The Zionist Regime Has 350 Palestinian Children Illegally Incarcerated in Their Jails

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Children Defending Children

(Video 7:48)

Source of What I Discuss in the Above Video

Kindergarteners in Hebron protest Israel’s detention of 350 children

The occupation is illegal. The settlements are illegal. Apartheid is illegal. Detaining children in occupation jails is illegal. All under international law. Research zionism. Research the Balfour Declaration. Research international law. Research Apartheid. Turn off the mainstream news because you will never get the truth from there! Always remember, our silence, is their consent, to continue this Ethnic Cleansing, this Holocaust against the Palestinians.


Everything you say is true Lyndsay and if it was going on amywhere else in the world it would have been stamped out by sanction, invasion etc years ago. But this is Israel, they get to do what they fuck they like because they're backed by a network of international banking Zionists as world says and does...NOTHING!
It's the biggest disgrace of international politics in history.


One day, our grandchildren will ask us, how we ever let this happen...for 70 years now!!! But especially recently when we are living in the age of information, yet most still choose to remain willfully ignorant!

One of the biggest problems in understanding the reality of what has taken place through the Balfour Declaration is that people still refer to those who are killing innocent people, destroying their livelihood and basically causing mayhem for an entire population through genocide relate this as being Israel. The Balfour Declaration created the State of Israel but those still thumping their bible and holy books can't see that because the term Israel is still used. The Israel purported in the ancient writings are of the people of Israel not the current, created in 1948 STATE of Israel which is led by the Zionists. Even the people of Israel (the true Jews) have been duped and have been taken over by this illegal occupation.

Because the US is one of the biggest contributors to the continuing genocide at the hands of the State of Israel my family, friends and grandkids know why I do not travel or spend $. I go out once every 3 months for basic supplies that I can't grow or produce and even with that little spent, I am sad that any portion of it will go to fund a genocide of innocent people.

The $ amounts in funding has risen since this article, but it gives a good summary of how intense the US government is on the destruction of the Palestinian people and other nations that do not conform.

You are talking about the politics of others. For the Jews (faith and nationality), to them, all those papers meant was that they were given back their own country! If Rome had managed to hold on to the same area, we would side with the Italians, that theJews have no right to claim their own country back?

If the politics was a crime, then go after those who committed the crime, not after those who have only reclaimed their own country. I believe the Rothschild family were mostly to blame? Dare you go after them?

You are right, the Roths were definitely behind (and still are) the Belfour Dec. and responsible for the continued killing of innocent people. When we dig deep enough it appears the Rothchild family is basically behind most all wars.

Before setting off the bot patrol (while I wasn't typing it from the rooftops)
I wanted to understand what causes this willful ignorance.

I made a post on Wael's most recent post I hope you might have a moment to read @lyndsaybowes.
I'm certain we can override it now that we've discovered exactly what creates this situation.

People care they are just too tired/stressed out and numb ~ paired with the false information conditioning us to not see these people as reflections of themselves.

Thank you for all your work beautifuls
I'm ready to set off the bot patrol now if need be :)

It's got to be about peace, for kids.
They have no history ~ so why are we giving them hell right out of the womb?

F**k to the No more of that .

I'm not going to look away anymore. What can I do Lyndsay?

Thanks Amy. That's really brave of you! Read up on some of the things I mentioned, once you have informed yourself, and are confident enough, begin to share with others what you have learned. xoxo Love you Sister!

I will inform myself. And then I will share. The research I've been doing on our own country's crimes against humanity is really waking me up.
I will try to use my voice to make a difference.

@amymya, another thing you can do, which is nonviolent, effective, and no one even needs to know you do it, is make sure little to no israeli products enter your home. By boycotting the things they steal from and create on Palestinian land, here is the official list:

You are already making a difference just by being curious! Thanks again xoxo Beautiful Soul.

Thank you, I will do this and tell my fam to as well. <3<3<3

I do not agree with your “perspective”

This is akin to false statements without zooming out.


The first : you should know is that there's a difference between a Jew and a Zionist.
The Jew is a person who believes in the Jewish religion.
And the Zionist is a criminal that controls the world economy and world media... And spread the war and moral corruption in the world...
The war is between Muslims and Zionists...

The second : Palestine is not from Belfort property until it is given to Jews

The third: 13 million Israelis killed 2140 Palestinians in 2014... While 67 Israelis died... Meaning one Israeli for 34 Palestinians... What happens if there are 2.1 billion Israelis..... I think even you can die ...
The fourth :Israel means the prophet Jacob. Like my name @yagoub... It doesn't mean Palestine...
And if you're talking about history... You and all the people of Canada and the entire population of the United States and Brazil.... etc must leave to Europe because that land belongs to the indigenous people...

