ONAM - Globalizing Seamless Trading Under One Platform

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A cryptocurrency is that digital asset that can be used as money worldwide and thus replace all forms of fiduciary currencies in the world, with its decentralized system, being striking for any person not being linked to any banking or government organization , the first known cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which began operating in 2009 and from there more cryptocurrencies emerged, many guiding the operation and bitcoin scheme and others being more original and adding different features.

Currently more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies are known, which are usually known as alternative currencies or altcoins, being Bitcoin considered as the main cryptocurrency. But all these cryptocurrencies have great value in the market, being some cryptocurrencies of greater value than others but all with the same purpose, of being the asset of the future.

Since 2009 there have been many changes, and highs and lows but cryptocurrencies are made with the passing of the most latent days in the life of any person and being more accepted by institutions and companies, so that as more cryptocurrencies arise they emerge at the same time, a greater number of platforms in charge of the exchange of these assets, which range from somewhat obsolete exchanges to better alternatives and security, since there are many exchange platforms that initially did not expect a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, causing that its method of operation has become obsolete and unsafe, while there are other platforms that have sought to be more innovative and manage to adapt to the security, scalability and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Problem Overview

Due to the large unexpected capitalization of cryptocurrencies, many exchange platforms were not prepared, had points to improve or had limitations when conducting transactions at peak hours and also made it difficult to adopt new cryptocurrencies and provide more tools for a easy handling of the interface by users, in addition to these adversities we can find the following challenges:

  • Unsecured exchanges and security breaches: As cryptocurrencies become more common over the years, more infractions and piracy cases may be observed and in the exchange servers these problems are not solved, only at the beginning of the 2018 and the exchanges had suffered losses of $ 7311 million dollars.
  • Scalability limits other face-to-face exchanges: The current exchange platforms did not expect a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, so that having a large participation by investors, companies and ordinary people, have left in view the obsolete and unsophisticated which are the platforms of current exchanges, resulting in limitations on the scale.
  • Market manipulation: Spoofing, momentum ignition and wash-trading are one of many market manipulation techniques that can be found, which results in a lack of confidence and limits both investors and institutions to invest and enter this market. market.
  • Lackluster customer support: Many platforms have sought to integrate customer support in their interfaces but have failed in the attempt, because they have not had a proper handling of this tool and users have suffered a lot, in many cases users took weeks to wait to get some response from the platform.
  • Poor market liquidity: In order to be successful in this complicated market, it is necessary to have a great liquidity, because it is the main thing in any exchange but in the current exchanges a scarce liquidity can be observed, so many entities have had to simulate Rich order books and gains from price fluctuations.
  • Lack of regulatory compliance: We can find a large number of exchanges that do not comply with the necessary regulations in the market, leading the SEC to examine most of the cryptocurrency exchanges that currently exist.

What is ONAM?

ONAM is the new cryptocurrency exchange platform, which aims to comply with the regulations established by the Securities and Exchange Commission, known as "SEC", in addition to security through advanced threat prevention, detection of intrusions and commercial surveillance and a ease of use offering a large number of tools and functions for the current and future needs of individuals, because ONAM is a platform that not only thinks about the solutions and innovations that it can bring to the present, but also have long-term plans, so they seek to be at the forefront with the tools and solutions they provide, thus achieving to be up to date in the market of exchanges.

ONAM together with regulators

Currently you can find a lot of exchanges that lack a lack of custody services, due to the obsolete that can be many exchanges, ONAM is aware of this problem so it is something that wants to solve, and to achieve it will work in conjunction with the merchant leader to provide cryptocurrency investment services, which is BitGo. BitGo has over the years been in charge of offering security, compliance and solutions in currencies based on blockchain since 2013, besides now complying with the "Advisers Act" of 1940 and the "Dodd-Frank Act" of 2010.

