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Society as we know it has always been looking to be behind people who can entertain or offer quality content, which can range from people who teach to cook, exercise routines, chores of the home, about cars, animals, care pets, singers, actors up to an endless number of contents to see, all this with the purpose of learning or simply because we enjoy, and with the advance of technology these people who influence society is no longer only for a handful of people, with the invention of radio and television these people managed to reach a greater number of people and in this way their content was seen and known by many people.

Previously they were more popular those people who left alone for television or gave concerts, the average person was always separated from this small handful of "famous" people, but through the internet this has changed, because anyone can record a video and upload it to YouTube and generate a large number of views, and depending on how good their content can become an influencer, there are also those who use other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram where they upload photos or interesting content making a large number of followers and people pending the content they are about to upload, so in this way it has been achieved through social networks a union by society, where an influencer can influence any challenge or activity that other normal people will follow and do, because at present we can see many challenges of dance, song, some movement almost impossible with our body or activity they have been started by people with a lot of popularity in social networks.

These influencers also tend to make a living in this way, but most of all it is because of the sponsorship they may be receiving for advertising some product that they started using, some application, travel agency, restaurant, clothes shop and a large number of companies willing to pay these people for advertising their product because having a large number of followers can get these people to resort to the product advertised and so this company get the capital they invested in the influencer and obtain additional profits.

Problem Overview

Not everything always goes well when advertising is concerned, often the companies look for a user with a large number of followers thinking that if this user gives them advertising they will have a greater number of opportunities to be searched by these users and sell the product, but it is not always so, we can often see an influencer with a large number of followers but that his moment of fame is over, he has stopped making good content so it is not seen by many people, they only have the great number of followers who are not aware of the influencer, but the company may not know this at all and decides to give free merchandise or royalties for advertising and unfortunately the influencer will not reach many people for what this company would have lost.

A solution is needed for such problem, that the sponsor knows well the influencer, that the product that they are going to offer goes with the content that the influencer uploads to social networks and that has a large number of active users pending its content and with very good reviews, that does not matter so much the number of followers but the quality of the followers, because it is also important can many sponsors offer products that the influencer is not common that manages so the followers may not be interested in the product because they are not there for that kind of material, if we have an influencer that is responsible for uploading exercise routines a sponsor can not come to offer high calorie food products or kitchen utensils, because the followers will not be interested because it is not the product they are looking for.

What is PATRON?

"PATRON is the platform for supporting the influencers’ market. It’s provides influencers’ sharing economy (model : Airbnb)". PATRON is a company that comes with the aim of improving and solving the problems of sponsorship that are today, with the increase of social networks and with an increase in influencers in the world, a platform is needed to link correctly to the influencer with the sponsor or vice versa, and in this way save problems between sponsor and influencer or losses for the sponsor, PATRON is responsible for locating the ideal influencer for the sponsor, this is achieved by observing the content of the influencer, the number of followers that the influencer possesses and the number of active followers, thus achieving a greater number of opportunities for the correct publicity of some product or service and obtaining profits and greater recognition by the sponsor and influencer besides obtaining their earnings from the sponsor, they may feel good knowing that they have helped a company that believed in him or her.

Behind PATRON there is a team that works hard to make this project possible, and with its founder who has several clear goals, besides there is something very important about what he thinks about PATRON and is that in Asia many companies are limited in their functions, reaching only people from his country or the Asian continent but do not seek to expand around the world and reach as many countries and continents as possible, the idea is to create a platform recognized worldwide as other American brands, and he sees the opportunity to be recognized worldwide with its PATRON platform, and also to obtain the recognition of the creator of Facebook.

Core Function of PATRON:

  1. Sharing the influencer's SNS delivery frame at the spot (Pay every time).
  2. Share an Influencer exclusively for several months (Pay monthly).
  3. Acquire favorite influencers and monopolize (Annual contract)."

User types in PATRON

PATRON has been responsible for classifying the different types of users that exist, which are "Influencer (Host), Sponsor (Guest) and Follower (Fan), all this in order to know those who are active in the community and to know better the profiles of such users, to know what influencer have more active followers, what kind of content they do and what good reviews they have, to know the active users and pending of the social networks and what type of material or service the sponsors can offer.

