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RE: Is It Time For Steem To Start Embracing Investors?

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to quote whatsup again

if you have to pay yourself to take care of your own investment... It's not much of an investment

i had utopian thought that people that have a lot of steem, especially those that really invested, are here because they believe in steem's future. gaming the system and extracting max in today is from my point of view not really taking care of your investment.
and maybe i am stupid but i would think that someone that has 500.000 and more steem should have in his best interest to make the steem blockchain better. you would think that steem for 10-50$ should be their goal?
maybe i am just a utopian crypto-hippie.


That's equivalent to betting that the Raptors will score the 101st point with 3:08 left on the clock.

Pure speculation has its place, but it's not anywhere near everything.

Not really sure how good are Raptors in scoring 101st point and in what time (i watch few highlights of Nikola Jokić from time to time, but it has nothing to do with Raptors :D )

for me it looks like buying majority of stocks of a firm and just extracting all the profits and not investing in further business of it.

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