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Not just Paleo, but also LCHF, Carnivore, Vegan Paleo, and other more natural, less processed, traditional and scientific diets.

The Paleo Trail on Discord is trying to encourage great content creation on Steemit by building a community of paleo diet writers. On the Paleo-Trail discussion group, Paleo/LCHF dieters can meet other writers, get feedback on their work, and help others improve their diets.

What is Paleo?

There are many posts on just this question all across Steemit and the internet. Those who don't like the diet try to paint it as "Only eating what a Caveman ate" so as to point out the impossibility of that.

Well, clearly we are not following a diet, sometimes for many years, which is impossible.

Like all diets there is some variation and everybody thinks their version is the best, or else they would change it. For me it's a general philosophy to eat less processed and more traditional foods, without using planes, trains, boats, and factories to provide that food. But that's just me.

The definition we will use in this community is a wider range of diets which mostly avoid sugars, grains and root products. As mentioned above, this range can include LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), Carnivore diets, some vegetarian/vegan diets, and other natural foods diets.

You can choose your own, but most likely where you go with it will depend on if you are choosing based on

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Health alone
  3. Ethical concerns
  4. Price/Convenience and etc.

Please follow this blog and upvote and follow the authors highlighted to learn more.

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My Favorite NSNG Recipies
@eric-the-red brings us his favorite NSNG (No Sugar, No Grain) quick recipies. I've used similar meals myself and I think he gets it right. One additional tip might be to make sure you use "Store Ground" beef for your burgers. Some commercial ground beef has a sugar solution added.
Bread Replacement
from @dolichka27, while maybe a little more "processed", still essentially Paleo and Low Carb. Nut Flours and Zucchini replace grains and sugar to make some very handsome buns for those not on the lowest of Low Carb diets.

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