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Most turn away from this subject, there is a currency that is used to manipulate and control the people in power, it is called blackmail of pedophilia, the CIA had a control with 120 other divisions below it, this can be researched and is fact, It was called MKULTRA, If you can abuse a young child, you can fracture their brain and give them power, beyond these dimensions, this can be further abused and used as power. It sounds so fantastical that most wont even comprehend. With some of the things that are leaking out at the moment, The Jeffry Epstein case being a case in point, he was not an isolated case, it is a system that has been used for many many years. In this country, the ones that put their neck out are still lucky to be alive Sonia Poulton being one of them, please watch her documentary,

We need to protect our children, think very hard, especially in the UK with the election coming up, who are you really supporting ? This is not old news !


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