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… And your chicks for free

For as long as I remember, I’ve had the belief that the more money I had, the more would be taken from me. So the only solution was to have no money, so that no money could be taken from me.

That’s a fucking weird story, when you think about it.

So I’ve been looking at that story today, because it’s a very limiting belief. “What’s really going on with that story?”, I asked myself.

I’ve realised that the issue is that I had really shitty boundaries; and this isn’t just affecting my finances, but my energy and my integrity. I seem to have a knack for putting the needs of others before my own. On one hand, that’s a good trait to have when you’re in the business of helping others. But every gift has a shadow aspect, and that is the inverse where I martyr myself for someone (or something) else.

Of course, that is fuelled by the degree to which I consider “I am worthy”. How much value do I place on me, my talents, and my thoughts/feelings? The answer isn’t that inspiring, to be honest. It’s certainly a lot better than in the past, but that whole “I am enough” thing still sticks in my throat.

What I have done is turn that whole money thing around however.

Instead of seeing an unexpected expense arrive after an unexpected bonus as sign that I didn’t deserve it, I see the unexpected gift of money as coming just in time to take care of the unexpected expense. A simple reframe, yes; but these simple approaches can be leveraged into greater changes. Because if “the universe” is looking after me by sending me money just before an unexpected bill, that’s because I’m worthy, right?!?

Ta-da! Mind. Blown. 🤯

Once I’ve opened up my thoughts to that… well, all sorts of money-related stories start to shift. I’m OK paying bills, because now I feel gratitude that I’m privileged enough to be able to live in this house, buy electricity to power my device, pay for gas for my stove and my heater, pay for petrol for my car so I can get around and earn a decent income.

All those expenses now represent how wealthy I actually am. Looking at low numbers in a bank account don’t make me feel abundance — but looking around me right now and seeing a warm, dry comfortable home with all the things I love, with running water, power, gas, computers, stereos, car, food in the pantry and fridge, etc…. now there is the evidence of how abundant and privileged I am.

Someone once told me ”There is no innate power in money other than the power you assign it.”

In the last few weeks, I’ve been buying STEEM. Because I believe that this blockchain is awesome, and the communities being built around it are awesome. So I’ve started putting my money into a Steem project which I think will bring value to the blockchain, but more importantly will bring value to a particular niche community globally (and thus bringing them to Steem).

There’ll be more about that over the coming days and weeks, I have no doubt.

Until then…. take care, y’all 😊🙏🏽💰

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As usual, there is a soundtrack for this post. Go listen to it on Spotify and let those artists get money for their creativity.

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