Goldilock as a Digital Asset Storage Solution

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Cryptocurrency investors and digital assets are now very sensitive to theft and hacking. Therefore, a safe crypto key storage solution is needed. Institutions or individuals often get financial losses due to errors in handling their keys. Using Goldilock will solve this problem. Goldilock is the latest storage system as cold storage for a certain time needed to access user data. When a customer wants to access personal data, the device will store information connected to the internet.

Goldilock has a team that is highly experienced in the fields of financial services, technology and marketing. By using Goldilock, your personal data will be guaranteed.

Team names at Goldilock:

  1. Tony Hasek (Co-Founder)
    Tony Hasek is a very experienced company builder about history predicting market changes.
  2. Jarrod Epps (Co-Founder, CEO)
    Jarrod Epps is a successful serial entrepreneur and has raised more than $ 40 million for projects in technology and real estate.
  3. Brett Miller (CTO)
    Brett Miller is a senior leadership position in the industry that focuses on security, scale and reliability.
  4. Juraj Vitko (senior architect)
    Juraj Vitko is a developer who is passionate and highly dedicated in compiling and implementing Cryptocurrency calculations.
  5. Joel Garcia (Blockchain Expert)
    Joel Garcia is an innovative executive who is active in designing and developing Blockchain.
  6. Andres Jaramillo (Blockchain Senior Developer)
    Andres Jaramillo is a Blockchain Engineer and has experience in building company platforms and Blockchain products.
  7. Mike Alvarez (Blockchain Developer)
  8. Matty Ayers (Art Director)
  9. Nat Carruthers (User Design Director)

Thank you to the advisory team for partnering and contributing ideas in developing the Blockchain community in the Goldilock Security Suite. Ecosystem at Goldilock includes industry experts in digital security, telecommunications, storage, media and regulation.

David Pasek
David is a reliable virtualization and hardware infrastructure.

Don Olechowski
Don Olechowski is an experienced executive in a broad understanding of automotive and aerospace engineering and materials manufacturing engineering with degrees from Royal Military College and MIT.

Paul Wallis
Paul Wallis is Director of Business and Sales Development with significant strategic management experience and creative business leadership and is able to identify new market opportunities to achieve profits, and is able to combine commercial acumen with super-sophisticated technical understanding of customer needs.

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