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Currently many countries are being added to the use of virtual currencies and therefore there are many people who are acquiring their accounts in cryptocurrency and most of them are the administrators of their funds that is why they sometimes do not know how to carry the assets In an effective way and make mistakes that affect the investment of users, users face technological changes every day and we want to be part of them and encourage us to keep up with the changes that occur around us but many times we do not know how to do things correctly and do not look for an accessory of experts in the monetary field. Every day there are more investors and large companies are interested in handling cryptocurrencies but they do not retract for the services that they offer and they do not know how they will be handled. active since companies and industries are accustomed to the confessional tools that accounting market.


It is because of these inconveniences suffered by investors of this type of market that the idea of creating an application that offers a series of tools that can facilitate the movements that are needed to obtain a better functioning in their accounts is born, that application is CASPIAN offers better administration in virtual accounts.




CASPIAN is a complete asset management solution that covers the business life cycle. Includes a fully developed OEM, PMS and RMS. It provides a unique interface in all major encryption exchanges, a complete set of sophisticated trading algorithms, historical P & L and exposure tracking and professional customer service.


How it will impact the way people interact with their cryptocurrencies?

Nowadays, people from all over the world are relying on virtual cryptocurrency accounts and are acquiring this personal asset either to make their purchases or to maintain a long-term investment, people will have better management of their money and have the need to have large amounts of cash in your pockets and with the trustworthiness that many businesses that receive payments with the famous virtual fashions already exist thanks to technologies can be part of these benefits.

How do accessing all of your portfolios in one place make it more convenient to manage the assets?

Having access to all your digital accounts of the same site is the most effective way you manage your asset since we will have full control of our accounts if you need to be checking data in different accounts and many times the user is unaware of the losses or profits that You can have them in your account since the system simply notifies us in real time.

What is the benefit of being able to set limits and alerts?

For all the limits and alarms is very important because with them we will have better domain, the benefits that offer is that we can set an alarm and limits are that, the user can set their own limits when taking an action with their assets This way the system will notify you if you have had losses or profits in your account or simply a limit of expenses. There are three types of limits: Warning limit The system warns the user that he is about to commit a failure,
Approval limit like this the system allows you to enter your account and with a key to eliminate compliance with the previously given order,
Absolute limit at the time of authorizing this limit can not be changed in any way by the user that was an order made aware of the consequences, compliance with these limits are important since everything is being registered by the system and users have been evaluated for to get better .

How can CASPIAN help the adoption of cryptocurrencies for individuals and institutions?

With the technology that CASPIAN we are going to have access to all our cryptocurrency accounts in a single platform without digital borders for users, it is the safest way that Caspian provides us with be part of economic growth. When you are already part of this platform, you have a variety of tools that allow you to better understand the management of your finances and compliance with the limits when you enter the page. You will observe several compliance windows. Each one of them has its function
The PMS interface allows us to view the balance of all our accounts also has tools where the user can see live the financial market of other countries also offers us a service of personalized alarms that can be used at the convenience of the user

What are the shortcomings of having to manage multiple balances in multiple exchanges?

I consider that people who have multiple accounts in cryptocurrencies every day face difficulties in handling them since you must access daily to various accounts to maintain the desired balance in their finances, and if your digital modenesas account does not offer the necessary tools to take full control of them you can lose your assets. You must be in a constant search for information to know the value of your critpomodena, to know if you have generated losses or profits you have to keep your accounting in an organized way.


How does it work?


What does it offer?


Its benefits

beneficio 1.PNG

beneficio 2.PNG

beneficio 3.PNG

beneficio 4.PNG

beneficio 5.PNG

beneficio 6.PNG







CASPIAN gives us the best solutions to take finances in critpomodena because it offers a variety of technological tools that will help us integrate all the accounts of several modern ones in one place with only one whole to your account you can have a report of your finances in real time. CASPIAN is the best application that exists, with the services provided by merchants and entrepreneurs will be encouraged to be part of the world's economic change.





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