Gold, silver and digital coins: A productive alternative on the Internet

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The technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and in parallel, digital currencies are emerging that are positioned in the global crypto-monetary market with significant achievements and scope; and in conjunction, Kinesis and its digital currency Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), are presented as a viable and profitable alternative on the Internet, based on Blockchain Technology.

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"The path to wealth depends fundamentally on two words: work and savings".

(Bernard-Henri Lévy)



Gold and silver are natural resources of great value to society and its citizens. Hence its social and economic importance over the years, and many people are interested about obtaining bullion of both precious metals or in any of their other forms, but the novelty may be, a system of digital coins based on the value of both gold and silver, and in that sense Kinesis emerges, to meet the interests and needs of countless users online y offline.

Kinesis is a project supported by the chain of blocks on the Internet, which in one way or another combines the traditional with the modern, by allowing gold and silver, which for years have been elements that generate goods and material wealth, to support the value of the digital coins, in the context of a fully decentralized system, which offers security and confidence to investors.

Source: Whitepaper. Pág. 1

The above clearly means that Kinesis is based on the digital currency system, generating a symbolic purchase process where the fiduciary currency is interchangeable for the value 1 :1 of gold and silver. In this way it promotes trade in both natural resources (minerals), fiat and digital currencies, following certain economic parameters.

To achieve this, Kinesis uses three main assets, such as: (a) the Gold (KAU) and Silver (KAG) backed Token Kinesis. In this case, the owners of the tokens are the owners of the bullion; (b) the Yield, which is created through spending, rather than credit (loans) within the system that is inherited; and (c) the Blockchain, which reinforces the storage of value, related to gold, silver, digital coins and trust money.

On the other hand, Kinesis supports its operations in four fundamental areas, namely: (a) the market for kryptomaterials; (b) the market for gold and silver; (c) the market for fiat currencies; and (d) the market for investment assets, which are merged in the context of the platform protocol under consideration. Something that is necessary to emphasize, is that Kinesis grants the title, directly to the owner, unlike the traditional banks, which do not do it, being a great difference.


Kinesis is a monetary system that is based on a complete circle of basic elements and functions, prone to success. It is worth noting that it is composed of different units:

■First, there is the Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX). It should be noted that it operates as a wholesale market. Here the coin is created and minted. The process is carried out through a centralized exchange of institutional information, with liquidity and connectivity in this globalized market, from the merger with Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX).

■Secondly, there is the Kinesis Block Chain Network (KBN), where all the digital currencies operating on the platform originate. It should be noted that digital currencies can be saved, sent or spent (transactions and exchanges) using the block chain. You buy KBN wholesale, from the speed of money.

■Thirdly, the platform has the Kinesis Block Chain Exchange (KBE). Its function is based on a chain of digital coins blocks, to be traded, thus ensuring immediate liquidity.

■ Fourthly, there is the Kinesis Financial Network (KFN). which is used as a mobile banking system in which the currencies of the platform are saved or used for payments, remittances and, in general, for the movement of money. It also has a Mastercard and Visa Debit Card.

■Fifth, there is the Kinesis Shopping Center (KCC). Its utility is as a platform for registering suppliers, goods and services online, which in turn creates the currency suite, which is used in parallel as a means of payment, successfully.


As can be seen, the Kinesis monetary system is designed to complement each of its structures (KCX, KBN, KBE, KFN, and KCC), thus facilitating a set of processes for platform users, with the security of the block chain.

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Kinesis, like most digital platforms where digital coins are sold, has its own token, officially known as Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), which is useful and compatible with ERC20. In general, it serves to increase the market level of the Kinesis Monetary System. In other words, those who obtain this token earn a percentage derived from the transaction fees. The token (ITO) will be offered for public pre-sale from September 10, 2018 until November 11 of the same year.

KBTs are therefore considered as the base currencies of the financial system in Kinesis. In other words, it is the official digital coin of the platform already identified and mentioned in advance.

The following images reflect some variables and indicators of general interest about the token under consideration:





This is another valid process in Kinesis, not to be confused with Token (ICO), referred to in the previous paragraph. Within this process the KAU and KAG (Digital Coins) will be offered, which will be backed 1:1 by gold and silver, being bifurcated in Stellar Network (Currency Suite). Both allow the execution of all transactions on the platform. This ICO is scheduled for November 12, 2018.

