How to EASILY exchange BTC for STEEM from COINPOT

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On my website you might have noticed that lone bitfun referral ad. The minimum withdrawal is very low.

You can turn just a little bit more than 1000 satoshi into steem, which is enough to buy steemmonster cards, steem-engine tokens or a delegation of around 50 SP. And it's not even troublesome.

Using the faucets below once a day takes less than 5 minutes and it will be enough to get enough for a withdrawal in two or three days.

Now you might be thinking: how are you going to withdraw 400 satoshi when their minimum is 10000? Their minimum withdrawal for DASH is 100, but DASH is worth a lot less than BTC.

So by converting your other tokens to DASH , you easily get the minimum DASH withdrawal.

That's because these sites' rewards all come from the same network: coinpot. Whatever you get from one site is valid for the others too! You also get bonus "coinpot" tokens from every claim which makes it all even faster.

I do get a little bonus for referring you, but you don't get less satoshi for getting referred by me.


Tip: check this option to get 3x satoshi from bonusbitcoin every time:

Withdraw for STEEM

You can send DASH and get STEEM. Go to and login. Set "send" to DASH and "receive" to STEEM. Ignore the field to set how much dash/steem because that only shows a value prediction for that trade.

Now hit Get a new Deposit Address and click the little icon to copy it. Then go back to coinpot and paste it (ctrl+v) as your DASH deposit address when withdrawing DASH. Don't forget to confirm on your email. The transfer can take up to 24 hours.


Great post
I used to convert LTC from coinpot to steem power on blocktrade.
I found steem-engine more convenient.

The bad thing about steem-engine is the withdrawal fees. They use exchange prices since they go through them, so they can get exorbitant at times. That is, in addition to steem-engine's 1% fee.

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