woman and this digital art with different color of the background

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woman and this digital art

hi ❤️

i was playing with photoshop again , and worked on this photo , lately i like to use colorful backgrounds ,
i changed my windows so still didnt putt all brushes i have been download ,so used everything i had in photoshop as main brushes , i think i need to add them as soon as possible, because they have nice shapes and even textures
like building brushes , city , nice and cool skull brushes and smoke brushes which are cool to use , as you see i draw the smoke here with a simple brush,
today i will install all other brushes ,when i am free
i made some different colors and theme again here for these works
i hope you like them




i like this blue theme , because it makes me feel relax and have cold colors ,

mix of blue and purple or pink is something i use in my works most of the time ,
i think im going to make some gif with these digital stuff



i used this picture here

Here you can see some of my works in this GIF :)




have a very beautiful day ❤️ and see you next time! tomorrow! :)


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