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The Paleo-Trail discussion group is a subtrail (via of SteemTrail with it's own new Steemit account! This account will be used by the curators of paleo-trail to comment on posts we curate and to post updates and informational articles on paleo diet subjects. It will also vote on the very best posts we find.

Our three curators will be searching Steemit for posts using the #paleo tag or which provide other paleo-friendly content. We read and comment on these articles, offering advice if needed to make it the best post possible (See our guidelines).

If we select your article as one of the best of the day, we will give it our group vote, then promote it to Steemtrail who will scrutinize it by their criteria, and if they upvote it you get the entire trail's upvotes. This is not like a bot. Each step of the way real human beings read and evaluate your post. We are interested in your success and the topic, but only the highest quality content is upvoted. We hope you will be encouraged create better and better posts to earn that vote!

We invite you to use the #paleo tag, to submit paleo articles to our discord channel, and to join us for conversation.


Hi as well,

I am also one of the curators, and I want to mention that we also accept Keto, LCHF, Atkins, Banting, Fasting, and all other real-foods (ie: non processed, non highly refined, non "fast" foods) based lifestyles and topics under the #paleo tag, regardless of if it's strict paleo or only loosely paleo-esque.

These topics can vary vastly, but include a wide gamut of topics such as scale and non-scale success stories, failure stories (hopefully we can help), questions, progress pictures (family-safe only please), recipes, science, research, and lifestyle health matters (ie: how you're treating your health issues with the lifestyle change).

I look forward to seeing and curating your #paleo posts!

Hi all - I am one of the three curators, and you might have already seen me recommending you use the paleo tag to have your posts show in our channel.

Since we have already started gathering useful post under the paleo tag, that is the primary place we'd like you to put your paleo posts. That means you can use paleo-trail as a tag as well, if you want to, but we're going to b elooking under paleo. (I know the post already says to use the paleo tag, but I'm just expanding a little, so you know why.)

We are really keen for this tag to be a gathering place for anyone who wants to improve their health through real food eating. A place where you can find suitable recipes and helpful hints.

You will probably see us resteem posts that we think are helpful, as well.

Thanks @kiwideb! Great input.

I'm another of the curators and I wrote the mess up above. I'm very excited about us having this account to help make the #paleo tag a focus of whole food diets.

Not a mess, lol, just possibly a tiny, tiny bit too succinct ;-) whereas I can blather on for pages...

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