How to transfer DWD from steem-engine to drugwars account?

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Dear friends

as per my post title, is very strange how there is not a button deposit in drugwars account.

You can find in market menu withdrawal and buy coins, but I do not know how to deposit, somone can help me?

Regarding my account in drugwars, as you can see I am tragically fall down and I would like to take my fews DWD to use them to buy some more building in order to go again in a decent ranking position.

What are you doing with your DWD?

I see the value is too low to make some trading, so thats why I would like to use them in drugwars account, but I do not know how to deposit it.

Finally thank you to our friend @intellihandling for the mention (first time he forgot me...) as one of the best 5 gang contributors, anyway as I explain you there are some users that have much more better ranking than me but they do not deposit for gang development and this is a pity, I hope our boss @kobusu will solve it.


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Dear friend, you are right, there is not a deposit button in the account, but please look at this post and you will understand how you can deposit DWD:

Thank you my friend, I managed!!

Dear friends, we are best gang contributors, but it seems none is interested on that, do you know a gang which is looking for active contributors?

As you saw everything gone as we deserved...

There is a menu for market. There you can move your DWD in and out of steem-engine account. You will need all DWD in your in-game account so as to spend the game. But DWD rate is peanuts right now. Lost my interest in DW due to that.

DWD no good for now. You can take your Dwd using the Market menu.

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I hoped to be a bit wiser about steem-engine reading the comments but am still not. I hope your problems are solved.

@loro68, I thought i will going to receive the DWD Tokens but i haven't. Hope that your issue will be resolved soon.

Hope you've been sorted now

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