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Currently, the world as we know it has had many changes in terms of the economy, where cryptocurrency is the innovation of the last 10 years, we have advanced from bartering, where when a person needed a product he offered something else to someone else the same material value, and if both parties agreed, they proceeded to make the change. Then they implemented the coins, a metal that had the necessary value to obtain some product that was necessary, facilitating the obtaining of the goods and a better production and mobilization of the products.

Then they created the banks, who were the ones who could monopolize the market by facilitating the purchase and distribution of money to people, that's how the banknotes were implemented, another more innovative and easy to use exchange method, because it was a simpler way to transporting the money, this way was how the products were obtained, and even today it is the method used, because with the money in banknotes and coins is that we can acquire the basic necessities and welfare products and we can pay taxes and rents we can have.

Now another new method of value appeared, which are the cryptocurrencies, these are virtual currencies that have a different value depending on the currency, being Bitcoin the most important and valuable, it was October 5, 2009 when one of the first values of Bitcoin, and it was from that time when the price began to fluctuate giving way to the first exchanges and movements in the market. In these moments the situation is favorable for the market of the cryptocurrencies and in specific to the exchange, because they are already a more common and accepted method to exchange the cryptocurrencies that people possess, being able to exchange between different cryptocurrencies, adapting to the user want.

Today we can find many platforms that allow us to operate between different currencies, but knowing which platform to choose to make exchanges can be an important and complex step. Before starting an exchange it is important to verify if the platform offers the cryptocurrencies we need, then it is important to know the level of liquidity that the platform has, if it is a good level that means there is a high number of operations, and it's also important to verify the platform rate for each transaction.

In the market we can find a lot of platforms that offer exchanges that have a low amount of cryptocurrencies to exchange, thus limiting users, we also find rates with an extremely high value, so making an exchange is not feasible , and we find platforms where they ask for a record with a lot of personal information and a difficult registration, besides being a bit limited when making an exchange. That is why in this publication I come to talk about a new platform designed to solve all these problems called OnePageX.

It is the new exchange of cryptocurrencies in the market, with an extremely simple interface and easy management for a better use of the users, so that they feel comfortable making exchanges. It is not necessary a register in the page to be able to begin to make exchanges, what saves time to the users in dealing and sometimes problematic registries, where usually they fill long forms with a lot of personal information sometimes unnecessary.

Knowing more about the platform, the name OnePageX is the abbreviation of OnePageExchange, with this new exchange platform, the transactions are in a lot of important and less important cryptocurrencies, being a bit more specific, OnePageX has more than 140 cryptocurrencies available; with a very acceptable minimum rate, and where exchanges are fast, you only have to wait for the deposit to be confirmed and in just 25 minutes the exchange will have already been made.

Making an exchange in OnePageX is extremely simple, it is only necessary to place the amount of Bitcoin that is going to be exchanged, taking care that the minimum quantity required is greater than the maximum amount, select the cryptocurrency to be exchanged, place the address of the portfolio to withdraw and that's it, that's why they are the simplest cryptocurrency converter in the world.

OnePageX has some features that will make it one of the best exchange sites, because it has the facility of exchanges, saving the record as OnePageX does not merit registering or giving private information to make any exchange, the only thing that matters is having customers Satisfied with the good functioning of the interface, it is only necessary to follow three steps to make an exchange.

  • Choose assets to convert: In OnePageX there are currently more than 140 cryptocurrencies available to exchange, and in the future there will be more, so to start the exchange you only need to choose between the great variety of cryptocurrencies and you will have the first step ready.
  • Enter a withdrawal address: After having finally chosen the cryptocurrency to exchange, it only remains to place the address to which the money will be sent, as simple as that, you just have to be careful with placing the correct address, and you will have finished the second step.
  • Start exchange: It only remains to start the exchange and wait approximately 25 minutes to obtain the exchange. It is the best way to end an easy exchange and without problems and without long waiting time to finally get the exchange.

This makes OnePageX a great platform, because at present we find many problems when making an exchange, it is not always so easy to make an exchange, and after so many steps to make we can wait a long time until finally we finish the exchange, OnePageX has been in charge of facilitating the work for the users and of creating a simple interface.

