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Since its arrival Bitcoin revolutionized the traditional financial system, being presented as an electronic or virtual currency that would be used for the exchange of goods and services between peers, but having the main advantage of not needing the participation of government agencies or banking institutions to issue its value like the dollar or euro. This means that the bitcoin is a decentralized currency, its value depending on the acceptance of legal or natural persons as means of payment.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency available and nowadays many others have appeared with different characteristics and protocols, among them Ethereum, Dash and Zcash. The blockchain technology created for bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies provides important advantages to invest in said “digital money”, since its control does not rely on any state or financial institution; there are no intermediaries, they are confidential, the money can not be intervened by anyone, the accounts can not be frozen, and above all, transactions are safe as they are protected by smart contracts.

Communities can benefit from the aforementioned advantages and develop their businesses by launching their own cryptocurrency to the market. One example is the Cotton Coin project, created to help the cotton industry to overcome the problems it faces with corruption and scams, and to regain confidence among producers and buyers of the product. This project launched its own cryptocurrency that runs on the blochchain and ensures that all data on cotton and transactions are reliable, integrating all participants in an ecosystem where everyone benefits, selling and buying at the best market price, without intermediaries and in a process free of manipulation by third parties.

Taking all of these advantages into account, Native offers communities the option of generating their own cryptocurrency and created a platform with easy-to-use tools for this purpose, giving them the opportunity to participate in a global and prosperous economy.



Native is a platform built in Ethereum that provides communities with the necessary infrastructure to generate their own cryptocurrencies and manage their resources through a collective decision-making tool.

It is very easy to use and adapts to the needs of each community, it does not require technical knowledge or great economic resources so that anyone can participate.



Native was founded by Jake Vartanian, with extensive experience in the launching of cryptocurrencies, as well as in the study of economies in emerging communities, being able to develop projects where cryptocurrencies play a fundamental role for their growth. Its founder and the team that supports him have the vision to group people with the same interests in communities to achieve a common goal, working as a team and joining forces to develop a project.



Generating cryptocurrencies allows emerging communities and companies to raise their capital so that they can start their new businesses. Through the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) companies raise capital via the mass sale of a cryptoactive on the internet.

By using the internet as a means of sale, during the ICO anyone in the world can invest without intermediaries and with the security guaranteed by the blockchain.

Native is a platform that allows communities to generate their own cryptoactive, a fundamental tool to raise capital and make their business scalable. In addition, Native encourages the communities to work on the same objective, where everyone participates and places their resources to achieve it.



The Native platform makes it easy for like-minded people to pool their resources in a community to create a profitable economy.

The communities can generate and launch their own cryptocurrencies, the owners of the tokens have voting power in the decisions said community, being algo able to participate in the financial aspect and having the ability to influence the projects developed in their platform.

The government options in Native are made through templates so that anyone without technical knowledge can do so. We can get two types of users on the platform:

  • Curators, they are the administrators of the communities and have a clear vision about the objectives for which it was created. They act to filter all relevant information for members to vote.

  • Members, are the ones who make all the decisions within the community, including the management of capital. They can join multiple communities and can also vote to replace the curator if necessary.



In Native you just need to find a community that interests you and support it by buying your tokens, as well as being able to create a community with like-minded people and generate your own cryptocurrency for sale.

Native has launched 6 pilot communities with great success:

Comuni Earth Guardians c3792b12-60f6-4fb1-a270-e88d36aee44d.jpgAn organization that engages communities in environmental justice issues
Imaginal Films Untitled-7.pngA community that focuses on the film industry, to develop, produce and distribute conscious films
SDG Futures j.pngAn organization whose objectives are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations
Peace Accelerators uu.pngAn organization oriented towards spreading world peace, and designing solutions that use technologies to achieve this goal
DOLO hh.pngA decentralized open learning organization that works on issues related to the future of smart education
Rick&Morty Crew oo.pngA collective of fans of the show committed to embrace all things wubalubadubdub!



Native tokens (NTV) is the base currency for all other currencies that are generated and with it purchases the membership within the platform. Access the Native platform and purchase your NTV tokens using the Brave browser and a Metamask wallet.

After you find out which community you want to invest in, Native buys your tokens and starts participating, contributing your knowledge and resources to achieve the common goal. Your vote is important, you can also perform tasks within the community and earn tokens when completing tasks.



Native can be used for anything that is valuable to the participants. For example, Peter is a movie lover and his dream is to produce a film, he heard that there is a community in Native called Imaginal Film with his same interests and he decides to buy tokens and joins this community.

Peter now has a community that supports him and together they combine their creativity and financial resources to produce a film. Peter is an active user in the community, he is an excellent screenwriter and the community assigned him to be part of the team, so he earns additional tokens when he completes his tasks.

Thanks to Native Peter can fulfill his dream and carry out his project.



Native is a platform that will create spaces where all people with the same values ​​and interests can meet and form a community that allows them to achieve a common goal.

When you buy Native tokens and access their platform you can discover among their pilot communities one that catches your eye so that you can invest in the development of one of their projects. If none of their ideas interest you, why not make your own community or work on an entire different project aiming to gain the support of their communities?


By uniting the work of everyone in the community and its resources, it is faster and easier to develop a project.

Native provides the tools to develop your own community and get economic resources by generating your own cryptocurrency to develop projects.

The users when investing in the communities created in Native have voting power in all of the important decisions inherent to the project. They also have the option to receive project tasks, receiving Native tokens as payment if said tasks are completed.

Investing in Native will allow you to reach your projects more quickly with the support of a community, in the union is strength.


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