How important is a power nap?

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Have you ever felt so tired during your workday that you could just fall over on your desk and sleep??? 

It has been proven scientifically that a person can not concentrate on one thing for more than 20 minutes-45 minutes at most. By taking a power nap of only 10 to 20 minutes you can increase your productivity with at least 80 percent.  

A power nap boost your energy levels and make you more alert.  You would also be able to wake up easier if you only sleep for this short amount of time. Sleeping for longer than 20 minutes can make you feel a bit groggy and make you feel like you have a hangover. 

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Personally I feel that a power nap should be compulsory for everyone who works in an office everyday.  Even more if you work on a computer daily.  A companies' productivity would definitely increase if everyone is rested, and there will be less mistakes.  

Some tips on taking a power nap

  • Save your power nap for between 1 pm and 4 pm. 
  • Totally shut down.  Clear you mind and concentrate on resting. 
  • Listen to some relaxing meditation music.
  • Find a good place to rest.  If your office is too busy then find a spot to go and rest. (The bathroom is usually a quiet spot and might just be the place to rest without being disturbed)
  • Let everyone know that they should not disturb you for the next half an hour. 
  • Use part of your lunchtime to power nap.  Don't go out for lunch.  Pack a lunch from home,  and that should give you some time to work in a short nap.  


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Try it you will feel great afterwards!




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work places should allow this , too many corporations and companies are just evil

I think it does make sense to have some work places allow this, especially when there is no actual work to be done.

Having said that, it might also open up a door for abuse, depending on the character of the individual employee of course (i.e. partying the night before, then sleeping at work).

  • Still in another sense, I'd like the world to be organized in such a way where people are not forced to do anything that feels unnatural for them.

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Your right! I take power naps for years from 5-530 everyday. 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Charlesnaps lol😪

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I got to rest my insane mind at times 🤣

Ha problem too...too much time to think!

I take power naps too but I kind of just take them randomly 😊

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I agree taking a nap is powerful

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Powernap is a thing! It boosts my energy!

I really think that they should make this mandatory in our workplace, I bet we'd be all productive if we had that. Thanks for sharing this important info with us and have a great day

Love me some power naps! They are refreshing and seriously gives the extra power to keep going through the day.

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