OnePageX already has a large number of cryptocurrencies available to be exchanged, with more than 140 different cryptocurrencies, but for that reason they will not stop there, as OnePageX will increase its selection of cryptocurrencies, seek to break through any barrier, and thus reach more users around the world, because there is currently a large number of cryptocurrencies and new cryptocurrencies are released daily, so it is appropriate to be in search of increasing the selection of cryptocurrencies. For now in this initial release, all cryptocurrencies will be converted only from Bitcoin, but it is the currency of greatest management at present, so it is an excellent start.


In addition to this, OnePageX in its future plans to implement a greater number of cryptocurrencies, this STEEM in its plans, and I am sure that both I and many users of the Steemit community like to read this news, know that they take into account this great community that grows more and more every day, and also knowing that in the future we could count on an exchange platform of simple design and simple use.

OnePageX not only has a quick and simple interface, but also offers users the ability to make different exchanges from its interface, something that many users nowadays search in different exchange platforms, because this offers greater comfort, handling and security when making a transaction, because what is most sought is an interface that offers security. In addition, OnePageX has a small commission of only 0.5% along with a small network fee for all transactions.

In OnePageX transactions are added in the form of cards, these cards indicate the status of transactions, so that users who have made an exchange have the option to return and use at any other time. In the following images we can see what a newly created transaction card looks like, and what is the protocol for a transaction, which goes from waiting for two confirmations, the beginning of the withdrawal and when the transaction has finally been completed and completed:


In OnePageX you will find a great variety of assets, and this will make this a platform of great use and handling for a large number of users, since not all users handle and work with high-value or high-value cryptocurrencies, many users they need cryptocurrencies that may be of lesser value or importance but at the end of the account if they have a value for different activities or uses, so that being able to change from Bitcoin to a great variety of cryptocurrencies will attract a large number of users to OnePageX.

In most platforms, users can find a small variety of cryptocurrencies, which makes it difficult to manage cryptocurrencies and exchange them, greatly limiting users to access other cryptocurrencies they need, and for a platform is accepted 100% and can become very important in the market needs to provide users a wide variety of crypts.

OnePageX seeks to reach as many users as possible and that is why they will offer the tools that are within their reach, that is where OneBox starts, the feasible option of integrating OnePageX to the users' website, since it is compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices, in this way the users only have to copy a source code in their website and through this API a window would be opened within the same web page without abandoning it and making the exchanges; Any individual who owns a web page can use this tool that OnePageX provides.



Peter is an investor and seller of cryptocurrencies, it is a small scale business for him, because he gets good income, he buys many small cryptocurrencies and expects them to go up and then sell them and get his profits or he also exchanges them for the cryptocurrencies that he sees that are more likely to give you profits. The only problem with this is that Peter does not know a simple exchange platform, where he could make a lot of exchanges and without having to offer a lot of personal information.

But this problem for Peter ended when he discovered OnePageX, the ideal platform for exchanges, because it has a simple interface and where it was not necessary to offer personal data because it did not require a registration, since Peter found OnePageX no longer had to suffer for problems platforms of exchanges, because everything could be done in its simple interface.

Case 2

Ayda has a micro company that is based on the investment and sale of cryptocurrencies, called Buzz, she has few workers, 13 to be exact, she has a private website that is for her and her employees, there she is responsible for placing valuable and necessary information for her and her workers, all they need to know about any cryptocurrencies, when they have to invest, sell or exchange.

But they always had problems, they had to leave the page and be constantly redirecting to other web pages to make complex transactions, but they found a platform called OnePageX that offered a simple interface where exchanges could be made easily and quickly, without registration , and also offered their own Widget which is OneBox with which using their source code did not have to leave their website and could make their exchanges quickly and easily.

This publication was in order to let them know about this new platform called OnePageX and through all the information previously offered they could know and learn a little more about this great platform and all the benefits and facilities that it can offer. In addition to all the positive points that we can find, and how undoubtedly OnePageX will eventually expand to more and more users in the world because its easy interface and easy handling of cryptocurrency exchange gives users a guarantee that they can make a large number of exchanges more quickly and safely, and that they can find a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and that with the future growing anger the amount of cryptocurrencies available, there is no doubt that OnePageX will have a great success in the market.

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