Coming back to Steem madlib!

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Hey guys, wow I can't believe how long it's been. It's basically like I haven't been here since December of '17. Those were the days!

Anyway, you know me, I had to leave for a bit I was focusing on my (ridiculously trivial activity) skills. It didn't end up actually going anywhere, but I'm really (emotion) that I did it.

I haven't really been able to post as much about (random ass topic) as I would have liked to, but going forward not only am I going to focus on that, but I'm also going to be writing about (completely unrelated random ass topic).

I guess I should mention that what I said back in my last post about you all being a bunch of (word for size) (body part with the letters "ed" at the end) (animal) (one who does an activity like "walkers" "runners" "herders") I was just a little (emotion) and please don't take it personally.

Anyway, now I'm back, please upvote me, resteem this post, and follow me.

By the way... what are all these token things on Steem-engine?

Anyway, it seems the bull market may be back, it's possible we go to all time highs. While the alts will lag I'm pretty sure at some point someone gets the idea that their bitcoin can buy them a fuckton of alts and they will trade for it. Once that happens and the alts starts popping a little other people will get the same idea and money flowing into bitcoin I think has a good chance of going to alts as well. No, we're not dead yet.

When money flows back into alts Steem may lag, but at least the USD value will go up again. When it raises up all the people that have used steem and stopped giving a fuck will start coming back at what I consider the magic number of $1/steem. This will happen because people will ask themselves "do I want to try to chase bitcoin or front run some of the alts. Bitcoin could easily double, but these alts could 10x or more." At some point they stop chasing bitcoin with alt money and start getting really greedy. Then bitcoin money flows to alts, and all the sell pressure we had earlier gets released violently the other way.

Should be fun.

That's not investment advice, just my thoughts for entertainment (I literally just made a mad lib. You really gonna follow advice in this posts?)


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I really do hope that the USD value of Steem goes up again soon. USD$1 for Steem is a great psychological barrier, but I'd prefer to be at least USD$5 and above like it was when I started here on the block-chain.

Until then I just have to keep creating content and hoping for the best.

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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Welcome to the city! I hope you power up that juicy neoxag power.



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That first part... soooooo good. Deserves a


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That joyous and generic compliment about you and your post with a hint of asskissery and the hopes of a vote someday.

Are you following me... or am I following you?...

I am following me, so you must be following you.

I'll ass kiss and raise you a five paragraph essay on why you should check out my blog.

Only five paragraphs! What do I look like? Pole dancer! Ay-ay-ay...

Seven, and we have a deal.

Lmao 6 paragraphs and you have to let me think of a name for u to use 🤔

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6.5 plus cool headers, no names cuz they're aren't any... and then we have a deal!

when $50 steem aggroed, u promised

At what point will you cancel your powerdown?

You really want to be asking me that?

Yes, because I think it informs the question of when will steem prices rise.

1 photo = 100 emotions



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