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WHAT IS Kinesis?

The financial system continues to grow worldwide, as does the blockchain system. The evolution of the Blockchain and crypto currency has requested great global attention. Kinesis is a new blockchain project that offers a digital currency with performance based on physical gold and silver. All digital currencies have a major volatility problem that is solved with an asset-backed system.

Kinesis is an attractive version of the blockchain technology application. Businesses are presented in an easy way, only with the use of a cell phone can access the economy of the whole world. The blockchain payment system is very expensive which is overwhelming for the users. Therefore Kinesis comes as a solution for your money in the future. Each user of kinesis will be granted an incentive in the form of rewards in the transactions they make, and this aims to encourage the use of kinesis as currency, and users or investors in this case will recover their investment in proportion and proportional value.


Kinesis has a vision to supply users with solutions, which is the hybrid evolution of the value storage needs with respect to the monetary system of our days that provides rewards that promote the movement of money, assets, commerce and economic activities in a beneficial way , just share the wealth generated by the monetary system of Kinesis according to their participation and speed of capital.


Kinesis's mission is to deliver an internationally fungible monetary system, its objective is to provide solutions and is structured so that everyone who participates can exchange their monetary system throughout the world in a safe, fair and efficient way.

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The incentives or rewards are the fundamental factor of the monetary system of Kinesis, in addition to the perpetual stimulus for the speed of money. Whenever money is deposited into the Kinesis ecosystem through the investment of symbolic purchases Kinesis changes positively to wrap and estimate each use of its currency that is backed 1: 1 with gold and silver that are then associated with a performance system that encourages the start of trade and economic activities.

The monetary system of Kinesis uses three main assets:

• Gold and Silver are the main Kinesis currencies, the two precious metals are permanently in trade, these currencies are backed with assigned physical gold and silver, they are reliable and have a high commercial level in the world.

• Kinesis Tokens backed by gold (KAU) and silver (KAG); the owners of the tokens own the ingots.

• Performance: the performance in the Kinesis system is created through spending instead of credit (loans) in the legacy system.

• Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology is an enhanced currency system backed by assets that are physically protected and stored digitally, in addition to the multi-faceted performance system.

The Kinesis Monetary System reaches the whole world and is decentralized so that it is safe, efficient and fair.


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Kinesis and the Monetary System has been developed in solid partnership with a public company, such as the allocation of Bullion Exchange (ABX), which is the world's leading precious metals exchange company and has been operating since 2013. They have seven operations, prices and vault centers around the world and recently associated with Deutsche Borse Group European Commodity Compensation (ECC) for cleaning and settlement services

Although applications for Kinesis may seem quite independent of assets, the team has a realistic market entry strategy. The four areas Kinesis tries to interrupt initially are:

• Cryptocurrency markets
• Gold and silver markets
• Fiat currency markets
• Investment asset markets

These characteristics warn mass adoption, as the currency must be stable and imitate a fixed exchange item in an economy.

Due to the performance system that Kinesis has developed, participation in these four markets through the Kinesis protocol is intrinsically less risky than its traditional counterparts. This is because the expense increases the Net Present Value of the assets that are exchanged.

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The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a utility token compatible with symbolic ERC20. This token will be used to increase the capital needed to launch the global Kinesis Monetary System.

The KVT ITO is currently under pre-sale and its launch with sale to the public will be established on September 10, 2018 and ends on November 11, 2018.

Transaction fee:

Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) holders collectively earn a percentage of a 20% share of all aggregate transaction fees generated by the Kinesis Forex package infinitely


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The offer of KAU (gold-backed currency) and KAG (silver-backed currency) currencies are the first Kinesis Cryptocurrencies supported 1: 1 each by precious metals respectively for assigned gold and silver bullion.

These tokens have bifurcated from the Stellar Network and are the means by which all transactions are handled in the Kinesis Monetary System. The ICO Kinesis Currencies are scheduled to begin on November 12, 2018.

Not to be confused with the offer of KVT tokens (ITO)

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Kinesis has the architectures for its digital operations:

KinesisCurrency Exchanges (KCX): works as the wholesale market where the currency is created and minted. This occurs in an exchange of assigned bullion ABX.

KinesisBlockchain Network (KBN): blockchain technology on which the set of Kinesis tokens is constructed where coins are used at convenience through the chain of blocks.

Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE): operates as a digital blockchain currency. They are a block chain digital currency exchange where the tokens representing physical assets can be exchanged.

Kinesis Financial Network (KFN): a mobile banking system where currencies can be used for savings, payments, remittances and movement of money; It also includes access to MasterCard debit cards and complementary accompanying Visa that provides the ability to use Kinesis as a currency of payment in the world and in real time.

KinesisCommercial Center (KCC): acts as an online aggregator platform for goods and services providers that accept Kinesis tokens (KAG and KAU) as a means of payment for participating merchants.

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The Kinesis team chose to use the Stellar Network because of its high transaction speeds and greater protocol security to facilitate the expense at Kinesis Commercial Center (KCC). The currency package will be used to digitally join the KAG and KAU coins that will have a serial number attached to a stamp of the metal refiner.

All wholesale contracts that exist have the same serial number and the same refiner guarantees through ABX and KCX.

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Kinesis users receive a financial reward based on their participation and the overall speed of the Kinesis currency. This creates a return based on the interest of the economic product compared to the financing of the debt.

Kinesis uses the example of Tether (a token backed by the US dollar, which has the highest constant speed in the cryptocurrency market) as a reference to stabilize the price of KVT but without the counterpart risk of the fractional reserve banking system, since All Kinesis transactions are made through bullion exchange networks.

The KVTs are limited to only 300,000 and the holders of the KVT tokens will receive a proportional participation of 20% of the transaction fees of the Kinesis Monetary System. The initial ITO offer offers a unique opportunity since, being limited, it offers investors phase discounts. The earlier they invest, the greater the discount benefit for investors.

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Kinesis has developed a multifaceted performance system that is precisely designed to attract users and everyone who participates in the Kinesis ecosystem will make the platform the best way to invest and safeguard the investment, thanks to which it retains its value backed by the gold and silver standard and its ease as a means of commercial exchange of goods and services.

Minter Yield:

They are those users who create the currency in the primary markets and spend them in secondary markets. The Minters receive a proportional part of the transaction fees with the performance of Kinesis currencies. The more coins are created, processed, or the higher the speed, the greater the yield.

Holder Yield:

It provides a performance to the passive participation in the Kinesis currency, that is, provided that the currency is maintained.

Affiliate Yield:

When ecosystem users refer new users.

Depositors Yield:

Applicable in the user's initial deposit directly in their Kinesis wallet. Depositors also receive a favorable share of transaction fees as a return on the currencies they purchased and used. Higher speed equals higher performance

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In Conclusion Kinesis is present as a money solution in the future. They apply the monetary system so that the storage and exchange of money becomes more efficient and safer. The Kinesis Monetary System can take the highest storage value such as gold and silver and convert it into an efficient means of exchange through blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and then stimulate the speed of money and economic activity through performance systems. multifaceted incentives. Kinesis is ready to energize the next wave of innovation in the blockchain and decentralized cryptocurrency space. We look forward to your participation and welcome you to Kinesis. Kinesis the best monetary system for a successful and sustainable future.

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For more information watch this short feature intro:

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