In the discursive line related to the token, it is feasible to provide this information, considering it relevant:

The Gold Coin (KAU), is backed by:

"Contract and token of 1 gram of fine gold, made up of gold casting bars of minimum fineness 995, bearing a serial number and an identification number, Seal of a refinery according to ABX Quality Assurance. List of Approved Refineries". (Source: Whitepaper. Pág. 10).

In the case of the Silver coin (KAG), it is backed by:

"10 grams of contract silver and token, consisting of silversmelting bars of minimal fineness 999, and bearing the identifying stamp of a refinery according to the ABX Quality Assurance Framework". (Source: Whitepaper. Pág. 10).


Without a doubt, Internet security is of vital importance to Kinesis as well. Accordingly, extreme measures are required to ensure the protection of platform users' assets.

Kinesis guarantees its users the protection of their assets, under the preminence of 1:1, for gold and silver; and by ABX, as a forerunner in this field since 2013, and the Deutsche Borse Group.

The audit of third parties is fundamental to Kinesis operational plan, and this gives it a binding character with prestigious commercial companies, which are characterized by their seriousness and efficiency.


Melanie is a young entrepreneur who has invested in real estate and the digital currency market. Similarly, it has made investments by buying gold and silver, with the fiat money it has produced. So, he has some pieces of both precious metals, but he keeps them in his house, and that makes him afraid.

Upon learning about Kinesis operations, he decides to request information, and upon obtaining it, at his convenience, he chooses to make investments in Kinesis, and thus keeps his belongings safe in gold, silver and digital currencies, feeling secure in the services of the web company under consideration.


The Kinesis team is made up of professionals in various areas related to the economic and technological sectors, who are familiar with the actions and operational strategies they plan and execute to offer a quality service, with efficiency and online safety.

In the following audiovisual material, you can see each of the people who, as professionals, are part of the Kinesis team:



Kinesis is an innovative system that, as I said before, combines the traditional with the modern, allowing online trading of digital coins (KVT, KAU and KAG) backed 1:1 by gold and silver, which are two natural resources, two minerals, that generate tangible material wealth. In this way, people who own both gold and silver and digital currencies or who wish to acquire such goods can invest in the digital platform under consideration, even using trust money, to process the transaction.

Gold and silver are material goods with an established value in the existing socio-economic markets, and it is notorious that their valuation is more stable than that of known digital coins, such as Bitcoin, which tends to rise and fall steadily, reaching points of stability and instability...Therefore, having a digital coins that is based on the value of gold and silver is a guarantee of greater economic stability, less changeable, and even more accessible for people interested in acquiring it at any time.


Kinesis, therefore, entails exploring a market that for years has generated foreign exchange worldwide, with reference, of course, to gold and silver as high-value material goods. Thus, the compass is opened for the execution of transactions, exchanges of currencies backed by both minerals, being a unique opportunity that only a digital platform like the tacit one can offer.

The partnership between Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) and Kinesis is oriented towards success, due to ABX's long history and experience in the market where it executes its actions on a daily basis, in a satisfactory manner. ABX is therefore a perfect ally for Kinesis, and together, they will be able to offer a quality service, with speed, responsiveness and efficiency, to generate a climate of trust and security in their customers.


In addition, using Kinesis contributes to the Free Sales Process (OTC) by using technology that, for the benefit of society and its inhabitants, allows basic and advanced procedures to be carried out, as in the case of digital currency transactions and exchanges, and even more so today, with the Blockchain Technology, which offers greater security and transparency in the operations carried out.

In short, Kinesis allows the possession, storage and transfer of digital coins and precious metals such as gold and silver, under a system monitored by the chain of blocks, on the Internet, ensuring security, trust and excellence, to all users, with the support of Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) and the Deutsche Borse Group.

Source: Whitepaper. Pág. 1

One of the reasons why investing in a currency backed by gold and silver is considered to be because both precious minerals maintain their value in the global marketplace, unlike digital currencies, which are subject to constant ups and downs, in short or long periods of time.

Thus, investing in a digital currency based on the value of gold and silver is a guarantee of the execution of profitable, safe and reliable financial transactions and exchanges. That is why, Kinesis, is presented as an action alternative, a digital platform oriented towards the storage, sale and exchange of attractive assets within the social and economic context.