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What is Native?

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Nativeis an Ethereum blockchain-based technology platform that allows communities to be able to develop their own unique tokens and through effective decision-making tools manage their resources.
On the platform, it becomes simple and easy for members and communities to realize worth in global economy.

Origin, Vision and Purpose of Native

Jake Vartanian, the founder of Native as well as founder of Cryptodex is a renounced, professional and one of the very early crypto influencers. In his video (video is included below in this post) he speaks of his source of inspiration, saying it originated from his normal Yoga sessions. Through this he understood the equivalency of attention, Value and energy
The vision of Jake and the team is to learn methods of making individuals more engaged in the communities they have high interest for. If the attention of community members is as high as possible, it is certain that much energy will be put into action hence, a harvestable output.
The purpose of this innovation is to enable others to develop new and unique community or local currencies on the platform with functional standards Native offers its governance tools through very simple and already prepared templates.

Using native

The alpha version of Native is live of main net, this is an opportunity to users to acquire Native platform Tokens (NTV) ad join any of the already existing communities.

All that is required to get started on the platform include:

  • A metamask Wallet
  • Some ETH
  • The passion for a community
    (N/B:currently the Platform’s access is more compatible with cipher and brave browsers).

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Some ways of using Native include:

Discovering communities

Users identify a community of interest and provide assistance to their continuous growth by purchasing community tokens. Once this token is owned by a user, he can now track their valve.
The user input is constantly assessed in the development of the community through user’s votes.
Creating communities
Users decide area or aspect to build community around, and then start trading it tokens, the members discover and do as explained above.

Native core Features

Some unique and fundamental features of native are:
Unique community token, each community on the platform has a unique currency, very different from NTV to

  • (a) signify membership

  • (b) Create a resource pool for the community

  • (c) Provide a medium of exchange within communities

  • Tasks:

Members of a community get incentives for completing task in the community

  • Polls:

Members vote on polls to make contributions to the entire community

Native users

Let’s discuss some categories of native users

  • Curators:

They are the managers of any community, having deeper knowledge than others of the community’s goals, hence they approve or reject members contents depending on its benefits to the community

  • Members:

Members can join more than a community, they are reserved with the authority to replace erroneous curators, community focus and capital deployment decisions are made by members.

Use case

Afro Pop is a newly created community on Native. Kelvin is from Nigeria and love Afro Pop with great passion. He joins Native and becomes a member of the Afro Pop community. Kelvin can now be part of making decisions which would promote Afro Pop the way they wish.

Already native is launched with 6 pilot communities.

For more information/resources

watch this video about Native's vision


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