Top 5 reasons to develop on Steem

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Steem is blockchain designed for web apps and especially social media. Users on Steem are able to post their thoughts through a multiple blogging interfaces and have immutable, protected, free speech. Whatever you choose to post will be recorded on the blockchain, replicated by hundreds of servers around the world, and maintained for all eternity. It can be tricky to wrap your head around the whole thing, but the sooner you understand the benefits the sooner it will all make sense. To help you get there here are the top 5 reasons to build on Steem

Reason 5: everything you create on a traditional database is already obsolete. Information is valuable. Private servers don’t allow their users to access information. Without information making wise decisions are always harder. For this reason consumers will be demanding blockchain use. If you’re working on a private database then you are going to have to duplicate the work on a blockchain.

Reason 4: you’re going to have to build on a blockchain, but the question is which one? Btc can’t process enough transactions, ethereum is already maxed out, eos is great, but super expensive. When you look around the options for apps built on the blockchain are slim pickins.

Reason 3: Steem is fast and free. Steem has a bandwidth system, so as long as you have a little Steem power using the blockchain is free. Having every transaction have a cost may help the price of a crypto, but it kills the user experience. Steem can also be delegated (lent). So, people unfamiliar with blockchain can get a head start by dapps quietly delegating to users. Users may not even know it until they are ready to take the training wheels off.

Reason 2: it’s all just web development. Smart contracts make things slow to develop and expensive to make. Eos is in its first year and already require 7TB of ram per server. 7TB!!! That’s absurd. How’s that going to scale. To build you’ll also need a smart contract dev. Those go for $150 in bear markets. And $500/hr in bull markets. They are rare too. Steem on the other hand is built on by coding in simple web languages that the whole world knows like java script and python. You can find devs willing to work on projects at much more affordable prices $45+/hr.

Reason 1: the community. Getting started is the hardest part. Ultimately after you’ve made your product you are going to need customers and users. Where will you find them? Do you already have a community? Do you already have thousands of people who understand blockchain? You can start on your own or try to latch on somewhere else, but you can’t find a community like Steem anywhere else. Steem has writers, photographers, artists, musicians, coders, and literally everyone you need to get something started.

So, there you go, Steem is the best place to build your business for blocktrapeneurs or community for project leaders. If you have questions come join gone of the largest steeem communities out there at

We will see you soon.


Well said, thanks for the comparisons to the other blockchains in a common joe language that I can understand!

The best way to bring about disappointment

Whatever you choose to post will be recorded on the blockchain, replicated by hundreds of servers around the world, and maintained for all eternity

hundreds of servers: not yet
around the world: not yet really
maintained for all eternity: Nothing is eternal, especially in IT

Steem is a good blockchain so no need to do clickbait like Steemit Inc and let's talk about it properly for once.

Top 5 reasons to develop on Steem:

5/ An international community
4/ A 3.5 years old blockchain, which is a guarantee of safety and reliability
3/ One block every 3 seconds, which makes it a powerful blockchain for large transaction volumes
2/ Its flexibility of customization (custom JSON, headers, meta tags... and all the different types of transactions that can be used)
1/ Its accessibility thanks to the many developments made by contributors who bring a lot of added value (such as Steem-engine, SteemSQL, Steemconnect, Steem Keychain and all those I do not quote, the list being too large)

@aggroed, you're one of its contributors and as such, from your experience on the Steem blockchain, I expected something a little less impersonal and a little more about the experience through your different projects ;)

hundreds of servers: not yet:

  • Considering there is good over 100 witnesses where the top witnesses even have several servers, I would say, yes already.
    around the world: not yet really:
  • All around the world no, but around the world yes, there are people in Asia, Europe, North and South America and probably also in Australia.

The first line of Steem Blockchain is the full node servers, if you take a look at this post Full API Node Update - 29/10/2019 as you can see, their number is very low due to their high specifications (high cost) and without them, the Steem Blockchain chain cannot work. The witnesses in their majority run only a Witness Node.

There are a bunch of private full nodes as well, but yes there are not many full API nodes yet (Hopefully will go up while MIRA matures).
The reason is also that Steemit Inc provides free full API nodes and thus people are not very motivated to set up their own (besides missing financial incentives to do so).

Still, the blockchain is replicated over hundreds of servers. That's what the statement was about. Not "The blockchain is available to query from hundreds of servers".

Turns out you don't actually need full nodes. A seed node with broadcast and get blocks can do the trick. Those cost $50/month.

The real question is how do we get this message outside of steem as it seems that most people reading it on here would already be onboard with those concepts?

..a clear post!..even I can understand it..and of course reason no.1 is, if used seriously and honestly, the power itself!..up..follow you..

Interesting point on reason 5.

@superheroes is a Spammer, Plagiarist and Thief of Keys

Agreed 👍

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Great article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

The Steem blockchain actually inspired me to finally learn how to code. I'm slowly experimenting on projects and hopefully can join the steem dev movement. This is very exciting!

There's a huge community eager to use and promote Steem in a new way and so many project opportunities!

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Very solid reasons. I hope it catches some audiences in the future to grab potential dev attention. 👍

Das ist cool. Deswegen bin ich auch hier. Steem und sozialmedia ist ein sehr guter Anfang. Mal sehen wo die Reise hingeht. Guter Beitrag. Mfg Sebastian

El clickbait más evidente de todo, no más comentarios

Great article man. Just promoted it on my Twitter. I've been trying to make some noise on ther and bring more people to the community. Please come engage the post if you're game.

It was a useful article in my opinion. You showed a good comparison between Steemit and other environments and positive features it boasts. Thank you!

upvoted for "blocktrapeneurs" alone!... ;)

Great. So what are some of the resources out there (and tutorials) that teach how to develop on steem? Which ones are newbie friendly?

how can a we developer (software engineer) that knows python and javascript make money from building projects on steem and not in a case someone hires and pays him to build projects?

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