Open letter to @trafalgar and the rest of the community about bidbots

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@trafalgar / @traf stops by exclusively to downvote me because I bought bidbot votes. Maybe I should have traded my steem for something else which would have been even more profitable?

Sarcastically, me and whoever else who also creates good content only feels the need to buy votes for promotion because people like @trafalgar only stop by to downvote us. What if upvotes were more evenly distributed? #newsteem #oldsteem #samesteem

You, @trafalgar, perfectly represent the exact reason why there is a huge demand for bidbots. I doubt exposing this to you will make any difference since you are likely to just continuously bitchslapping others without giving a damn.

Do you really do more good than harm? But I guess you're right though, your e-dick is bigger than mine.

It's also worth mentioning...

Most of my the steem I earn never leaves the blockchain.

  • I have a full ongoing website project related to steemmonsters which I'm constantly expanding to help both adoption & retention. It is already live at It has awesome features like free leases to active users and rewards for battling even to those who don't yet have a sm account.

  • I've sponsored over 600 SBI to a multitude of different steemians, helping retention with both them and the sbi/delegation market. I'm actively involved with different tribes and curation.

  • I mostly make crazy good, unique content. I constantly support other creators and I even try to bring new users to the platform.

Alternative solutions to the bidbot problem

  • Fucking upvote more people. Oh, you can't? Is it too much to ask of a single person? Then delegate to various curation projects and incentivize the creation of such projects.

  • Pay a team to design and code a steem gateway that motivates people to use it. Make it NOT SHOW A FUCKING TRENDING TAB! I would pay for it myself if I had the money. Oh look, @traf has a million SP. Too bad that's not me.

  • Stop fucking whining about people doing something with their steem instead of selling it for fiat / other crypto! I could have cashed it out instead of further investing that value here!

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I’ve expressed my discontent about downvotes in a room full of people who should have cared only to receive comments back to this effect: “Where did the whale touch you?” because, I guess in their world, getting molested is “funny” or getting robbed is. These folks who get their jollies off on being the reward poolice of the platform will sink the value of their stake by driving off original content creators that try to find their audience with the use of bid bot services. I’ll feel just as sympathetic towards them when they lose their entire investment as they did towards me when I railed against the ridiculous nature of downvoting.

I’ve learned that content publishing is down by about 30% since the last hard fork, the atmosphere is getting thin on this platform, and if they don’t do a course correction before the next BTC surge, people will bolt for the exit as that occurs. I like your alternative solutions; they make a lot more sense than trying to coerce people into unnatural behavioral traits. I can only imagine that these types of downvote heroes are the ones who put bricks through the windows of SUVs “because the environment” all while they tune into the speeches of international jet setters whose carbon footprint dwarf’s that of their entire family line.

The blockchain has reached the popularity level of Audi’s green police. They got two options: Live and let live, by allowing capitalists to take from the pool what their stake allows them too. Or chase them off and learn the hard way that bad news travels twice as fast as good news. The effect of the latter is that less capital will venture in this general direction. Why invest in steem, when you can invest in bitcoin or any other crypto headache-free?

With solutions like the three you suggested, it would give people a reason to invest, while the commie downvote hero mentality will be the death knell of the platform. I mean it won’t “die-die” but stick around and fester like black mold. Fewer rewards plus more downvotes are horrible for not only the morale of the platform but also the content creators too. However, it makes some people feel empowered. (ツ)_/¯

Normal market activity: Upvote with your dollar/SP.
Normal market activity: Stop upvoting with your dollar/SP.
Abnormal (aberrant) activity: Intentionally causing harm.

An after school special for Millennials, Social
"Just Us" Warriors, and Downvote Heroes alike.

The #NewSteemWAVE

It's like their fine with steem dying... Makes no sense. Maybe they just don't have the brains to make steem profitable enough for them? Disgusting.

Because of rampant market speculation, BTC was overvalued, this created a lot of false expectations in other cryptos like Steem. So, Steem holders who did not sell at the peak $12.00 are kicking themselves and looking at ways to "fix" Steem’s value. However, the truth of the matter is; the current valuation is the more realistic one, and as painful as that is to folks, it’s nothing to scoff at.

What they're doing now is trying to shake up the applecart, and artificially boost Steem's value in an attempt to draw in potential investors by convincing stakeholders to reverse-curate. They are pushing from the top down a culture for #newsteem, one where people are encouraged to engage in rampant downvoting as a reckless attempt to "save" the platform.

In essence, their approach is: "If it doesn't fit, force it, and If it breaks, it was meant to be replaced anyway." when in fact they should have gone with the tried and true adage that: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That's not to say there's no middle ground, but the problem with downvoting content is that it's unnatural market behavior. It has no real-world parallels and only serves to chase off content creators and would-be investors alike.