Abstract: Imagine that a thief comes to your home and then kicked you and your family out of the house... And you can't go to the police because he controls the police and you can't go to the press because he also controls it... And when you go to court, you'll find that he put a lawsuit against you and find that you have a terrorist charge... Tell me what to do in this case...
You can't do anything... But there are noble people who will not be silenced by this @lyndsaybowes

you cannot steal which was once yours. But apparently if you are living in Canada or the United States you can focus on the middle east while being a voice for a region people have no idea about? Yah.. I see lyndsay fighting for the Native Indians in Canada where she resides. Shouldn't that be the focus? Clean up your own shit while focusing on another? You know.. clean up whats at home before you ring the bell on someone else? Nobody seems to focus on that!

So now you should tell me, who to fight for? Of course I speak out for the Genocide against the First Nations in Canada...

that’s great! Stick with problems in your own back yard. You have freedom of speech but you really do not understand the history of Israel. It didn’t start with the balfour

Two words. Balfour declaration


The Roman's renamed Israel to Palestine. I understand world history starts at the Balfour declaration but my goodness how much propoganda is out there. You might as well erase the word Israel from the New testament and even the QURAN!

You might as well erase the word Israel from the New Testament and even the QURAN!

What an utterly ridiculous statement.

Neither one of those texts is a real estate deed. The Balfour declaration was put together and enacted to keep the region in perpetual war not to give the Jewish people a home, that was a pretext.
I have every sympathy for the Jewish people being tarred by the same brush as the rulers of Irsael as I'm sure many do not agree with their governments actions, however there is no Muslim or Christian 'homeland' why should there be a Jewish one? Jewish people lived peacefully in Palestine for centuries prior to the creation of Israel in its current form, the last 70 years have been a disaster for the whole region.
There is plenty of propaganda out there alright, I think may have fallen for it.

Israel in the Quran means the Prophet Jacob.... Not a land...
also the Jews lived with Prophet Muhammad... And the Jews live in Tunisia with the Muslims peacefully
The problem is not in the Jews... Problem in Zionists...
This is a criminal group that wants to dominate the world.

false.. look up the chevron massacre.

It's pretty clear muslims have many homelands some of which are fighting for supremacy; Iran and Saudi Arabia. They have charters based on Islam.

No Muslim homeland? you are telling me that as a non-Muslim you have been to Mecca? If not, then try it.

There is a major difference between a country set up specifically as a 'homeland' and city that is a place of holy pilgrimage. You can go to the country of Saudi Arabia, it's just their holy sites that are off limits to non believers currently under the equally disgusting regime ruling that country.

The Roman lived centuries ago, in time we are supposed to learn anyway it does not give the excuse for murder people! We should be coming together and try to live as one; not trying to dominate and control and grab land! 💯🐒

I suggest you educate yourself on this topic beginning with reading The Controversy of Zion by Douglass Reed


agree with r the map shows whats going on and the disgrace of politics. i was watching a video a mother of three baby children they put her in a car and what was the result all the littlel children were crying that was the sad moment in my life whats wrong she did i am so sad

Follow the money. They only sanction when it's to their gain, otherwise they ignore, or if its to their gain they aid.

Nice map #tremendospercy. And the other side of the picture, if you switch your thinking over to how the Jews must feel, is the map shows how the Jews have been succeeding at reclaiming what used to be their country.

The Arabs are not being the 'nice' guys, they all only categorically state they want to exterminate each and every Jew.

I'm not a Jew, but if I was, I would prefer to see the Arabs exterminated, since being 'nice' would mean my people are exterminated.

You are all stating you prefer that all Jews be exterminated, for the Muslims do not leave any other interpretation available for us to use for justifying ourselves!!!

When your houses are torn down by a bulldozer with a roaring roar, the sand and bricks of my bedroom wall are strewn in my yard, dripping red and red with bloody dust.

When the extent of your orange and apple plantations is folded as big as a handkerchief and then in Tel Aviv is included in the file of agrarian office cabinets, like coconut groves and manggaku trees in the equator, which they seized.

When their first gecko and keroaki like underground reptile behavior and the shoes of soldiers menginjaki pedestal of us all, seemed to collapse the floor board surau where I was a child learned tajwid Al-Qur'an 40 years ago, under it there is a fish pond that water the mountain is bluish bluish now ditetesi airmataku.

Palestine, how can I forget you

When young children in Gaza dozens of years age, responding to the barrel of steel with free stones, then the wrists and arms, who do not scream like our Indonesian children are oppressed them - but watch their broken bones will intertwine and stretch out a very long chain, twisting their opponent's neck, dragging the body of the unjust to hell, An Naar.

