Ultimate New User Guide

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Steem essentials

Here is some information every newbie should know:

  • The value of an upvote is related to how much Steem Power the upvoter holds and STEEM's current market price.

  • Upvotes are not infinite, but they recharge. The more upvotes a person uses, the less it will be worth next time. Often it is better to not upvote so it can recharge.

  • If you run into posting limitations, you need more Steem Power. It's like a "bandwidth". The more you hold, the more you can do. It recharges, but slowly if you don't have much SP.

  • Steem Power can be bought, but it can also be delegated (borrowed/lent). This can be undone by using a similar command too, so the delegator is in complete control.

  • You can check those bandwidth and voting metrics on the steemnow website.

  • Don't forget: everyone wants to earn. Look for the value of others and they'll notice how valuable you are too.

I have attached a picture from the steemnow website below so you can see what it's all about. Note: I don't own the website.

How STEEM can help you pay your bills

If you are not going to invest anything when you've just started, you can still find good ways to grow on this platform. If you follow these tips, you will see a steady flow of money soon enough.

  • If you are into writing, there is always someone who wants to help you. Here are a few curation teams I suggest (people who upvote good content): @wafrica @cervantes @brazine @opgaming @steemgc @akibasteem @c-squared @curie @travelfeed @francosteemvotes

  • Giveaways happen a lot around here. Entering many of them everday on topics like #giveaways and the lists from @contestkings which will allow you to grow much faster.

  • Earn while having fun on this blockchain's games, like steemmonsters (login the same way as you do on steemit). You can also play it for free on steemmonsters.club, which is my site.

  • Writing really helps a lot around here, but you can find all kinds of #contests (also try #contest).

  • Services to help you on the long run are important, specially when their benefits are given out so often. I.e., collect @steembasincome levels to get upvotes for life!

  • Cashing out can be hard depending on where you are in the world, but turning steem into another crypto is easy when you take it to https://blocktrades.us, an app officially partnered with steem. You can even find it in your steem wallet by clicking on STEEM/SBD then selecting SELL.

Extra tips

  • It's much easier to find people who respond to you if you look at the #palnet (general) and #battle (gaming) posts. There are also other massive and friendly communities. Ask around. Go meet people!

  • Be aware of great sites and apps like steem-engine and minnowbooster, but learn at your own pace.

  • Not fond of the steemit interface? Steempeak accesses the same contents but through another design. (login the same way as you do on steemit). The picture below is a screenshot of me using steempeak.

Last but not least, check me out: @felipejoys
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Ey, awesome post, thank you.
I was wondering if it even makes a difference to vote when your vote value is 0.000. I mean the post writer does not benefit from you, your vote just shows appreciation from your side. Can you still get curation rewards if you have not contributed to the value of the post?

Technically you can but I don't know if 0.000 upvote will give you any curation return. The only way I can think of this happening is when you're the first one to upvote to a post that gets +$100 rewards but I never tested so I can't be sure.

Can you still get curation rewards if you have not contributed to the value of the post?

Well yes, but until you are really low on SP even your 100% vote will be 0.000 so that kind of makes growing harder then.🤷

At a start I recommend posting good content & writing thoughtful comments to other people to gather SP (around 100SP will give you curation rewards, less than 100 if the price of STEEM went up.)

Yeah, I agree that growing is very hard at the start. I was the same until one of my posts got found by @curie and I got some SP to play with.

Yes, just upvote posts with zero votes so far. The "new" tab will be a good friend to you. But delegations are an even better friend. 1 steem will get you at least 40 SP for a whole month. Just keep that vote power up high.

I like how this post is so to the point. I'll add Join Discord Servers to Extra Tips. You can't do much on STEEM without joining communities and the best places for them are on Discord.

I rather leave it out from the new user guide because I don't want to attach apps outside the blockchain to steem. Keeping it simple.

Ah, that makes sense.

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