My Today Feels...

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Why hello there, muh sweet little bumble bees!

It's a whole new world here.

Below you'll find how I've been feeling the last 3 days...

The Obvious beginnings...

Contemplation stage (no conclusion drawn)...

Maybe drinks will help?

No. Pay attention, Carrie. You can handle this.

Sudden stress relapse!

Exhausted, somewhat defeated.

Still feeling insane...

I hope you're all coping with the changes better than I. 🤣 And if you get confused - holla! I was able to log in to all the new places (obviously) with little to no hitches. 🥰

So many new things on the horizon. So much uncertainty. Just remember, it's totally okay to walk away for a few minutes and come back... especially while the HIVE is in its beginnings. I find I had similar issues when first starting Steemit and then Steempeak too. They'll get it.

In the meantime,



All an attack of anxiety and stress hahaha ... this last month has been strong ... although really this year is loaded with many things and revolutions within Steemit and outside in the real world. Is it for being a leap year? The truth is that we have to try to control ourselves, take good care of ourselves and be close to our loved ones ...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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How ya been, chick?!?

I work in a bar, so I was one of the first to be told to stay home... I have no idea what to do with myself, I've already scrubbed the entire house, and now I'm just vegetating on the couch watching netflix lol

I suppose this time could be spent getting some long overdue writing done, though...


Been pretty great. I do keep myself busy.

I feel like you SHOULD veg and netflix for a while. I would. I was already 'social distancing' by working from home (mostly) so I'm pretty used to it... So, no interruption in my workload.

Hubs is still working too... at a dispesary. I'm hoping they keep that going. I feel like taking away people's weed wouldn't be the smartest idea.

And yes! You'll have time to write a bit. It will be lovely.

Chris is also working on some writing projects (Splinterlands).

Now I'm just rambling.

Great to see you around again!
(Might as well post on all the chains...)

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