When I read the poems of Fadwa Tuqan, Samir Al-Qassem, Aaron Hashim Rashid, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, Nizar Qabbani and so on read out at the Jakarta Arts Center, our hearts beat two times more intensively then slashed by your bamboo sorrow, our blood to top then dripping calligraphy strokes

'Allahu Akbar!' And 'Free Palestine!'

When an unnamed 1000-ton a week produces a lie, spread it to print and electronics, tear up refugee tents in the wilderness, stun the resolutions of the world's honorable assemblies, slaughter the Shabra and Shatila, stalk Yasser Arafat and all the warriors of your country , I cried out to the preacher and the world prayer imam of the world: pray collectively with the whole and every fighter who walks his path, who is shot at and now in prison, then we firmly read 'laquwwatta illa bi-Llah!'

Palestine, how can I forget you
My land is far away, measured by miles, thousands
But the aqan of Aqsa Mosque is melodious
It sounded in my ears.

Yasser Arafat IS FROM EGYPT.. PLO and HAMAS are gangsters who have lined their own pockets and never focused on peace. Ughhhh.. why do I even bother.

People who are saying, "You can't steal what was once yours," that means going back millennia in the case of Israel. So by that logic, my religion, Druidry, can reclaim most of northern Europe, and kick all the Christians out. It was once ours!
Being against the apartheid in Israel is not anti-semitic. It doesn't mean being anti-Jewish people. There are JEWISH PEOPLE against the apartheid in Israel.
SOUTH AFRICA has said that what is going on in Israel is apartheid. I think South Africans would know.
If you're thinking there needs to be a Jewish state for their safety, okay: give them a chunk of Texas or something. America has LOTS of land, and then they'd be surrounded by their best national friend, the United States! As an American Citizen, I'd vote for that. It would stop this, and was what should have happened in the 40s!

First Merica and Canada needs to give back all the
CONQUERED land to the natives. Then you have a right to tell who needs to give back conquered land in other regions. Look in the mirror before commenting on what other nations should be doing. This is what I can’t stand.. clean up your own shit at home before being the ultimate hypocrite. All are hypocrites! That’s why this whole thing is covered up Jew hatred. Using Poor Palestinians as a reason to criticize Israel while ignoring the genocide and stolen land of natives in North America. Number one blazing reason. Europeans as well. Only difference is that the natives have been disarmed and thrown onto “reserves”.

You are using the most asinine argument on the internet.
A) IT IS POSSIBLE TO CARE ABOUT MANY CAUSES AT ONCE. There is no hierarchy. People suffering here and people suffering there are still people suffering. I personally am an acrivist about bloody everything. I don't understand narrow focus.
B) This is what people say about "you shouldn't send money to starving people overseas when there are homeless vets,"and then they ignore the homeless vets and tell them to get a job. They don't care about the homeless vets, they just want to stop people from helping people they don't like.
C) You're projecting big time. I'm sorry you hate Palestinians and want to see them suffer and think Israel the state can do no wrong if other states also do wrong. The existence of injustice in the US and Canada does not erase injustice in Israel. There isn't a turn system of governments to do evil shit, where right now it's America's turn to be an asshole, so all other goverments are fine while our corrupt system fucks up the world and continues to harm Native Americans. NOT TO MENTION the States are funding and arming the Israeli military. You bet your ass it's up to Americans to protest what is done IN OUR NAME and BY OUR GOVERNMENT.
D) Insisting that we only work on one problem at a time ensures that nothing gets changed. Or perhaps you've never played whack-a-mole. Activism is like that. Think about it in American terms if you like. Abolishing slavery was a focus, then women's sufferage. What happened while everybody was focused on that?
Sweatshop labor and slums and tycoons of industry and abusive labor practices and so on. So union/economic justice movements got going, and the middle class prospered, except women were kicked back out of the workforce and told to essentially be housemaids and racism flourished with the KKK and segregation and Japanese internment and residential schools for Native kids to be taken from their families and so on. So then comes the 60s, racial justice and feminism and anti war and free love, and starting in the 70s the middle class begins getting destroyed. There is no "priority" between what people call "ID pol" or economic justice, because focusing on one or the other is playing whack-a-mole.

I could go on, but you don't want reason or logic, you just want to accuse people of anti-Semitism and ignoring Native Americans to shut them up, even though you've been proven wrong in this comment thread repeatedly. No one owes you any more time or response to your trash hyperbole. So, ya know, eat a dick. 😘

I am no lover of the USA or Canada but dude you can live in Saudi Arabia or Iran if you want too. They seem like really COOL regimes! Go live there.. or better yet go there and fix their problems.. I wonder what criticism from a Westerner will do!

