Lukaku Off To Inter Milan

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On a dead line day for Transfer in EPL,it is officially confirmed Romelu Lukaku finally bows out from old Trafford heading to Italian Seria A; Inter Milan the preferred destination. Report has it it cost $73 Million for Inter Milan to get the services of this Belgian prolific footballer. This deal seems a good for United but the exist creates a big vaccum in United. The big question now is who takes the place of centre forward though there are other players in the rank: Rashfold, Alexis Sanchez and Anthony Martial... These are player who knows their onus but can they feel in the shoe ...? this could be a million dollar question. Nevertheless, it is also reported United is also going for Mario Mandzuki, Juventus and Croatian centre forward.


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If Mandzuki finally makes the move to Old Traffold, this could be a big deal anyway but it seems to me an imbalance scenario. These are the reasons, Lukaku is 26 year while Mandzuki is 33 year. It's obvious that within 5 years Mandzuki might hang off his boot while Lukaku still has about 10 years before he finally kiss goodbye to the round leather game. Secondly, at the age of 33 years will Mandzuki be able to keep up with the fast pace of EPL? Thirdly, for how long can Mandzuki be the Centre forward for Man United, to be sincere, it won't be more than 3years. .I might be wrong on this but remember Zlantan Ibrahimovic then you can tell why I picked 3 years for Mario Mandzuki.

While the waiting comes to an end for the EPL to begin, just wondering how United will play without Lukaku which will be a big miss, however I won't blame the young fellow for really wanting to leave Old Traffold because he had not gotten a sweet ride under the current manager Ole Gunnar Solkjaer . Seasons back, I remember Manchester United sold off Danny Welbeck and Van Persie two good centre forwards and the lesson learnt wasn't a good pill to swallow that season for the Red Devil

However I can't just wait for the first kick of the ball to be made in EPL. Wishing Manchester United a succesful season.

Big Love 💖❤️💖


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