The Snake That Wanted Some Rabbits

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The Snake That Wanted Some Rabbits.jpg

The reason I decided to practice my rabbit farming in an enclosed hall type structure was because I didn’t want to be worrying about snakes, rodents, mosquitoes and insects attacking my rabbits. I built mosquito nets to cover every opening so that nothing gets inside except that thing is a human being that knows how to open the front entrance door.

I went about my usual routine yesterday and one of the things I do in the weekends is to open the entrance door to the rabbit farm and feed them. So I went to feed them yesterday morning immediately I opened the door a snake fell off the door, apparently it was looking for a way to get in but there was had not been successful as there is no big enough space to fit or pass through.

The Snake That Wanted Some Rabbits2.jpg

I acted fast before it could run away and live to fight another day, I sent it to its ancestors. RIP. I do hope another snake doesn’t wonder this way, this is the first time I have seen such attempt by a snake to enter the rabbit house and I hope they get the message that they can’t get in.

Where did it come from you might ask? There is a canal on the other side of the residential area where I live and the last rain that fell caused a lot of flooding which caused the residents in that area to evacuate. There were loads of report of snakes entering peoples’ houses and going on the roads, I think this one must have missed its way.

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Sounds like your security measures are working 🐇. Have you ever shown a picture of your rabbit structure? It sounds interesting, I think I've only seen pictures of the rabbits themselves.

Also, I hate snakes 🐍 😱

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Indeed i have, I have also written a post about the rabbit farm in which it shows the structure, rabbits, feed container and a whole lot of hutches.
I think I hate them more than you do. Lol.

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Well secured for the rabbit's 👍

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