❁ Lady Orchid ❁

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I love, loooove Orchid, probably equal to my fondness of Rose. They are beautiful, colourful, and flagrant type of flowers, and there are so many variations of them, each one of them is unique and precious. When I checked Wikipedia, no wonder they are so diverse, they are apparently the top two biggest family of flowers in the world, numbering about 28,000 species!

Anyway, here is Lady Cattleya Portia :).

big version

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Drawing process, step by step


I had to redraw her several times before I am happy with the result.


Background Sketch

I added the orchid in the background as placeholders.



I struggled here colouring her face because watercolour is hard.



Thankfully the hair part is easy. Black hair <3.


Background Colour

Due to my previous difficulties with Painter brushes, this time I decided to use as few brushes as possible, avoiding complications :D. Finished.


Close up Details



Animation step by step


My flower watercolour series

I love how watercolour art looks like but I don’t have any real media materials with me. I will buy the stock one day, but for now, I am happy to experiment creating them digitally with watercolour brushes in Corel Painter. Since I am learning the tools, I will be making a series of watercolour art, I hope you will enjoy watching my experiments ^_^.

- Lady Bluebell -
- Lady Sunflower -
- Lady Peony -
- Lady Orchid -
- Lady Belladonna -
- Lady Lotus -
- Lady Rafflesia -
- Lady Tulip -
- Lady Palash -

My Steemit Journey

I am an artist who draw digitally with Wacom Intuos. I joined Steemit to share my art journey and to make some cool friends. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit channels on Discord, I frequent most of them.

See you around ♪

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I hope they will be interested as well. Please check out the rest of the series ^__^.
Thank you.

She is really lovely, I love the floral background.


Orchid is indeed beautiful, I just borrow parts of its charm. I wonder if you grow some at your house? :D
And thank you :).


I have grown orchids, mainly phalenopsis. I have some hardy orchids I started from tubers growing now that will go out into my herbaceous borders this week. They are white, I'll share when they flower.

She's very pretty * ___ * that classical white dress with the ribbon on the hair is super princess like <3 <3 <3

Love orchids, also! They are very wonderful and graceful and fabfab~

... who's this lady cattleya portia! would like more deets, pls !!! :O

upvotes and resteems


Cattleya Portia is the name of the flower species, but it does sound like a beautiful human name, so that's why I named her as such :D.
As for the character, she is a witty princess who knows her self worth ... like Neytiri or Shuri!!! :D

Thanksies <3


........oh it's the flower's name XD .... wow what a pretty name ! * ___ *

and i like the idea of a witty princess :D :D :D Shuri is my favourite Disney Princess now XD

She is beautiful....she reminds me of myself. I like how you acknowledge the difficulties that you experience. It is in acknowledgment that we can become better at what we do.


I'm happy that you can see parts of you in the character, it gives the picture more meaning to me :D.

I'm not the kind of artist that can do things flawlessly, actually I struggle with most of my drawings. I do hope I get better and drawing becomes easier with repetition :).

Thank you!


Yes, that is exactly what will happen - you will become better with repetition. Keep pushing on.

Lovely work! I really like the colors and composition <3


Thank you Flo-chan <3.

That close up of her eye is so good. I feel like telling her to stop staring at me like that lol


Ssoju is attracted?! RAWR


Wow, what a gorgeous lady! ^.^ She is sooo beautiful, @scrawly, I'm speechless. It reminds me of "The Princess and the Frog" movie from Disney. ;) It looks so much like the grown-up and more beautiful version of Tiana. <3 <3 <3


Tiana! Ahhh I remember her!! I've only watched that movie once because I was disappointed that she spent most of the time being a frog, I think? Can't really remember why I don't rewatch her movie like I usually do with all Disney cartoons lol.

Thank you, Katalina ^_^.


You're very welcome, @scrawly! ^.^
You're right - she was a frog almost the entire movie. XD What I liked the most was her strong and independent spirit, she didn't give up 'till the end. But also acknowledge the need of having friends and close ones she can rely on.

Wow! So beautiful!


Thank you :D!


Aww thank you, ciel and slothicorn <3.
You brightened my day.

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