One of the main motives why businessmen go into business is to make gains from their endaveours. In lone with that, most of them are always on the lookout for opportunities where they would be able to make a lot.

For the crypto users, some make investments by buying and hoarding cryptocurrency while hoping that it's value would increase in future. An example is steemians that have bought lots of steem now that the price is low. They did this in the hope that it's value would increase in the future.

Introduction of “futures”
This refers to the understanding between two parties (the buyer and the seller) that there would be the sale of a particular commodity at a particular amount and time.

Then a future contact is the treaty between the buyer and seller to sell and buy a particular commodity in the future at an already agreed date and price.

At the end of the day, irrespective of if the value of the commodity increases or decreases, the agreement would still hold.

The process businessmen have to go through to get started with this contract. They are the clearing fee, the commission for the broker(s), the data fee and the fee for the National future association.

It should be noted that even though a businessman has paid all these fess, he still does not have the assurance that he would have a profitable investment. At the end of the day, it would be a big loss on the part of the businessman if after paying for all these, he does not get profit from his investment.

Digitex exchange is the solution to this as is a free exchange for businessmen. So with this, the businessmen need not fear as this exchange is upheld by the sale of a novel token known as DGTX.

With the use of DGTX, instead for the businessman to pay the transaction fee for every contract he makes, he would be able to do it free of charge.
How you can be in charge of your assets with Digitex.

The main reason why Digitex was created is to provide users with a decentralized account balance which would enable them to keep using it for a very long time while trading.
With Digitex Future Exchange, individuals that use it would hold their private keys, and thus are left with the job of keeping it safe from hackers.

How to get Digitex tokens
There is a programme on Digitex which allows users to get involved and get tokens.

Advantage of using DGTX
All users would need to have DGTX so that they can partake in the advantages associated with it.

The digitex Exchange is operated and sustained through its own token called the DGTX which every User must have to enjoy the benefits that comes with it. The advantage it has over other exchanges is the fact that it does not receive commission, but rather embraces free trade.

A lot of crypto users would definitely prefer this over others because apart from the fact that they don’t need to pay commission for it, it does not require any long procedure to get it done.
As a result of all these, I am very sure that in the next few years, a lot of people would be using Digitex as a means of exchange.
Some good use cases.

  1. After paying all the necessary fee for a contract, Rali has spent all she has and unfortunately for her, she was not able to make any gain on it. Now, not only has she wasted valuable time, she is now almost broke after spending most of her money.

When she is able to bounce back, she is totally against getting involved in a future contract, and while looking for something else to do, she meets Alan one day who tells her about DGTX. Now that she is equipped with the understanding of what it is about, she not only makes use of it, she also tells people about it.

  1. Tobi is a a successful trader who has been using DGTX as his medium of exchange. He meets his friend, Gary who has been struggling with his business.

Tobi tells Gary about DGTX, and now, Gary is a more successful businessman as he is able to save the money he is supposed to pay to brokers and others as fee to get a contract.



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