Commanding what you know from a chair and telling me to eat a dick? Assuming I hate Palestinians because I care about israel's survival? I love how you defend a culture swarming around DEATH and destruction. The culture is so fantastic! Training little children to hate and shoot Israeli's.. because you know every Israeli is a target including babies, pizza shops, and weddings? Apartheid? Arabs are 1/3 of Israeli culture and citizenship.. so you IDIOTS calling it an apartheid state is not only ignorant it's stupid.

You take the side and ignore the sick demented culture of death in Gaza and the West bank? You love suicide bombings.. because they are so desperate TO KILL! If they kill some Israeli's they get money from the PLO! That's cool! Using your own citizens to kill innocent people and then pay them for it. Oh they also get a name of a street after they kill some citizens. -nice culture that doesn't need fixing.. because after all it's Israeli's fault!

Tell me commander what are you comparing? I'll explain this to your pee-bodied brain. Israel has a great military including Nuclear Weapons. If they are such savages why don't they nuke their enemies? I know that's too hard of a question for you. Im sure if Egypt, Jordan, or even Syria all had nukes back in the 70s they wouldn't have used them either (that was sarcasm pee-brain). So ya know, eat a dick. You can't change anything, nor would I want a key-board warrior like yourself to be in charge. You are nothing, just a mouthpiece for the propoganda from the "free" and hypocritical west. Oh we can focus on other issues that aren't in our own back yard.. because the world which has conquered ITSELF over and over again has some how been "fixed" but ignored?

Just keep sipping on your comfort but know you are nothing, your opinion means nothing, and you are just a key-board warrior spouting nonsense. Anti-semetism? I could give two shits about anti-semetism. After my family was eradicated I sure as hell missed the "freedom" lovers such as yourself standing up! So you know what? It's about survival I guess. You don't want Israel to survive end of story.. why? Because you have no idea what you are "fighting" for. This is for the silent voices for Israel. It's hard to fight ignorant losers on mass.

Btw: I would love for the United States to pull their "aid"! Most of the money is to develop technology for Western Chair commanders like yourself to be resold to the world. Oh? You didn't know it was an investment? Ohhhhhhhh how about you funnel your money directly to the Palestinians.. the money will be better spent blowing up innocent people.

So, yah know, eat a dick.

When it comes to violence is there any right or wrong? It just creates a cycle of fear and the violence increases as they fight for their lives. I weep for everyone in this bloodshed and while this all goes on and we are distracted by it, someone is profiting from it.

Firstly I have to say what a concise, passionate and informative overview you give of this shocking, heartbreaking and disturbing situation. Another disgusting milestone on mankind's fall from grace! How the fuck can this be happening in this day and age!!?? For once I'm lost for words, for how can words convey the injustice and the horror that these poor children have to witness on a daily basis?

The only thing we can possibly do is keep speaking and and highlighting these barbarities. From that perspective you're a bastion of light in a world of increasing darkness. Thank you for giving these children a voice @lyndsaybowes

The Zionist regime is supported by the British monarchy and the tip-toe to totalitarianism United States of Israel. The people really need to wake up and throw out their governments. And as you know, Kanadastan tows the line of the we've got to wake up sheeple, c'mon!

This genocide was years in the making.

Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't seen it before V...

Right on. Glad I was able to inform you on it lol

Ugh...this video sickens me.

Ya I know. His voice really bugs me!

That's just what we can see... Which we could not watch it more savage
My friends in Gaza tell me things that a human mind cannot tolerate.
We don't have to be silent about this crime...
thnak you dear @lyndsaybowes

Latuff is a great artist, an incredible man who uses his talents for good. Thanks for sharing this with me, I hadn't seen this one yet. And thank you for being aware of the occupation, and for speaking/sharing your truths!!

This makes me so sick. Children shouldn't have to live like that. No one should have to. 😐
@lyndsaybowes, I made this painting to go with your song and video. I commented on your original post with it and then realized that you probably never got to see it, stuff gets buried here fast. Here it is again for you to use in your video. 😊

I didn't see this @khackett, and I thank you so much for putting it here, omg I would have died if I missed this!! You are AMAZING!!! Thank you for speaking out, with your words and your ART!!

Thank you for always encouraging me. 😊
I learned alot working on this. I'm not the best at drawing lifelike stuff, but it's the thought that counts. 😁

Are you kidding me, it's OUTSTANDING! And really really catches the eye!! xoxoxo I'm glad the experience taught you things too. I can't wait to see more of your creations!! xoxo :) Let the #ARTivism flow through you!!

I feel deeply saddened to see this going on as it has for years. While the brainwashed sheep watch their netflicks. Its about time humanity woke up and became human, we are the same more or less. The fact that people can be so violent and bring shame on human race over something that may or may have not happen hundreds of years also it pathetic.

