Crystal, Jade and some stones that I don't remember the name😆

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Colourful crystal, stones and jade

The photos was took by my sister when she visited Vietnam, she know that I love to collect these as my accessories therefore, whenever she goes she seen all these she will take photos or videos to show me. If I want to buy anything, I will let her know which one to choose from. I have to thanked the internet for making all of the videos, photos and video call possible.

In the market nowadays, there are many fake Jade. Too many of fake Jade, therefore to everyone who love to own Jade, please learn how to identify between real and fake. If the jade looks too good to be true then it is probably fake. The reason why jade have many colours is because of minerals. There are about 5 or more colours for jade, most valuable colour is green (called Jadeite) and purple jade started to get popular. The Jadeite will change colour according to our body temperature and skin oil if only we wear it and it is also call the living Jade. Educate yourself before buy any jadeite, most of the fake jade come from China and all of it looks very real!

To differentiate between fake & real jade, I watch a lot of YouTube videos.

This video is a bit long

This is shorter version

Some type of stones but forgot the name

Same goes to this too, can't remember the name. This look very milky colour

To know more about Crystal, you can click this link

To know more about Jade, you can click this link


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