Some macro shots from the back garden

in palnet •  2 months ago 

Hi guys

Yes, it's been a while and I think it's about time I started blogging some more. A lot seems to have happened on Steem in the time I've not been posting so I figured I might try and start becoming more regular with my images on here. Need to get my mojo back for both photography in general and blogging about it.

Here are a few starters for ten which I thought I'd try posting from Hope you like em. Some of these I'm well happy with, especially the fly eating its dinner. Looks tasty








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Welcome back dude. Yes, so many changes. In a big fan of the creativecoin community 🙂 Those are some impressive macro shots.

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Cheers man, it was this whole creativecoin that has peaked my interest again. Got fed up of it being so hard to both find creative stuff that i liked and be found myself and get interactions on here of any value. We will see how it goes.

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Yes, I understand where you're coming from. I stopped actively curating (weekly) for curie for similar reasons. 90% of the creative writers on steem have disappeared... and that's my specialty. I still submit the odd post every few months to contribute but I've been disappointed with the way things have been going on steem for around 8 months. It's just sheer stubbornness that's kept me active writing on steem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed communities like this, and maybe HF21 can turn things around 🤞 we shall see

wow these are pretty awesome shows, I love the last one of the spider on the web, I look forward to seeing more x


Wow yeah those fly shots are amazing and beautifully barbaric. Also I really like how the translucency of the spider comes through. Seems to be glowing from the inside. And that beetle is wicked

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Id quite like to change the lighting setup to allow me a full macro mobile studio with lighting and reflectors from all directions. Maybe i need to build something. :)

that would be epic. Yes, you should build something :)

Cool! What is the fly eating?

Think it's his brother... looked like the shell of another fly

These are pretty excellent eye candy!

Cheers Asher. I know how you like a bit of eye candy ;)

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really nice shots. Not everyone can do good macrophotography.

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