonderful folks put up daily. Don’t get sick, keep calm, and Steem on.

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great post, though 'where you believe the earth is flat, and medical workers are lizards that are being given orders from a mother ship hailing from Ceres' are two mutually exclusive beliefs. there is no outer space, it's as made up as the gulf of tonkin and sandy hook. peace.

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