As you illustrated in your post, a more logical solution to the problem of trending is to overhaul it in new and creative ways. Your idea is so much more productive than trying to manipulate the entire platform into becoming assholes. But hey, let's let'em fux and fiddle with shit, stick around and watch Rome burn. I'm sure there's some entertainment value that can be derived from that.

#oldsteem: "Stick a fork in me, I'm done."
#newsteem: "Now lets fork everyone!"


All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not pot committed here. I mean, I love the platform and the creativity that it can draw from people. But at a certain point, you've got to ask yourself at what cost. How is it changing your behavior? Is this a healthy behavior? I won't be drawn into the negative aspects of this platform, but I sure as shit will call it as I see it. And those people who can't quite bring to words the uneasy feeling that #newsteem brought to them, will hopefully have some clarity for their sense of unease after having read posts like yours here, and the comments that it has inspired.

I think those that like to constantly downvote others are nothing more than the Steem version of the old schoolyard bully. They bring no constructive benefits to the community and probably just like the feeling that somehow they are better than all of us lowly people. Unless you're a raging ass or posting really offensive posts then let the "free" market selectively eliminate the bad content, not the downvoters through their self appointed roles as overlords or else we risk the small content creators being forced out or leaving for better projects. Just my $0.02 worth.

100% agreeing

They're maximizing their own returns.

  • I believe @freedom and @inertia are the same person
  • @freedom delegates to @bdvoter from which I bought votes to the downvoted posts
  • @inertia downvoted specifically some of the posts to which I bought votes with @bdvoter
  • @inertia whines about vote buyers while massively abusing vote buying and delegating to bidbots
  • @inertia cashes in both the liquid tokens he paid for when buying the upvote for himself
  • @inertia cashes in my liquid tokens while reducing the upvote I got from a bidbot with his own SP delegated
  • @inertia cashes in the curation rewards for both of the above
  • You can mostly only find @inertia in PAL discord where moderators and admins will actively diss you for complaining about the above situation.

In conclusion, PAL is generally steem's greatest cancer.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I feel as though it's a big club and we aren't invited. Buying upvotes can't be worse than self-upvoting. In self-upvoting, you don't spend anything and you get all the rewards whereas with bidbots you mostly get your own steem back(not anymore I'm gonna lose heaps because of the flags) yet every single one of these flaggers not only self-upvote but also are in a big club and upvote each other and all the while play holier-than-thou when in reality they're just abusing the free flags in HF21+ to maximize their own rewards. I'm wrestling with myself but I think I'm gonna power down and leave since no one seems to wanna stand up to these bullies. If buying upvote is so bad, self-upvoting should be even worse and should be banned but even then people will work around it by creating tribes and upvoting each other which is technically the same as self-upvoting. If they were flagging shit and spam content, I'd sympathise and even join forces with them but flagging you just because you bought an upvote is unacceptable to me not to mention some of the flaggers buy upvote themselves and when I pointed the hypocrisy out to one of them, he defended himself by saying that he hasn't bought as much as me! Ridiculous...

500% agree with everything, including self-upvoting even though I practice, since I only do it to counter whale abuse from my own extent, since I'm actually going to use that steem for something not-shitty.

for you

I never appreciated downvotes because it also ruins the curation of legit users.
Checked the account of the guy, man he seems also a big bidbots users, so downvoting others seems weird to me.

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If the bidbots were not profitable I would agree with you.

You mean you only don't agree with the

Alternative solutions to the bidbot problem

Or that I

could have cashed it out instead of further investing that value here

If you're only disagreeing with the part where he shouldn't downvote me, then you only payed attention to the least important message in this post.

If you were using them to promote content you thought someone wanted to see at a cost... I would have no problem.

You are using them to capitalize on content that obviously does not yet have an audience on Steem.

If you're only disagreeing with the part where he shouldn't downvote me, then you only payed attention to the least important message in this post.

Read, for fuck's sakes.

Alternative solutions to the bidbot problem

I would have no problem.

The person who downvoted me for using a bidbot is a person who has constantly abused bidbots in the past without consequence. So if you only speak up when steemians with less SP are concerned, then whether you have a problem with it or not is completely irrelevant.

I agree there have been many double standards.

Just weighing in with an opinion on your sad opinion post. :)

You only gave an opinion to the most irrelevant part though;

In the light of recent events, I suppose you're @trafalgar, @therealwolf. If that is the case, I now reiterate the "go die in a fire" part.

I‘m not, but your attitude is absolutely despicable and distasteful.

Next time, think before you write.

You've been promoting vote selling for the longest time, but now it's not convenient to you, so you downvote people who don't agree with you.

You're despicable and distasteful, you've earned my attitude.