In addition PATRON offers three methods to judge and determine the value of the influencer, which are:

  • "Dissemination ability / reachability (number)"
  • "Power to engage / Engagement"
  • "Trust / evaluation by users"

This is how an Influencer is able to know how to get their information to their followers, what is taken into account when offering a service and how their fans react to the service offered, also to know how full is the Influencer in social networks and how often is able to offer content to their followers and offer some product and something that is of utmost importance the trust that users have to influence, because trust is everything, PATRON seeks to ensure the reliability between Influences, Sponser and Follower.

Benefits of the Influencer when using PATRON

For many Influencer in the SNS having a good sponsor is of vital importance, since it would be a very high percentage of the income of the influencer, but it is not always easy to get a sponsor because a micro influencer is sometimes not taken into account by not have a large number of followers, but PATRON does not focus so much on the number of followers that an Influencer can possess but the number of active followers they have, because even if it is a relatively small number of followers if they are mostly active they can be more beneficial to the sponsor than to an Influencer with a large number of followers but few of these followers are not active.

On the other hand PATRON tries to unite Influencer and Sponsor that have a similar content and service, thus in this way an Influencer can be sure that he will have sponsorship with services or material related to the subject that he usually does, for a greater comfort of content and with a greater probability that the tracker can buy or obtain these services. In addition the Influencer can choose between different types of contracts, ranging from if the Influencer will publicize the product or service for a short period of time or if it will be for a longer period of time and it may even be that the Influencer can only give him publicity to a Sponsor in the stipulated time, but at the end all are reliable.

Benefits of Sponsers when using PATRON

A Sponsor is always looking for the best option to invest and get the return investment with a percentage of profits, and in a modernized world as we have it today where anyone with good content on their social networks can reach many people around the world, perhaps it is difficult to get a good Influencer able to give the right publicity to the service or product that the company is looking for.

Likewise we can find a large number of Influencers with a poor or good content and both can have a large number of followers and in many cases we can see an Influencer with a poor content but with a large number of followers, so the companies not always know what is the best option to give a sponsorship, PATRON seeks to solve this problem by linking the appropriate Influencer with the Sponsor, this is possible knowing the content that the Influencer offers and the number of active users they have and taking into account if the Influencer has good reputations and reliability in social networks, so companies can offer the product or service to the Influencer having the guarantees that a large number of users will go to their pages to obtain these products and services, obtaining profits and it is also that PATRON guarantees that the Sponsor reaches a certain number of followers during an agreed time and where the Sponsor can decide the exact demographic market to which his product will arrive.

The Follower also plays an important role in PATRON

For the Follower it is also beneficial when an Inlfuencer offers some quality service or product, because many times the average user follows the Influencer's content because it is something that helps them in their daily life, many users continue to Influencer that their content is about food recipes or cooking utensils, can be sports instructors, make-up artists, stylists, about fashionable clothes and contents of that theme, and if an Influencer gives publicity about a quality product or service regarding the subject it can be something that the Follower was looking and finally got it.

In addition PATRON is responsible for providing a pleasant ecosystem for the Follower with a lot of information about Influencer known and good topics, and the Follower can get an incentive promoting the Airdrop of PATRON, following the following steps:

The Rules are Simple:

  1. Join our group: Click Here
  2. Add 3 friends and x2 your reward
    to the group: Click Here
  3. Add 5 friends and x3 your reward
    to the group: Click Here

Reward example:

Only you - 40 PAT ($ 7.6)

  • 3 friends - 80 PAT ($ 15.2)
  • 5 Friends - 120 PAT ($ 22.8)

If you add more than 5 people we count your reward individually.

For each 1000 people we will decrease main reward on 5 tokens.

Business Model

For PATRON, Sharing Economy is very important, since it is the model taken from Airbnb that gave shape to it, building the platform referring to that system that refers to achieving "Make impossible, possible" rather than "cheap" "quick", because PATRON "10% novelty and 90% success stories" has a lot of truth, because in many cases it is a good idea to take a model that has been successful and customize it a little or improve some details, and that's where the block chain comes in and its use in the platform, since being a completely accepted model worldwide, free of third parties or external institution, it generates that security and confidence to the users that is what PATRON is looking for.


For this reason, by using the blockchain technology that already has great credibility, users can trust PATRON and something very important is the key to expanding the shared economy platform and how to ensure credibility in P2P transactions (Peer to Peer) , but through the use of these two systems, PATRON is responsible for generating that all transfers and value receipts between the members of the network will be recorded immutable.

PATRON is a highly reliable marketing place of influencers' sharing economy, where the influencer's SNS delivery frame are tokenized utilizing blockchain technology.