Some of my mothers friends (shes a Quaker) go out and help! She gets have first hand information about what is going on out their and it fucking barbaric. One friend nearly died as she was beaten trying to help innocent Palestinians. Nothing can justify this behaviour nothing! 💯🐒

Bless you Mother and her frinds. Bless you for understanding the truth of what is happening there and speaking out about it!

Well I'm human care about others. I am waking up and can see we all need to come together, pointless violence will only create more violence and nothing else. By speaking out more and more with more people joining we can wake these sleeping sheeple! Then we move to the hundredth monkey and a better world for our future generations ;) 💯🐒

Throwing little rocks must be doing some massive damage to tanks and armor.

Yehuda Bauer, a leading Holocaust historian, has argued that in the light of the Shoah it is time to adopt three more commandments: "Thou shall not be a perpetrator; thou shall not be a victim; and thou shall never but never be a bystander".

We can see who's filling each role in the last 70 years. Practice what you preach.

Yes, the throwing of stones by people with no army, no airforce, no navy, no airport even, are a huge threat to the 11th largest military power in the's so disgusting. Thank you for pointing out zionist hypocrisy @drakos. Thank you for standing up for the brutally oppressed!

Heart wrenching, and at the same time, I feel hatred for the people who are doing this.
How can this still happen? Are they that powerful that the atrocities are not in mainstream media? Someone must have a conscience and expose the truth, or do they fear for their life?
There's a lot to be learned, and the opinions in the comments are equally interesting.

There is a man named Miko Peled. His father was a general in the zionist army. Miko also was in the army. One day he went and investigated on his own, on the other side of the apartheid wall, into occupied Palestine. What he found there forever changed his life, and he is one of the most outspoken israelis that there is against the occupation. He is a true hero, look him up :)

Also, Roger Waters, front man and co-founder of Pink Floyd is one of the only famous people who spends almost all of his time leading the #BDS movement, which seeks to boycott, divest and impose sanctions upon the zionist state. He is helping a lot. But men like this are very few and far between...

Thanks fo the infos :) I actually spent a great deal today reading. Started with Zionism, and one link led to another (thanks to Wikipedia) 😊
Ooohh, didn't knew that about Pink Floyd. Will read that together with Mr. Peled's story. Thank God I have lots of time to spare this weekend.
Anyway, have a great weekend to you and Hendrix22 :)

Thank you so much @coolector. Love and respect.

Children in Palestine especially Gaza and Jerusalem that interact directly with conflict and prolonged wars must feel different. They see firsthand the injustice in sight. Their spies see for themselves how during the conflict the Israeli targets brutally and sometimes do not care about the sense of humanity hit the Palestinians who are only able to fight with the stone. Even their schools were destroyed by the Israeli army so their futures were bleak. see!

Similarly, when war broke out with weapons that are very much different between Israel and the Palestinians. It is certain that at the time of seeking Hamas, Palestinian hardliners fighting against Israel's injustices sweep away. We can feel what's going on. Even violence is obviously done in front of children. In fact, there must be children who are subjected to torture.

As a result of the war, whether they participate in combat or not, still many victims are killed. The dwelling was ruined. Of course the children lost their parents. Lost their place to play.

Not only that, Palestinian children feel unnatural. Perhaps, seeing the helplessness they witnessed not less than them, though still children, came to the hands of the struggle to defend the homeland of the Israeli slaughter.

So look, those who do the intifada are also children. I am sure they have no choice but to fight with the aim of liberating his homeland from Israel. From the media we see, not only boys but also girls without fear, despite dealing with gun shorts, they fight with high voices in front of Israeli soldiers.

It is no longer a secret, as a result of it, not a few Palestinian children are handcuffed, held and must be in prison and some are shot dead.

May we participate in the defense of the children of Palestine!

Thank you for your support to our brothers in Palestine, free palestine. Respect for you @lyndsaybowes and resteem your post.

Good on those kids for standing up to "power"!!

On another note, it never ceases to amaze me how well the propaganda has worked in convincing otherwise decent humans that the sky is actually green, that black is white, that war is peace, and that the state of Israel is a victim :::industrial-strength-palm-to-forehead:::


may Palestinians feel freedom and freedom from the hands of the Zionists. so that children can live in peace and can feel the education safely. without the rain of bullets that hit the land of Palestine. # freepalestine

Thank you for drawing attention to this topic, which is one of the topics not covered in the media is a lot of prisoners of children who have not yet reached the dream and therefore have not yet reached the stage of legal or legal age, in the prisons of the Zionist occupation, those who were deprived of their childhood and education and live A normal life like their peers in the world's children, find themselves and sometimes without a crime committed in prisons that do not meet the minimum conditions of human dignity, according to periodic reports issued by international human rights organizations, or associations that defend the rights of these children administratively detained Or criminal, some of whom are sentenced to very long prison terms

Thank you for being knowledgable and understanding this so well. I appreciate you writing here @klasanaj!

