Riding a Cloud From Raj808’s Steem Dream

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I woke up much too early after going to bed very late last night. In fact, it was early this morning before I did finally go to sleep. After a few hours of being productive; a little cleaning, knitting, reading Steemit posts … it was time for a nap.

Before I went to dreamland, I read Raj808’s latest post about the crazy, cool Steem Dream he had last night. As I drifted off I thought about my upcoming contest and toyed with amounts for the prizes and bounty I want to assign to the September contest round.

I really enjoyed Raj808’s post about his dream. So I am following suit and posting about my dream as well.

The Dream

What a dream it was! I was stunned to find that my late mother was alive again, and she was excited because she had just started her own Steemit blog!

She was so excited that she had just purchased some kitschy little gifts - miniature toy pigs and the like to send to people who supported her blog! She was "whole hog" in!

I was bewildered by her enthusiasm because I had been trying to get her to join Steemit and all my attempts had just fallen by the wayside.

Now all of a sudden, Steemit was on her radar and she wouldn’t have even told me about it if I had not caught her typing on a lap top.

all images are from Pixabay!

What Does It Mean?

This dream was in alignment with the typical behavior of my mother when she was alive. She was usually off in her own world. And many times something I would tell her would just bounce off her because she just wasn’t capable of listening.

Only later I would find her to be embracing whatever idea or information I shared earlier with her like it was her own unique discovery! No surprises there!

But, why the little kitschy gifts?

And, a bigger why: Why was my mother back from the dead and blogging?

Any ideas?

Does this dream speak to you? If so, please drop me a comment and tell me what message you received. (smile)

After the Nap

It took a little time to shake off the dream, but after a bit, I decided to look at my phone notifications, and found:

  • @wakeupkitty had little sleep last night and also took a nap. In her latest post she sent me a blue butterfly. (so sweet!)

  • @nickyhavey replied to me in our conversation regarding him posting about his “hauntingly familiar” experience. (can’t wait to read his future [time TBD] post!)

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png


What I got from all this before, during and post dream time combined is - it feels good to be connected. I love having Steemit friends that inspire, support and spend a little time with me.

If you do not have one or more communities where you feel you belong, you are missing out on the best Steemit experience.

Get connected and make some new friends, and as I said to @raj808, keep Steemin’ and keep dreamin’!

gif by gerber>



And many times something I would tell her would just bounce off her because she just wasn’t capable of listening. Only later I would find her to be embracing whatever idea or information I shared earlier with her like it was her own unique discovery!

Ha ha, this sounds like my gran, who has also passed away.

I don't know the complete meaning of your dream Cindy. But elements of it tell us somethings.

You're mother's excited adoption of steem could reflect either your excitement, or lack off, for steem. It depends how you view your mother 😉 Dream analysts say that 90% of the time the people in your dreams are actually just facets of yourself dressed up as other people.

The little kitschy gifts seem to refer to your thoughts about your contest:

As I drifted off I thought about my upcoming contest and toyed with amounts for the prizes and bounty I want to assign to the September contest round.

After all, what is a contest on steem, if not a way of giving back to those who've supported your blog. Your subconscious just painted the steem gifts, as kitschy gifts. What this means to you, I do not know.

🤣 Dream analysis over 😉

In fact, it was early this morning before I did finally go to sleep.

Lol, I'm writing this at 5am after waking from a nightmare that I wouldn't even put up on steem. Something to do with a mafia boss forging me to eat maggots 😳🤢

Did I tell you I write horror stories too 🤣
Gonna try and get back to sleep now.

P.s. in glad my post inspired you. There is no bigger compliment in this world for a writer than to have inspired someone.

Awesome comment Raj!

Great job on the analysis. I thought the little gifts were related to my contest as well. My sister and I had a strained relationship with our mother, to the point we both wanted to be nothing like her.

I am enthusiastic about Steemit, but want to make sure I give good prizes, so again, not like my mother.

Do you really write horror stories? I’m intrigued! 😁

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Do you really write horror stories?

