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Hello dear Steemit art fans,

I would like to present my yesterday painting that I have done after our evening walk at a beach. From our side we could see a county called Kingdom of Fife, as it was evening and grey cloudy day, the land was looking very grey too, somehow there was not much lights on. Therefore I have had this name for my creation.


This is first time that I used watercolor for sea scene. I was a bit anxious as I have had no idea how the result will be.
All together it is not bad but I have found few things that I need to improve in future.


I hope you enjoy this painting and thank you for viewing my post :)



watercolor is my favorite.. good work:)

Glad you like it, thanks

Follow upvote and resteem WOW such a glossy effect to the sand its Perfect I wish i could paint like that ! I got some art on my page as well but i rarely paint, mostly pencil :D

Thank you very much for your comment.... @jacinta.sevilla :-)

Its nice to know that you used water color. As for me, im used to color using oil pastel and now im practising to use water color. I have my first post in here. If you want to see it and my future post, follow me @xyza. I also followed you maybe we can be together in the journey in using water color :)

well done, the colors reminded me of my latest post ;) https://steemit.com/painting/@art21/landscape-paintings-my-paintings-new-episode come by and check it out. Followed! Greetings

Glad you like it, thanks ........ @art21 :-)

It would have been interesting to see a photograph of the same landscape (in case it really exists as such), to have both images in view

Thanks for sharing @stef1


I have a sketch block with me as I prefer to do my sketch and then paint from it but not from a photograph, it is just the way how every single artist likes :)

Beautiful picture. I also like art. go to @risnandaanya page and take a look at some of my drawings.

So beautiful draw :) I wish I could draw like that.

Thank you for comment but it was not a drawing but water color painting :)

Thank you very much for your comment... @peterhenderson

This is creativity Good luck

Thank you for comment

Glad you like it, thanks

You are a very talented person, I love your painting and the name you found is very mysterious. I like it a lot

Thank you very much for your comment.... @allesia :-)

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Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

i am interested for drawing but dont as well.
your picture was simple beautiful.i wish i will draw this kind of pictures

Beautiful! I've always struggled with watercolor, but these are amazing.

Thank you for comment ..... @katrinalewis :-)

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Nice pict..thank for sharing

I love this painting @stef1. I found it through @juliakponsford. The way you presented the waves and the land across the water connected with me :) I have created a soundscape that represents how the painting sounded to me. I hope you enjoy :)

Thanks @buckydurddle for your musical soundscape. We had a lot of fun :)

Thanks @stef1. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Go Bucky Go!! Go!! Go!!
I´m always hipnotized with ur Violin!! <3

Thanks Yu! Mean a lot :)

This is so AMAZING!!
Followed and Resteemed ;)

Thanks and really appreciated!

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