Palestinians are the indigenous people of historic Palestine. Their land has been stolen, their people ethnically cleansed and driven off their land. Those who chose to remain were squeezed into the west bank and Gaza as they fled for their lives and the lives of their children.

Now they are being kept under the thumb of the occupation in humanly intolerable conditions so that they would suffer a miserable death or choose to leave their homeland. What the Israelis don't get is this ,..

Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine. They will never leave, never give up, never turn back. They live to be free or die with dignity.

Thank you for writing @sentience. Thank you for raising awareness!! You are a beautiful Soul.

You're too kind. I'm just calling it like i see it. I thank you for posting about this often. You're the beautiful soul. You have my voice and support.

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My heart bleeds for this . Why this barbaric action . This is so sad.

Turn off the mainstream news because you will never get the truth from there!

This is so true, we can never get the truth from the mainstream media. It's all lies. We need to go out and see things for ourselves and stop believing what we hear over the news.

That's right! We have the internet, it is possible now to talk to the people who are directly affected by this brutal occupation. Most people would rather have others do their thinking for them unfortunately!

I condemned this brutal act of The Zionist Regime in Palestine and other innocents. May GOD shower his blessings on innocents.


very touching with what utarakan, silent us their suffering, they hiduo inside the largest prison in the world. with this steemit let's help with their load. thanks @ lyndsaybowes

Palestine is a very gray, devastated country that is not a human right there, it is very painful to live there. Compared to the pain of our life now is not how. It's been years Israel colonized him, may the sufferings soon disappear and free from the bondage of Israel .. Amiin. And we want the land of Palestine free and peaceful.

They are violating the human rights of children, that is not legal, where is the libertal of the expression of Israel? I should call the "ONU"
so that the sanctions.

his is so true, we can never get the truth from the mainstream media. It's all lies. We need to go out and see things for ourselves and stop believing what we hear over the news. feel very sorry for the children :(( we should not allow it to happen.... @lyndsaybowes

Thank you for doing your part by bringing awareness to these crimes against humanity.
When oh when are these genocides going to stop?!
As you said, there is no reason or justification for putting a damn child in prison. Just fucked :(

Thanks for watching the vid Amy. This shit will stop when enough good people break their silence.

Well I'm officially not doing nothing any more, it might be a drop in the sea but I'm going to start telling whoever will listen whats really happening on this earth of ours.

This is the high slap on the face of those who run the intentional policies and claim that their policies are treating equally to all the world as a whole.
This is such a sick act that brutality itself is feeling ashamed after looking at it, SHAME.

I don't know why the media houses are quite on this brutality of international policies, really disappointed!

I condemn this inhumane act and yes i ask to the king of UN to free Palestine as soon as possible. Because it is their right to live life according to their will and way.

To think that most people believe this practice is only found in some parts of Africa. This in inhuman and should attract grave punishments.

By the way, I love those children fighting for their mates. Very impressive.

The international world is not fair ... why are they just looking at it ... and not understanding the pain and sadness of children's fate in the palestine ... 😢😢:( :'(

Here is another doozie courtesy the perpetual-victim-state:


Would this ever stop Lyndsey. How can it be said in this time and season, that this kind of oppression and senselessness is going on.
Why are the World Powers keeping mute?

PS, I nominated this post for a Trophy Token!

Great job @lyndsaybowes

I saw this on the news, thanks for supporting this movement.

Let's say No to Oppression, let's say No to Maltreatment, let's say No to Injustice

I feel very sorry for the children :(( we should not allow it to happen.... @lyndsaybowes

@lyndsaybowes I am very impressed with you and what you stand for. I really hate the zionist israel. Let us fight for the rights of the peoples of the Palestinian state. #freepalestine

Pathetic looking at it all. If that happens not there, it might look different and definitely get a great reaction. Looks like no matter what happens there... good share @lyndsaybowes

Israel seems to have forgotten its own history - the days of fascism of 1941-1945. The Holocaust for the Jews, which was arranged by Hitler. Many countries in those days tried to save the Jews from fascism and the destruction of the Jewish nation. Today they tell the whole world - we are a unique nation and can decide the destiny of another nation - to destroy it or leave it to live. Shame on Israel! This country has forgotten what humanity is! And why scoff at children?

This is so in-human ma, why on earth would such terror be happening, especially to the children. This is so disgusting, so disheartening. And Israel doing all of these? Are they out of their senses? Oh my God, this is callous.

