Help please🕊

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Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't been active lately but I'm going through hard times, my father had cancer and unfortunately he passed away.
I'm asking for help to pay Hospital bills, we have been living without any medical insurance in Venezuela and treatments were expensive. It doesn't mind the amount of your donation even if it's so little each $ counts.🙏
I still don't know when I will be back posting here as I feel destroyed😔 Also I have been dealing with bad internet connection so sorry if I do not answer soon.
Thanks in advance for your support🕊💖

♡ You can Donate to:
Hive: jenina619
Steem: jenina619
EOS: jeninacrypto

BTC: 1B9kChHJY1inx48GDj3PNRkkL6aSFLgQN7

ETH: 0x81826907b1fd700e4FCc6Ed63297F677AcF1A705

If you want you can notify about any donation in a comment or Telegram: jeninacrypto 🙏
I can also receive Paypal, please just let me know if you're willing to help,

Blessings ☄


Hi, @jenina619,

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