Extended fasting

in paleo-trail •  6 months ago

I am now 66 hours into an extended fast. How long will I go? I don't know.

When I started I told myself I would do 72 hours, meaning I would be free to eat about 8:PM tonight.

Then I thought it would be good to go until Monday in the afternoon, when I normally break my IF fasting period. that would be about 80 hours. But I feel so good about it right now I don't see any reason not to do 5 days (120 hours).

Of course, last night about 6-8:PM it was kind of difficult. That's my usual time for a full meal, and I'm sure my ghrelin levels were bouncing all over the place.

But at this point my energy is high, I just came back from a walk (nice weather), and all my numbers are good (BP, BG, etc). So far my ketones are present but not high, meaning I am probably burning them well.

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