This looks like it was a fun painting to create. Although I can't say I've heard of Megumi Noda from Nodame Cantabile.. But I may have to check it out. I am always looking for something new and interesting to read on vacation. This floating keyboard is fantastic! :-D

It's a funny manga and if you like classical music, it's a great read :).


it's Nodame !!!!!! XD XD XD I love her <3 I read the manga, watched the anime and also watched the live action (though I didn't finish any ....)



Very nice fanart, @scrawly <3 She is a very adorable character, and not cuz she's pretty and 'cutely' ditzy... no, she is really quirky and relatable :D I laughed so hard in the beginning when she was like portrayed slovenly and uncaring and... I really like that she didn't turn out later to have a swan transformation type of story :D :D :D

You captured her upbeat face and her messy hair so so so nicely <3 And I love the undulating piano keys !!! SO VERY FUN :D :D :D

Now I wanna rewatch the anime GAHAAAAAAAA~

Yeah, I like her too because she's actually really sloppy as a person, and the only girl so far in the manga I've read who admitted she hasn't taken shower for 3 days because she didn't feel like she needed to lol. She's also not the youngest girl, nor the prettiest, or the most accomplished, and she has big hands. I find the mangaka gives her enough strength and weakness as a character and they make her very real and relatable and genuine :).

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Thank you :).

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she looks lovely and it has indeed a vintage manga style

Ahhh yeah, the vintage look is unintentional but I like it a lot.

Thanks Pris =).

I actually like it, I grew up with old fashioned shojo you know, basically the "difference" the vibe of "vintage" is that now they're mostly digitally painted, while in old times, coloured plates were more expensive and they were just on the covers and maybe a few coloured pages here and there that were usually painted with watercolours, and that traditional vibe is what I mean

Fabulous work, @scrawly! She looks very happy. Excellent work on that facial expression! 😃

This girl is such a happy and fun person, I'm glad I got her expression right :).

Very nice! Yes, manga, anime, and live action ;). It's fun to watch. I think I only saw the live action come to think of it....

Ooohh!!! You know Nodame! :D :D :D

Too bad you don't watch the anime because I want to know if it's a good translation or not. I prefer watching anime than live action xD.

Thank you!

I generally agree with that haha. But it happened to be the first one I saw. I will explore the anime at some point!

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If you do, let me know if it's good, kay :D.

I love crazy curvy keyboards like that, I don’t know why, maybe because they’re so illogical and unlikely 😆 does it look like that in the manga as well? 😆

She looks really happy to be a music conduit. And doesn’t matter how old something is if it’s good 😆

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The concept of this art comes from the curvy keyboards, so I'm totally with you there :D.

In the manga, most of the keyboards look normal except for pinups and artsy panels.

Thank you, and yeah, sometimes oldies are goodies :).

I liked very much that anime. The music act as a glue that makes it all come together tight. Something that the manga may lack. Not discrediting the manga at all. But watching her play those pieces by Bartok and Rachmaninoff is... oh mama. A delight! Also the music act as incidental soundtrack sometimes and fits marvelous. And her faces, she's super funny without being all exaggerated. But that's cuz she's so well written.

Oohhh you watched the anime! Yeah, the music is lacking in the manga version, sometimes after reading a chapter where they describe a song, I have to look for it and play it to know what they're talking about. Some anime interpretation leave a lot to be desired but I'm glad to know that it's not the case here :D.

It's really a great adaptation I suppose. I read a review from a guy I follow who's verymeticulous with his recommendations and critiques. And Nodame was with a well earned 9 in his perspective. I just can say that I enjoyed that anime in its entirety.

Amazing work! I very like video of the drawing process:)

I'm glad you like the animation, because I almost didn't include it hehehe.

Thank you sweettais :).

I probably would have been into this as a kid in my piano playing days!

You should channel your inner kid self then.
The manga is fun and there's an anime and live action version as well ^_^.

What a happy looking girl! you got that expression right :)

She’s such a positive person, I think it would be lovely to be her friend.

Thank you Ulla ^_^.

I enjoy this wonderful anime series, you knew how to capture the essence of the adorable (and very careless) Nodame

She is really fun, and I also like everyone else in the manga.

It's really a nice artwork! I don't know that manga series, but I'm pretty sure my daughter knows it ^_^

Does she know it? I am curious now, I hope she does because then I can meet a fellow fan :D.

Thank you Silvia :).

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