It looks like a classical art piece to me and I haven't seen something like this from you before. Your creativity amazes me. You can paint anything! :)

She is beautiful and I'm sure people at that time had similar issues like we have now. Well, they of course didn't have problems with empty battery and missing charger :D

Thank you for sharing scrawls! Talk to you soon!

Hehehe I wish I can paint anything, because there are so much stuff and style out there that I want to try my hands on.

She's indeed lucky that she doesn't have to worry about battery and charger, at least in that aspect because so many other things must suck for people who live in the old times. No electricity and no internet, that sounds like a nightmare scenario for me lol.

Thanks delish. I hope you are doing well with the study and the preparation of your restaurant :).

It's a very interesting effort... I only feel like her hair gets confused with the dark background. A little more of contrast wouldn't hurt.

Keep up with the good work, miss @scrawly!

Ohhh that part is intentional. Some old paintings blend the person's hair with the background and I'm trying that here. I guess it doesn't really work as intended in this picture.

The texture is so rich on this one, @scrawly :O Almost look like painted on canvas instead of paper * ___ * I really like that strange diffusion blending effect that you are doing with the background and with her skin tone !

Very classical in terms of colour palette, too, the use if umber brings into highlight the chiaroscuro so well... * ___ *

I love her hair very much ! The highlights are subtle but palpable, and the colours are beautiful <3

She also has that far-wandering kind of gaze, which are nicely done by the way you held her head against the posture of her shoulders and body and by those gazing eyes :)

And I love how you weighted the picture. Heavy on the top and light on the bottom, creating a sense of contemplation, which matches the title of the picture well :D

A gorgeous piece, @scrawly <3 You're really doing well with these studies * ___ *

Hehehe sometimes I think my art style is more suitable with oil than with watercolours, but why not experiment either way.

As for the picture, there are a lot of things that I could have done better. However despite that, maybe I shouldn't worry too much about them because it's not that bothersome and people seem to be okay with the result and I get nice comments like yours ^_^.

Thank you :).

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Thank you :).

Looks kind of an oil painting. Sort of à la chiaroscuro. The eyes mate... they look so vivid. Her chin is so elegant haha. She seems to be lost on thoughts higher than her daily chores. Like the nature of cosmos, the why of the veryself-existance, the duality in reality... Or maybe is just her refined beauty which make her look like that while thinking in mundane casual thingies.

Hehe yep. It's the latter.

I mean sure she thinks about all those brainy philosophical stuff too, but since she has to eat and does her daily duties, she has to think about those mundane stuff as well.

Thank you, kind tomato :).

She looks wealthy so I doubt she's that worried about food prices. Peasants stealing her food is probably more likely! Nice painting though.

I'm not really sure how the wealthy or the poor dress in those times, I might need to do more research about them.

Thanks choo :).

To me, she looks like Diane Kruger in Troy. And she was rich. And she wore the same dress. And she also had that resting bitch face stare that you draw so well!

She's so pretty <3. I didn't know she wore a similar clothing, but I guess they mostly wear white for classical era. Actually the dress is meant to be painted blue, but I got lazy lol.

Truly lovely @scrawly and I love the sentiment behind her. It's true, those in the past lived day to day lives worrying about heat and shelter and food and of course gossip in their towns. The more we've all changed the more we've stayed the same :)

Yup, we're humans after all. Some problems that we have transcend time and space, like fulfilling our basic needs and how we relate with each other, I think as a species, we will always contemplate about these issues.

Thank you Donna :).

It looks like something I would have of wallpaper on my pc. With your clear permission. It looks quite peaceful and peace is what I need.

I am honoured if you use it as your wallpaper :).

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Great background effect!

She is definitely not contemplating food or chores. She is 100% thinking, “does this shade of lip gloss compliment my eyes?” Hehehe. She’s beautiful! Nice job.

I'm 100% sure that she's not thinking about lip gloss, it's not yet invented back then.

Beautiful ladies think about mundane stuff like food and chores too, you know, after all they're normal humans, with normal needs and obligations, just like anyone else. Plus food is quite a pleasant subject to contemplate about :).

Oh yes.. I like food!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks so moody, yet distant , her expression - contemplating or waiting, longing. There's a lot going on in your image, which may seem strange considering the very limited color palette.
It is true, using good paper is pretty much essential when working in watercolor. Sometimes I color sketches or ink pieces in my journal with watercolors and everything just falls apart - not a good idea...
Great job, @scrawly!

Ahhh you described it nicely. When I feel like people understand what I'm trying to express despite the fact that I am clumsy with words and art, it feels pretty good.

Thank you for writing such a lovely comment :).

I'm pretty sure people through the ages will be having variations of the exact same problems depending on their life circumstances XD Yay for forgiving paper, and hey you have to make lots of mistakes so you can learn and make more different mistakes later ;D

That's a pretty classy portrait, like one of those things you'd find in an art gallery with a snooty description/interpretation thing on a plate next to it XD

Yep, mistakes have happened and will definitely happen again. A lot. I wish it's different and new mistakes, but sometimes I repeat the same old mistakes. Silly brain. Ah well, can't complain too much since there's no refund lol.

Hehehe yep, I guess it does look like a classy old portrait. Hopefully the description is funny instead of snooty though, like "Lady going to the market but forgot her purse."

Best title 🤣

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it's lovely. Maybe she's already finished with chores and contemplating life -eonwarped

Thank you helpie!

If she's like me, she will definitely contemplate about food often... escpecially cakes. Mmm cakes.

It is a very good painting, it is exquisite because of the texture you created.
The mixture of colors in the hair has the right texture.
His face shows the expression that is agreed with the theme.
A very structural piece with the time.
Thank you for sharing this work, I am happy to see something new that you are doing.

Thank you for the lovely comment, Francis :).

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