Curious cat painted in acrylic

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Gato curioso pintado en acrilico

acrylic on canvas 20x30 cm

Cats are curious by nature and that sometimes puts them in trouble. This is a neighbor cat that spies on me and I take advantage of it and I take it as a model for my painting. It is a beautiful cat!

  • Los gatos son curiosos por naturaleza y eso a veces los pone en problemas. Este es un gato vecino que me espia y yo aprovecho y lo tomo como modelo para mi pintura. Es un bello gato!!

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website:


Nice art. I like it so much

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Thank you!!

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Such inquisitiveness ! You capture the cat's curiosity so well <3 Love the eyes very much !!

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@normazaro indeed beautiful 3 colours cat! And great painting..:)

So many people love cats but I'm kind of scared of them. You never know what you can expect of them :D They are so unpredictable.

I don't know if this cat is hunting, or preparing herself to jump on you, or what else she could be thinking :D

It's a great painting! I love it! You captured the car perfectly. Very realistic!