A ridiculous busy-phase in my life before the big jump into the unknown!

in overhour-summer •  2 months ago 

So it looks like it's gonna be a few real busy months for me here this summer and I may not steem as regularly as I may want to (likely meaning I am aiming to steem more extensively than ever!)

Stepping it all up where the logical mind would claim it's not doable ;)

I have this beautiful take on the busy-ness ahead of me where I feel I may actually get more done and be super proud of myself as it happens. It's like getting with a period of over-demand and I want to face it with a smile, knowing that there is no way I am going back where I came from but taking the jump forward with all the pressures and discoveries that come with it...


More conscious matrix hours, a cosmic commitment and a plan

For a while I have been thinking and intuiting that a major change is coming my way. Things got to transform and I feel I finally know what that might look like and entail. And virtually when the decision was made, new avenues opened up instantly, a chance to work more hours in the matrix and already setting the deadline on when I will pull out completely, getting ready to hit the road with a few bucks in savings and a decently matured vision - throwing myself into the unknown.

It really feels like this wave of change is in the air everywhere in my friends' circle, I wonder if it's the same for all of you out there?

So while I may barely have time to sleep and eat between jobs these next months, I feel I want to take that chance up to steem as much as ever, writing articles on the train to work and polishing them up at night before I "hurry" to bed.

I feel I am ready for a last exaggerated matrix-leg of the old era and I want to tackle it with a smile, one day at a time, not thinking too much but rather executing every action one by one, and seeing the days go by as the outer transforms accordingly. I can't wait 'til fall and winter when I finally go out into the world again, what has been calling me for so long.

But for the time being, all my passions and heart projects will get cut back majorly in order to muster the energy and channel it into the matrix consciously. Know that I will not bail on this place and that I am really looking forward to coming out the other end of this transformative phase more mature and experienced than ever!

There are so many awesome things I want to do and because of that I can give the matrix my all for a few months with optimism and faith, finally knowing how it all comes together in profound trust. For that I am eternally thankful, and the universe is smiling upon me every day now as things shift and transform around me, taking me exactly where I need to be as I keep gaining momentum in tackling what is.


I feel my response to the universe is something I can be most proud of and I felt the need to share it with you all.

Exciting times on Earth, let's do it and see where it leads! Can't wait to tell you how it all turned out!

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Thanks for stopping by <3

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Exciting and inspiring for sure! Not that I need any inspiration, it has been coming back to me full-blown lately. I feel so many similarities with you, so many parallels and I just love the energy of it all.

P.S. Are you meditating and would you perhaps be interesting in joining the discord group meditation sessions ( weekly on Wednesday and Saturday ) hosted by the amazing @bewithbreath

I feel it would be awesome to have you there.

Big friendly hug,


P.S. You really make me feel like revisiting The Matrix now, haha!

Hey, thanks for the invitation.
Unfortunately I simply don't see how I could make it for at least the next month. Feels like I am working a year amount of hours in 3 months but I will give it my all and after that there will be lots of time to come join the group. It sounds fantastic <3

Off to work <3 Cya Vince

You're welcome and no worries.

Whenever you feel like it's the right time, you're welcome to join.

P.S. I'm about to embark into some much needed family time today. My brother and parents will be over today and tomorrow.

Bye for now my friend!