**ACTOR DIARIES** Watch my new acting Showreel.... and I get my first audition of 2020!!!

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I knew I wanted to be a bit more ambitious this decade so instead of just the usual acting showreel I decided to get a Lookreel made as well. What the hell is a Lookreel I hear you all ask? Well....Im not sure they really exist, I just kind of decided that I needed one! - mostly because I had a load of cool footage from projects where I had no dialogue and apparently an acting showreel should be dialogue heavy with no timewasting montages. Sad I know! Surely I couldn't launch my career in to this new decade without using my awesome starwars footage!? Well fear not, I had a lookreel made by a contact of mine in the big smoke.... (norwich) and you're about to set eyes on it! Voila:

Now tell me that won't add a bit of sparkle to the end of an application? Im like a freaking Hollywood A-Lister! haha! The flaming titles, the epic music, the LAZER GUNS!!! HIRE ME!!!!
Unfortunately, my ACTUAL showreel paints a rather different picture. You see the films Im in where I actually have some lines to say tend to be a little more obscure, low budget, indie shorts where I also tend to be playing some sort of total wierdo. See what you think:

Hmm.....now Im starting to look less like a Hollywood A-Lister and more like the unemployed, creepy character actor that I really am....Oh well, I guess thats what I'll be shooting for then!
I finally upgraded my mandy account to a paid membership so I can apply for the casting calls that have been floating past my nose for the last 12 years. Maybe if I actually apply for jobs I might one day GET ONE? It sounds simple and obvious doesn't it? But somehow that hasn't been my logic up until now.....maybe its the Lookreel that gave me the confidence? Anyway, Im on it now and I spent January applying for jobs, almost landing the much coveted role of 'gay husband' in a Greek supermarket advert, which I think I would have smashed out of the ballpark, but sadly the producers had other ideas....its a shame, because a night in Athens could've been fun! Not so good for the environment though....why don't they just use someone greek??
Heres my Mandy acting page if you're interested. Feedback welcome! https://www.mandy.com/actor/profile/basil-marples-1
Basil actor headshot low resolution.jpg

BUT FINALLY!! - the exciting news!
Ive landed my very first audition of the year! Im not going to give too much away but all you need to know is its a decent sized supporting role in a FEATURE FILM!!! Low budget of course, but still a feature film, and a proper speaking role in a proper cinema worthy feature is something I have not yet achieved so just having an audition for it feels like a major step. Im pretty excited and nervous and Ive got some lines to learn so wish me luck everyone! (its not likely I'll get the role, but once Ive found out, I'll tell you about my audition.... its all a bit of strange process for me because Im used to hiding in a box in a ditch far away from humanity, so avoiding a panic attack would be a major bonus!)

Scrumptious Love Trifles at all of your Banquets forever my gentle Steemies


Mate these are awesome!
Makes me want to hire and shoot with you.

Great to see your other roles - I only recognise the beatles one from years ago, but the other ones are ace.

All the best with your audition!
I reckon we should still do a film about STEEM and get you to front it 🔥

YES! That would be wicked! I would love to do that....plus we should just aim to work together on something anyway someday.... maybe we should work on a script!? Im sure theres a few willing steemies who might contribute....!

I can't wait to see you in a feature film, Basil!!!

same here Ferg! I'll be the first to pop the champagne!

very good friend!
By the way some days ago I made a contest of personalized digital portraits, in one of the modalities you were selected, I just did not know how to let you know more than by this means.

thankyou so much my friend! This has made my day :) Your portraits are stunning and i can not wait to see what you create :D :D :D

If you prefer, write to my email [email protected] or my discord account Despero Narciso # 8272 to establish better communication and specify details for me to make your digital portrait.

Looking good Basil.

I would love to hear your range of accents you mention on your Mandy profile.

You should load a little showcase on 3Speak.

Maybe reading my daily SteemNews in different accents... 😀

oh god, I could try! None of those accents are accredited Im afraid.....they were just a few I thought Id cheekily list. You're actually supposed to be trained in them, I think you get certain levels of proficiency vouched for. Nevertheless! I would happily read the steemnews in as many poorly delivered accents as you would care to hear! Maybe....

Maybe open up with a good British accent, and take it from there.

"London calling. This is London calling. This is the Steem O'clock News..."

oh will you pleeeease write me a monologue? I promise if you write me something specific, I will record it for you!

I will put my thinking cap on...

Looking great @basilmarples! You may be an unemployed, (not creepy) character actor, you're still my favourite unemployed, (not creepy) character actor. And one of my favourite people on Steem. That should count for something!
I personally know an Irish actor who recently made it to a couple of Irish TV series, so maybe knowing me will help you out too hehe. (but that's as far as it goes...I know him, it's not like I helped his career in any way LOL).
I'm 1000% sure that you're destined for greatness. Never give up, and never stop being you with all your awesomeness!

aww thankyou miss v! Equally, may I say, you are one of my favourite steemies too! And Hell! I certainly wouldn't say no to an Irish TV series!!! x x one day, I still dream, I will come to Ireland!!!

Awe, thank you!!! That's so nice to hear :) Yeah, an Irish TV series isn't too bad at all. Lots of good actors started there and made it to the big screen. And eh...Ireland still isn't that far away. Although it may be a bit harder to travel between the countries when the Brexit is complete. Let's hope they'll keep it simple.

I found out you are an artist. :)
Very good videos.
I would like to be an actor but I don't like fame. :)
You are good, get out of the box. hehe
Sorry I didn't see your last posts, but now you are in my voting list and I will see all your posts.

thankyou my friend : )
I am doing my best to get out of the box this year!
Also, most actors don't get famous so you should have a go! It can be fun without changing your life

I love your lookreel!!
You are so versatile! You could play Aragon from Lord of the rings or Jared from Silicon Valley! :) I'm glad you figured out how to apply for jobs :D The world should see more of you! Fingers crossed xx

wow thanks anja! Aragorn is my hero, so that is a massive compliment! x Ive had a couple of auditions but no luck so far.....keep crossing those fingers!


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