Love those colors... im learning acrylics now but watercolours seem so light and delicate, almost fragile :)

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Acrylics sounds pretty fun! It's been some time since you showed us your last acrylics painting. Hmmm, but I like your ink and your digital art too, so the solution is that you should post each one of them more often :D.

I came here to appreciate your work not to hear what you like about mine ;) but thank you.
I have to say I comment rarely but I find the time to admire all your works. You try different approaches and it pays off :)

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Hehehe, I am bad with receiving praises, but I will try to be better. Plus it's like having a mini conversation every time my friends come and comment so I just write what I've been thinking.

Thank you again ^_^.

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You are hereby known as TheSweetFelix lol.

Forget my other in-the-future commissions, can I just get a drawing just for that title alone?!?! I'm so motherpecking happy that I can Gay away this World and be in this high forever!!!!~ (I just realized what I typed here and I'm not gonna scrub that off... well not doing a pecking Gender Reveal party, just gonna say it outright: I just be a Transbian, Trans-Lesbian. So, uh, I love the nickname and fits me very well!) ~^^~

Hap Spooky.jpg

Beautiful work. I really like the colors on the tree. I like to see the steps of someone's work, so you did it like you know that. Thanks for sharing. :)

It's my first time painting a tree in the autumnal colours, but I'm glad that I manage to capture the burning feels of the season.

From time to time, I create an animation to show my step by step or as progress shots like in this one, but some other time, I like to show just the finished result. Taking photos sometimes hamper the creative flow and it's also easier for me to format and make a post without them hehe.

Thank you for the lovely comment :).

Beautiful! I love it!!

Thank you :D!

Beautiful work!!! Enjoy seeing your process.

I should put my process shots more often since people seem to appreciate them. Sometimes I just put them as a drawing step by step animation link but fewer people seem to notice it.

Thanks twirble :).

This one is really well executed. It has cool clouds contrasting with the warm of the leaves. Shapes are sexier. You are welding that brush like the First Sword of Braavos hahaha.... well kind of. It shows off your improvement. BUT! That doggo... is like all joyful there standing.

First Sword of Braavos! Ahhh I know these words :D. Are you excited for the tv series return next month? Because I am! I want to know how it all ends and also I want to see more of those great dragon moments. Hehehe, they are sooooo awesome.

Yes, doggo is special creature that usually gives a positive boon to things around it. +1 to charm and morale.

Of course I'm excited! Winter has come after all \(º □ º l|l)/ and the night is dark and full of terrors!

My dogs give ME -10 of charm ahahahahaha.

You make it look so simple.

I learn from the master Shibasaki, his step by step tutorial makes it easier to draw.

Thanks pirate queen :).

Nice drawing! Even though the other one has a doggo in it, I do like how this turned out more because it shows your improvement in this medium since then. :3 You’re certainly getting the hang of watercoloring.

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As artists sometimes we can't really see whether we have improved or not, so it's always good to hear that confirmation from other artists :).

Or you might be just a nice person lol, but I take the positivity anyhow.

Thanks Blue.

You’re welcome! And yeah, when you look at your work by day-to-day bases, it’s hard to see where the improvement is but it’s there in small increments. But when you look at it weeks out or year out, you’ll notice the difference for sure. ;)

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Thank you :).

Lovely tree!
I like the colour and the delicate branches on this one.

The tree in autumn are so pretty, I really like their yellow and orange colours. Maybe I'm just bored of green tree haha.

Thanks Djynn-chan :).

The most colorful season and you really captured that well. Love the colors :) Ulla

Autumn does feel like the colours are spreading everywhere in nature, as if a painter is trying out various colours in a canvas. Very beautiful season.

Thank you Ulla ^_^.

My favorite season :)

I think it's a fantastic blend of colours. The flamey leaves work really well against the greeny bluey greyey background :)

It's still beautifully warm over here, we can still go swimming if we wanted (haven't though, too much stuff XD) and my deciduous tree is very green still, no need for heaters at night but occasionally the kids have been asking for extra blankets as their rooms can get really hot in summer and really cold in winter.

Glad you still had fun despite the blowy weather XD check next time :D

I showed it to my friend when it's just the tree and I'm glad that they recommended to me to add the sky. I think it adds a lot to the quality of the picture.

It's been cold for a couple of nights here so the heater has been turned on again. Or maybe I'm susceptible when it comes to cold weather, but better not take any chance or I might get sick again haha ^^;.

Thanks fyn :D.

Lovely drawing. This one has a perfect use of contrast between the tree and the background. It makes it very legible and awesome! Well done!

Hehe actually I was about to call it done when I finished with the tree. Good thing I showed it to my friend and they told me to paint some sky. It does make the tree stands up better.

You have an artistic observation, maybe you should try drawing :D.

I really do like this one @scrawly though I don't want to think of Autumn myself, as we are almost to Spring in my hebisphere and I am LONGING for it.

The colours are so rich and warm though, like a fire almost.

Spring is the second best season though, so you shouldn't long for autumn yet and enjoy the season where everything starts anew. There's something symbolically beautiful about spring, I bet you know it more than I do because you have lovely flowers in your garden. Hmm hmm, thinking about them, now I'm actually quite excited to see your next garden pics :).

Wow! Very beautiful colors combination!

Thank you :).

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Love this one, @scrawly :D There's not yet a lot of trees like this but I'm sure they'll pop up everywhere soon! I feel autumn is really at the door! O my! The rains are coming more often and yesterday was super windy and soon the temperature will drop drop drop~

Autumn is a very pretty season, I love all the colours as everything gets ready for winter... * ___ * The reds of autumn is amazing * ___ * And I think you captured that so well with this tree, with the browns, oranges, yellows (which are the reds of autumn!) and I really like how you painted the branches, very nice and delicate and parts of them are see-through through the leaves :D So wonderful~

And the contrast between that slightly moody sky against the bright leaves of the tree really gives a very lovely autumnal vibes <3

I think you've improved a lot !! This is your 30th watercolour piece? :O I can only imagine where you will be at 100th !!!! :O :O :O

Keep at it!!!

Yes, autumn makes the outside world sooooo pretty. Sometimes I stare at a single leaf on the ground for minutes, until I remember not to look weird in front of my neighbours keke.

Uhhh my one hundredth watercolour art? I can't imagine it myself because right now it feels like it's still going to be a very long time to reach there.

Thank you captain spider :D.