It's sad, it makes me cry because I love kids so much, they are so innocent, when we can not help them we take time to pray for his salvation

whether this oppression and violence continue to pass, is there any who will defend and guard them, tears always drip on their cheeks, the blood of the wounds and the sadness they feel.

Free Palestine.

I love Palestine, we together Palestine @lyndsaybowes

it is really hurtful....@lyndsaybowes i don't get it.... why these barbarian can't leave kids alone...... my heart cries every time i see a kid being physically tortured by a GOOD HEROIC MAN..... :0 disgusted af

fights adult sacrifice the kids. they lost their childhood deprived of her dreams really pitiful. I support the voice of the criticism you @lyndsaybowes

It is sad that the Palestinian state that has endured all the cruelty, innocent children at stake. Thank's for sharing @lyndsaybowes.

What pity all them @lyndsaybowe, they feel hurt enough with situation. Palestinian Children feel uncomfortable by all those happened in their life. In my opinion, one day the Palestinian Children will attach back when their power enough.

These people don't care about any LAW, international or anything else. They behave and live like animals, so we can't be surprised by cruelty.

in colonized life, all will fight for their free life. parents or children.


this is how misery lives in Palestine. thank you for pointing out to the world of Palestinian suffering

Many violations of ham are occurring in the palestine. But who cares?

History and forecasts have been written, that there will be oppression of the Muslims in the land of Palestine, in their eyes, they (the Palestinians). they have left this world and some people think they are defeated. But the truth is that they have won.

Eternal victory

*They have gained victory from the "Shaheed Degree", In this land of Palestine the field of Shah has returned after passing in the time of the Prophet Muhammad. And the Palestinians will not be wasting an opportunity to get a martyr's title.

Thank you @lyndsaybowes, You have cared for our brother in Palestine.

I am proud and touched because lindsay bowes is very concerned about our country. Thank you very much.

the fear of making urine come out unconsciously, so tragic their lives image imagethere are also challenging with brave.

pray for Palestine

it's really amazing you guys in defending his own country, I'm very amazed with your struggle, your semog win in this battle

thanks for sharing @lyndsaybowes , ,
i have followed you ,
Free Palestine.

life has not been quiet before israel destroyed the Palestinian territory, so they are holding children and want demolishing Palestinian generation.

it is matter of sorrow that in this world we can not control our brothers!

Israel is not a rule because PBB alone is not a standard law for them they will justify any means to achieve its goals @lyndsaybowes

I am from Indonesia, of course I don't accept that, Indonesia is Islam, and Palestine is our brother, of course we will fight to help our brother. Destroy the enemy of Islam, Islam is our religion and our brothers Palestine.

Very nice post and great article.. Follow and vote me by @sitti

israel destryoed has given the palestinian in a great sorrow. now they are trying to destroy ruined syria,iran turky....they re devil.....the cancer of the world......the must be removed from this i am compelled to think that hitlar was right.....go to hell israel

Children do not have to be caught because they do not know what help them

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thanks for sharing your good information..
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may god bless them.

with all due respect lyndsey it’s highly offensive calling this a holocaust. You have no idea what a holocaust is. The truth of the matter is that Israel is not apartheid. There is freedom of religion, 1/3 of Israel is Arab, free to vote and prosper. Arabs hold key positions in all walks of life including medical, judicial, and even the army. So exactly what’s apartheid? Palestinians are Arabs! They are not a different race. This is not education, this is propaganda.

Palestinians are not an Arabic race. They are Palestinians and they now speak arabic. The scottish & the Irish are not English! They just speak English.

All lies and uneducated statements. Palestine had no borders, no capitol, and the most important yet it was under the Ottoman Empire. It was desert, nothing to offer. It was comprised of Jews and Arabs who were Muslim and Christian. So what made Palestine a people? What was it's flag? You cannot answer this because there was NONE. If you want something to fight for, fight for the indigenous NATIVE INDIANS whose land has been stolen and replaced! You all fight for Palestininans and ignore the NATIVE INDIANS in North America. DISGUSTING!

We aren't ignoring Natives, both Lyndsay and myself have tried to bring awarenesss to the cultural genocide of their people in the past and I am currently focusing on writing about what we've done and continue to do to them.
Also, I dont know much about politics or the history of things happening in Isreal and Palastine, but I DO know that imprisoning children in this situation is cruel and its wrong. You can't argue with that, and that is what Lyndsay is trying to bring awareness to here today.

Rabbi Josef Antebi's passport says that he was born in Hebron, Palestine

Video showing Jews calling for the Genocide of Palestinian's (MUST SEE)

Calm down brother, there are many people who have been and continue to be oppressed and discriminnated against. Save that fire in your belly for those that oppress others. Individuals who support the palestinian cause are fighting the same evil that is oppressing the native americans. Generating awareness about the incarceration of innocent children is not "disgusting" its completely ethical and right. I think you should think twice about your statement. Wishing you all the very best in life, and wishing you luck in your noble fight for justice for the native americans.

