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RE: My Latest Still Life Painting (“Trash Panda #2”) & its Development

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It look better with the MI theme playing in the background :)
It is funny, but it made me remember a not-so-funny incident I had with racoons massing up with garbage back in 2003.

I was a grad student in OU, at Athens, Oh and I lived in a university housing apartment with very strict rules about garbage disposal and recycling. We all did our best to put everything in the right place, but here come the racoons and one day papers were spread all over the dumpster area and Housing decided to fine every apartment whose number was on any doc or envelop spread on the parking lot.
There was no way they would take that back. They did not think racoons could do that. Really?
Under threat of not getting my diploma if I did not pay the fine I ended up paying it, but that was the most stupid fine I ever got, and all because of these rascals.