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The psycho kinetic force that govern man's interaction with the reality of life makes me wonder. Man has been in existence more than a million years ago so says carbon dating and natural artifact from archeological findings.There was the ice age,the Stone age, the classical and medieval periods etc.images(2).jpg
Man has always been ravaged by discovery. The metaphysical illusion of man is beyond doubt. Different ages and periods has tried to describe the history of man. The what is and what is not. What is the Genesis of man. Charles Darwin came up with the 'evolution theory' that tries to describe the homogenetic nature of man as an homosapiens but was seen by critics as being too heretic. Man some argue has never been a primate. images(6).jpg

The search for knowledge and the discovery of the history of man can never be overemphasized. Different ages with different believes about man,some on oral literature and traditions. Different ages has passed,then we fall into the contemporary age of religion.
Religion has always been a guide on the principles of man.The philosophy of where was man,circumnavigate the innermost part of our brain,our life even beyond reasons.
Questions like who created God has never been answered. Does man really die after death,why can't God forgive Satan as he ask us to forgive each other for peace to reign.when will the world end,why do we have different religion with different explanation about God,how many Gods do we have,where was man before creation and why do we not have knowledge of our past if their is any. So many questions with no answers.
Then comes the mind striking questions; where is the spirit,the mind, the soul located in the human body,Why do we dream and why does it seem like we dead when we sleep? It is true,no one can give a perfect explanation to these questions. Psychology explains mans reaction to his environment as 'ego' a drive in the psychomotor neuron that decides man's action.
Religion explains it in an abstract form as the spirit,soul and mind. Religion does not give clearity on the locations of these in the human body. What goes to heaven after death,is it the spirit or the soul. Whatever the explanation may be,it does not hit a cognitive fact that there is no general agreement on the locations of the spirit,soul and mind in the body. The only functional part to reasoning according to science is the human

Man is lost(dead) when he is asleep. Absent from the reality of this world. Dreams is a subconscious feeling of the human brain at sleep.
What if we die and realize that we really dead, totally unconscious like a stone because the brain dies with us. What if there is no heaven because heaven is just a place to help bring morals to this world. You can imagine what you will be living for if there was no story of life after death (heaven and hell). You can imagine the chaos in this world without the taught of a burning soul in hell forever. The fact is, religion preaches morality which is good for the society but when it comes to the argument of birth,life,death and life after death, there is still no explanation to that. The age of religion is soon coming to Oblivion. The continues quest for life in Mars is going to be a big blow on religion if anything like life is found in Mars. Pastors don't talk of the tower of Babel in church because it seem ridiculous that the sky was known as heaven in the Bible and now we have a lot of space ships in space. You can't take religion to court. It is a believe as there are many religious believe in the world that makes me wonder who will win in the international court of justice on what is just since religion is restricted to societies. Different societies with different religions.Some kill for there believe which is funny why should I be hated because am a Christian,a Muslim,a Jew or a Buddhist. What if all our believe on who God is or the creation was it not possible? There is no consensus believe on religion so it should never be used to determine the faith of man. 2002.jpg

No one should take the life of another because he does not share his opinion on religion. The continues fight and killings on religion will lead to man's extinction if nothing is done about it.

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I like the story bruh , I honesty pray you gain relevance here sooner than later your skills are awesome and grand mind changing one of the tags to steemjetnewbies ?

Thanks @mrprecious

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