PAT Token

PATRON issued a cryptocurrency called PAT which is based on the Ethereum block chain and is an ERC20 token, which will have a 240 million token distribution and a total offer of 400 million in the ICO, this token will be used to several services within the platform because the token holders could communicate with Influencers through the platform using the PAT token and also the token holders could "like" the influencer of their liking and in this way help them increase their popularity .

PATRON will also offer surveys to the fans in order to boost the commitment towards the platform. On the other hand PATRON will use a part of the PAT Token for a better long-term development of the platform, being 160 million PAT specific


Source: WhitePaper, Page 36

If I were an Influencer

If that was the case I think I would benefit a lot from the use of the platform, as one obviously starts from scratch, and little by little depending on the content one goes up and getting followers that will support you and help in an increase of popularity, and I would never have the incentive of having a sponsor that offers me material to use or services, would be helpful for my content, and knowing that there is a platform with the purpose of classifying Influencers and Sponsors for an ideal match seems to me a excellent option, because the knowledge that the indicated Sponsor would have and that I would offer services and materials indicated for my content would be very helpful.

Besides that I could get contracts for the time we reach an agreement, it can be short or long term but in both cases with the assurance that the contract would be carried out, and it would not matter if I am a micro influencer, because not always It matters the large number of followers you have but the large number of active followers you have, and if that were my case it would be much easier to obtain a Sponsor, so with PATRON we all win, the followers would offer them a better content by owning better tools and I would offer them the possibility of obtaining those tools as well, the Sponsor knowing that they can count on me and that I am trusted to publicize their services or material and for having the opportunity to have the help of a company and the know that I make my followers happy.


Source: WhitePaper, Page 16

Why choose PATRON?

Easy, "It's a combined service for influencers and followers that gathers a lot of followers who need the world's most influential influencers." And the creator of PATRON and the team in general do not seek to be just a company of the bunch, but they seek to reach a large number of countries in the world, to make known that a company from Japan can be a large company like many companies Americans that are the providers of social networks at the moment, because PATRON will be in constant growth to make that goal possible

And it is that PATRON offers everything necessary for both small and large Influencers around the world and generate a trust between Sponsor and Influencer, and there is the possibility of collaboration between influential people not only in social networks but also can influence within of the PATRON platform.

A very interesting tool that PATRON offers is when you download PATRON on a smart phone, by having the application on your smart phone you have the option to record some content and you can send it directly to all the social networks that you want at the same time, you do not have to be one by one, facilitating in large numbers the work for those Influencers that handle a large number of social networks and have to upload the content application by application normally.


Use cases

Tommy is a food taster who lives in Russia, he has known a small part of his country because he has gathered little by little until he has enough money to go to another city and taste the typical foods of the region to which has gone, has a total of 117,000 followers in its social networks with a high percentage of active users, because for many its content is very entertaining and of very good quality, in addition that its followers would like to be able to do like Tommy to travel to other cities and know the typical foods of the different regions.

Liber Air is a little known flight company in Russia, which has tried to make itself known through Influencers and a large number of users see the services and promotions that this company offers, but they have never found the right Influencer , because many times they have made some deal with an Influencer whose content is very different from what they would like, they have dealt with Influencers who talk about clothes, training and even pet care, they never find the right one, but they knew PATRON.

With PATRON they discovered that the platform is in charge of classifying the ideal Influencer to offer some sponsorship, regardless of the number of followers but the number of active followers, and in this way they found Tommy and Liber Air saw in it the best option, since its Content was about traveling through different cities looking to taste new food. In the end Tommy and the company made a contract for a year and Tommy began to give them publicity and publicize the beneficial packages that this company offered and this way there were more people who started using Liber Air and Tommy could travel to a larger number of cities followed thanks to the sponsorship of Liber Air.


This publication that I have presented has been to let you know about this innovative platform, which is PATRON, and how through the content presented in this publication you can know what PATRON is, its main characteristics and the visions that this platform has, and that without a doubt the PATRON will impact the current market and the SNS.

And it is that PATRON offers the possibility of connecting users, influencer and sponsors in a single platform to classify them in the right way to achieve in this way an ideal joint work and helps the Influencers to grow in their content and the Sponsors to get better results in their products, also offering a reliability in their system by using Sharing Economy and Blockchain technology, all this makes for many users a platform to invest time and use it without any doubt.




Source: WhitePaper, Page 40


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