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Its become an international norm now to see electric scooters in city's made for public use and will surly take off as its cool and convenient, no wait, its convenient and cool. Think of that time you can save from walking! How convenient is that?!

Most will think exactly that it is convenient, and of which I'm not denying, but if you live away from the madhouse aka, society, and you have a bigger perspective of things and you see everything happening around us that is sold as convenience, actually has an underlying reason.

And trust me when I say that everything sold to us as convenience, isn't for our own good whatsoever as only time, (and people like me) will tell.

Convenience for freedom


Let's not even start on food.. src

Did you ever take time to think of the multiple ways that your every location, your finances and even your thoughts are being monitored and stored since a few years already at least? Thoughts? Shut up you fool, nobody is reading our thoughts!!!!

Huh Hum..

When you are using a search engine, you expose what you are looking for, obviously.. The point we miss is that anything we want to look for or know about, first begins as a thought in our minds.. An Example would be someone who has been searching for cars for sale, would be thinking about buying a car, or even someone who searches even anything that comes to mind, hands over what they were thinking about at that time.

Sadly, most people have already lost the will to care about it and are completely happy live a life to "Have days out, to have friends and memories" whilst slaving away paying off the debt.. (sounds like a mental home) friends, and memories, and they have already just excepted that they must stay like that and everything will always be how it is now.

We started to see a health revolution, people eating better with more awareness, and I remember there seemed to be the start of a Yoga trend which I guess after a few years already, something else in in fashion.


The one thing a government makes a ton of money is by the population being not 100% healthy which anyone is free to go read about the pharma company's (if you care!), and by introducing these electric scooters, people will naturally either stop using the buses and trams (meaning that we would all need an app on a smartphone to go places in a city - which means, registering and usually a contract), OR stop walking routes that they used to walk before.

What will happen? The people will exercise less, and exercising less creates more sickness.

Another point to consider that the powers that be (for now) are knowing is that if the people start getting fat, the people will start going to the gym more and also buying gym equipment, thus boosting an economy (they are getting very desperate!).


It seems that one company called Voi has become the one in the electric scooter realm. They are a Swedish company (Sweden itself is turning into madness) and they recently set up shop in Oslo, although there are around 3 or 4 different company's in Oslo at the moment, it seems that this one is taking over. They are also now starting in the UK, even though electric scooters were banned there! You see how things just get ROLLED OUT everywhere at one time by one company and everyone applauds??

I would as usual love to hear other freethinker's thoughts on why this is all being implemented?
Saved on the blockchain baby!

Big Love & Abundance,

First image taken from Voiscooters.com and the clickable link below is my referral link..



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Now I live in a city where there is a problem with transport. It is impossible to travel by public transport because it is too crowded.

The girl and I call this transport "Slaughterhouse". It is better to walk, because once I almost lost consciousness there.

But if you need to quickly get to a place, the transport will not help either, since it is very slow. Therefore, electric scooters would be a very good alternative for quick moving. Or a bicycle!

I would like to go from here to another country. While I am looking for opportunities to do this. I moved to this city from my hometown, because there are more opportunities for creative implementation. But because of the artificially raised prices, I feel like a slave here and do not want to agree with that. I'm confused.

I have a small dream: to make a house on wheels that is driven by an electric bike.
I described this idea in a post and in a video.

Video: https://steemit.com/dtube/@gulia.peito/lu6f20qokz6
Or post for quick reference: https://steemit.com/life/@gulia.peito/idea-for-home-bike-camper-crypto-city

Why bike? Because I do not want to drive a car.
Firstly, it is a gasoline engine and I do not want to agree with the concept of using oil.
Secondly, I recently had problems with concentration and it became difficult for me to drive a car. With a bike is easier.

I want to leave here and start building a crypto city, where you can buy bread for crypto without transferring it to Fiat )))

but I'm stuck in the whirl of slavery... и это пиздец

A living horse and wagon is the best! Or a horse and a modern tent 😁

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They have been trial electric scooters here in some Australian city's.

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