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Maybe 2020 will awaken more to the reason why things have not been working out for you ? Do you want war ? Are you involved by complicity ? What is the answer ? Are you told not to listen to people, cause they are nutters, just conspiracy theory a weaponized phrase created by the Warren commission to discredit anyone who questions the Kennedy assassination. Why are yo paying taxes to kill citizens in the middle east ? Sorry folks, but your hard earn money is going into death of the innocent. The game that has been played on us has been going on for centuries, most cant see it, spending their lives believing in what they are told. The cracks are showing, I hope to see this change in my lifetime, why the fuck do so many worship these sick individuals ? Only answer is that they can not see the depravity and control system, your idols are not your your friends, in any field. The system is broken, a new one needs to evolve through love and compassion and an exposure of the corrupt past.


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Yes definitely

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What was the video? Puppet on a string? I'm your puppet?
Yes, the game has been played for centuries and I've no doubt it will continue. There may be a few cracks appearing, but human nature doesn't change.

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