Yeah, I used to post them on steem but as I got more practiced and confident that my creative work was back up to the standards I reached in university, I started to submit them elsewhere 🙂

Most of the horror I've written on steem has been with the #finishthestory competition.

This one about a psychic detective is the only one that was completely by me. Like I wrote the start for the competition, and wrote my own ending before everyone else wrote there endings lol


It has elements of horror, but also fantasy.

This second one is much more classic horror and shows how awesome the @bananafish 'finish the story comp' can be for inspiring decent works of fiction 🙂


P.s. both these posts are outside of the payment period. I'm not spamming for votes I promise 😆😉

No problem! I asked and you delivered! I will definitely check them out. You are a great writer so I’m glad you are sharing your stories in and outside of Steemit.

My October contest is going to be smack dab, right up your alley! That is self-promotion! But, hopefully, in a good way! 😉

BTW, ‘ hope you got some more rest!

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I (rarely) have dreams that involve my grandparents but the overriding emotion in those (from what I remember) is just love and positive vibes. My gran is the only one alive still in this world but I can't help but feel when relatives that are having a jam in the next world visit us in our dreams, they are letting us know that all's OK and they are looking after us.

It sounds like your mum wanted to do things her own way and by not telling you she was on steem, it's another ribbon to the bow.

The little toy pigs could be a reflection of the little gifts and bits of fun you want to bring to this platform as you are clearly addicted... I mean, heavily involved with it all 😉

And I'll see if I have time tonight when I get back from our day out in the Yorkshire Moors to write the deja vu post 🙂

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Sounds good! All of it! I like your interpretation and I am definitely looking forward to your deja vu post, no matter when you publish it! 😁

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Do you find that you remember most dreams? I tend to be left only with vague impressions, then some make an impact on me that lasts a bit, just as you describe.

I forget most of my dreams these days, but I think I was still floating on a cloud from Raj’s dream, which made this dream stand out all the more! Couldn’t resist posting about it! 😉

Have a great day!

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Sounds to me your mother did listen although she lived in her own world.

One of my daughters (so does the rest of us) does so too. Always on her room. I always thought she does not know what happens around her, how the others feel and what they have to deal with but as soon as she makes a drawing or animation about one of us every aspect, thought, feeling, issues can be find back in it, all with a huge dose of humour. It is the child that makes me laugh most of all.

I guess Steemit is important to you. She is back to show you she understands and the gifts stands for showing her sporeciation to the new life (friends, family).

If I see butterflies I will think of you and your story.

I wish you a great Sunday.

Ps I forgot my dream I think it had to do with Steemit, some challenge but it was more like thoughts of my active mind.


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Thank you! You’re a sweet lady, and I hope you have a great Sunday as well.

I really like your interpretation of why my mother came back and the purpose of her little gifts!

We’ll look forward to seeing one of your dreams another time!

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I hope you will find out the meaning of the dream, it would be interesting to know the answers.

That sounds interesting. Maybe because you think this way and your mother is just acting on your play!
BTW, I can remember a dream, most of it and it's not always pleasant to memorize it.
How come I never come across your post, thhough you are in PHC? Just find you in @steemitbloggers!

That’s a good question! I never see your posts either! Where are you located? It would seem that we are separated by many blocks in the chain!

I think you’re right - my mother was behaving as expected because she was in my dream.

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I'm from Bangladesh. I hope we will visit each other from now regularly.
Thanks 😊

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Oh! Great! I have been to Hyderabad 4 times. Next time I may need to add Bangladesh! Meanwhile I will follow you too. Now we won’t miss each other! 😊

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That would be great if you visit Bangladesh sometimes. Blessings!

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Well, when I read your dream, I felt that something in the universe is speaking LIFE back at Steem! Whether the blockchain itself, or the price, or the newsteem etc. Anything about Steem will be back to life!!

Hope it is that meaning.

So enjoyed reading your post. =)

I am hoping it means Steem is coming back to life too! Any recovery or rally would be wonderful! 😊

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