Why do people overthink?

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I think its no good.

Excessive thinking is bad, thinking but not taking action. Humans who think excessively, indeed he is thinking about problems but does not produce solutions and exacerbate the problem. He spent too much time and energy thinking and fixing problems. Generally, excessive thinking is more experienced by women than men. Women will usually confuse other people's judgments, if men don't think too much about it.

Did you know that people who think too much are depressed four times more than people who don't overdo thinking. Have you ever seen a hamster running on a wheel in his cage? Yes, excessive people like hamsters who run frantically on wheels, exhaust themselves without knowing the direction and purpose.

Not only is it dangerous for itself, thinking too much can affect the social world. Other people think that someone who is overweight thinks too complicated. The slightest problem is too raised, people will not be able to stand if they are close to someone like that.

Because he cannot solve the problem himself who thinks excessively, hands the problem over to someone else and asks for a solution to his problem, other people will never know the right solution to a problem that they did not experience, they will be confused how to solve the problem, the problem will be solved and get a solution, if he himself finds the solution because he is experiencing the problem. Maybe others will sympathize with the person asking for help, after someone else gives advice, this person is frustrated and doesn't seem to want to take steps to solve the problem, even after listening to sympathy, and sincere advice.

But there is something even more ironic, someone who is overweight thinks that they really love family relationships, and the environment, to the extent that he will sacrifice very much for them. But, this person who thinks excessively does not realize that he is very stressed and bad of his life, and does not take any action. What he does is think.

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