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  Since age the age of 15, I have moved to many places meaning more schools, friends, hobbies and in that mess, my love affair with the paint got sidelined. Many years later, when I moved to London, the empty walls of my apartment reminded me of the things missing in life, paintings being at the top of the list. So, I bought some paintings from the boot sale. But these paintings didn’t really express the inner me and therefore forced me to start painting again after so many years. My initial attempts after all this time were the following two acrylic paintings.  

See, when I paint, it is an experience that, at its best, is transcending reality.

  Truck art has always fascinated me. The transformation of a visually boring vehicle into a piece of art itself demands a great deal of ingenuity. So, I gave a shot to mimicking the truck art on the canvas.  

This is the second post of a 2 part series. Visit part 1 at

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Great job. I love the colors.


I find nature smiling in colors. I totally love your siamese cats. I am a cat lover myself. Following you. Check out my intro, you will find some interesting stuff

I love this art. You are not an occasional painter - it was just against your will to be moved around a lot and you take a long time to gather your energies for a painting that transcends reality. Your work is moving, innovative and beautiful! Keep it up! I have never seen truck art - we have "art cars" in California and I have seen a few here in Colorado...


Thank you for your encouragement. Your comment has made me realize that some people might be interested in truck art as well. Would be posting about it soon again

They all looks very awesome , keep up the good work


Thank you so much. Your admiration is a constant source of motivation

Enjoyed your art a lot you're so creative! Followed for more beauty!:)


Thank you so much. I totally love your blog and the fact that you can pretty much play around with any medium of painting form of drawing. Great work. Followed you in a splash! Check out my intro post. You will find some interesting stuff!


I'll do it right now;)

Enjoyed your art specially truck art is amazing thanks for sharing


Thank you. I find that our truck art seems to be neglected internationally and would like to promote it more


you are absolutely right!