Portrait of my gray cat

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Retrato de mi gato gris

acrilyc on canvas 10x15 cm

You know I love cats and of course I have a cat as a pet. This is one of the many paintings I make of him. He is a good model and poses for me. Painting with a living model is beautiful and very different from painting with a photograph as a model. Hope you like!!

  • Ustedes saben que amo los felinos y por supuesto tengo un gato como mascota. Este es uno de los tantas pinturas que hago de el. El es un buen modelo y posa para mi. Pintar con un modelo vivo es hermoso y muy distinto de pintar con una fotografia como modelo. Espero que les guste!!

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website: http://normazaro.com/


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He looks really grumpy, and really beautiful ! The blue gray fur is so lovely and his yellow eyes are magical <3

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Does your cat recognize itself? It must feel like looking in the mirror :) Beautiful painting - your usual standard :)

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