Hey bearbear give us a break with your zionist love fest !!! Eventhough palestine did not have borders, a capital, or a flag does not mean that palestine as a geographical location and palestinians a people with a common shared identity residing in this geographical region,did not exist. Did the jewish people have a land with a border? did they have a capital? did they have a flag? Nooooo, yet they still identified themselves as jews based on other criteria(religion/culture//ethnicity etc).

The fact that you feel so passionate and outraged for the north american indians yet you feel no empathy or outrage for the plight of the palestinians tells me that you are an internally confused individual.

facts don't care about your feelings.

"with all due respect lyndsey it’s highly offensive calling this a holocaust."

Why? I dont see a difference between the actions of the nazis against the jews and the actions if the zionists against the palestinians.

"You have no idea what a holocaust is"

What a ridiculous statement bearbear, go to any dictionary and holocaust will be described as a systematic slaughter of one group of people by another.

"The truth of the matter is that Israel is not apartheid."

Then why is south africa (who were an apatheid state) calling israel an apartheid state? When you build a wall around a group of people and build separate streets for exclusive israeli use, etc its plain for all to see that the disgusting state of israel is an apartheid state and shame on you bearbear for defending them!!

Apartheid segregated WHITES and BLACKS..

Israel has freedom of religion, lets gays and lesbians LIVE and be open without persecution (try doing that in your precious "Palestine"), and of course Arabs are in every facet of Israeli society. So who has been segregated? Arabs from Arabs?

LOL it's like saying America is apartheid because it is separated by Mexico. Looks like the solar ray's fried your brain. South Africa said it's apartheid so it must be apartheid? If South Africa said the moon was blue does it mean it's right? Perhaps they are confused just as you as to what is really happening. Palestinians are not a race of people; they are Arabs. You have been brain washed and giving me wikepedia definitions? Are you really that stupid? My family was in the holocaust. I have also been to Israel. Neither of which you can say. The holocaust was a systematic and controlled eradication of a people. What "people" are we talking about.. ARABS?

Israel could eradicate the west bank and Gaza without risking one soldier. They don't because it's a moral country. With the click of a button Israel could execute every one of their political prisons and remove all Palestinians with a nuke. They don't do it because there are ethics are morals involved.

My family was systematically eradicated in the holocaust. So don't tell me what a holocaust is! Any fuck who compares this to a holocaust deserves to see themselves what slave labor (YES WITHOUT PAY), gas chambers, and being denied freedom of religion. You have no idea and you disgust me.

Thanks brother for sharing a good information for us..

We can only pray that their misery will be repaid by god later, as individuals we can only pray, but the leader who can take a decision, greetings from me @lyndsaybowes very useful post I have vote

pray for children 😭😭😭

Emotions affect everything, and they should. We were angered and hurt to hear of the Jews being killed in Nazi Germany. So, they had our sympathy. Then we learnt of how the Israeli gov is using the German tactics against the Arabs, and our sympathies shifted. Then, the Imams made videos extorting their followers into taking over Europe, America and, eventually the entire planet, so that what used to be a variety of cultures and religions becomes one: Islam. As far as I am concerned, the threat they are to the entire planet far outweighs any injustice done to them.

I am presuming that #amymua is now going to happily convert to Islam, since Canada is going in that direction faster than most countries.

btw - Greece was enslaved for 400 years by the Ottoman empire. I suppose that as Turkey justifies its actions against Greece, aided and abetted by that corrupt usurper the pope, the traitor of Christianity, you will find sophistries to explain why Greece has nothing to do with Ancient Greece, that 400 years justifies them enslaving the Greeks again. Yes, after all, they are Muslims and the Greeks are Christians...and the Muslims are always in the right.

What I am trying to help those who are willing to think first understand, that all the arguments have many sides and what you believe - or who you believe - is dictated by your own feelings, so that it seems you are doing what is/being logical.

I think , we should not help the palestine people,, but its the human nature and responsibility that we should help the innocent people by force and by love,, now atleast we should pray for the innocent palestine people

you create a great post....i like your post........i hope everybody like your post...thanks for shear it..

How long will this injustice continue to occur? Great post, keep spreading awareness, the shame the israelis will incur in years to come for their actions in the palestinian holocaust. God bless the B.D.S !!!! Long live palestine !!!

Thank you very much for speaking out, I tried to upvote you but it's been 7 days now on this post :(

thanks for the news shring.......
carry on resteemit done

Nice post Its so amazing post thanks for your informative post

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