In addition, for ONAM to comply with regulations is one of its priorities, because by complying literally with these regulations, they are responsible for obtaining a clean and honest job, which would call the attention of new investors and institutions that would help grow ONAM , because in a market with so many insecurities and piracy, making exchanges on a platform where security and protection comes first is a great relief for many users, and on the other hand it allows ONAM to carry out its ICO in a legal manner and avoid orders and cease and desist citations that many ICOs are having, for which ONAM has hired a firm with great experience in dealing with corporate and securities laws, to represent them with the SEC, FINRA, FinCEN and other regulatory institutions.

Features offered by ONAM

Faster transaction of all existing exchanges

Many exchanges that are currently operating at 2 million transactions per second and a smaller number of transactions per second, on the other hand ONAM works at 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds, a big difference in comparison with other exchange platforms, having a great impact on the market because users and institutions prefer a platform that does not represent an obstacle when making an exchange, something that happens a lot with other service providers that during peak hours data flow presents drawbacks and failures due to its low number of transactions per second, ONAM solves those problems with its high number of transactions per second, leaving in the past the problems of transactions in hours with greater data flow.

To learn more about how ONAM makes it possible to process more than 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds through its ultra high performance comparison engine, all this was possible using the GoLang programming language designed by Google, which was created with the purpose of intense computer server applications.

  • High performance matching engine: Robust risk management, commercial surveillance and a state-of-the-art security system are some of the main operations that ONAM has been in charge of developing for a better interface operation, thinking about the present and the future, ONAM seeks to avoid money laundering and market manipulation while at the same time being truly scalable.

  • Over 10 advanced order types: ONAM seeks to help users to be more successful in their commercial activities, and this is achieved by offering a variety of advanced orders ranging from Trailing Stops, Take Profit, Iceberg Orders, Fill or Kill until Good Till Canceled, among others.

  • Margin Trading and Margin Lending: In ONAM you can get a good trade and loan due to compliance with regulations, which allows users to pay small percentage rates in exchange for a greater purchasing power and get loans that generate interest on the funds they have provided.

  • Composite Index Fund: With this feature ONAM offers users the ability to obtain a diversified exposure to encryption assets.

  • Paper Trading: In ONAM a paper trade function is included, in order to train the novice and intermediate traders, since they will be able to perform different types of orders, test the market conditions and trade in the platform without the commitment of the real capital, and once they are used to the interface and get more knowledge of exchanges, users can use the platform with real capital.

  • Modular UI: In order to increase user comfort, ONAM has taken the time to design a modular UI so that users can customize their commerce page and adapt it to the needs of each individual.

  • Trade Assistant powered by Machine Learning: This function will help users increase profitability and help users to remain profitable, through Trade Assistan that will be in charge of providing commercial alerts and signals.

  • Auto Trading Bots, Trading Strategy Backtesting: Allows users two options, create bots with their own strategies or use the strategies created by expert traders.

  • Market Sentiment Analysis powered by Machine Learning: At ONAM you can be one step ahead of the other merchants from other platforms through the tools provided by ONAM such as the analysis of social media and market confidence.

  • Market Scanning Tool: This tool is responsible for making it easier for users to find coins and tokens to exchange depending on the criteria they enter, saving them in this way hours and hours of search, in order to obtain a better development on the part of each user.

  • Advanced Charting: Users will not have to abandon the ONAM exchange or spend funds on third-party tools, as ONAM provides them with the technical analysis tools necessary to register any asset within the platform.

  • Trading Experts and Tutorials: ONAM will be able to find videos and educational articles with the objective of better preparing the novice and intermediate investors, so that they can navigate in a more comfortable and simple way and to build a solid and educated community.

  • News and Announcement Feed: In a market as volatile as cryptocurrencies, the ideal is to be up-to-date with the latest news, that is something that ONAM has clear, so it helps users by providing news and announcements for users to be Always informed with the latest news, to have successful operators.

  • Push Notifications: In exchange for other cryptocurrency trading platforms, ONAM seeks to be at the forefront, so they will be in charge of notifying when users' orders are filled or new currencies and other options are included in real time.

  • OTC Trading for Large Orders and Institutional Investors: Through intelligent contracts without confidence, ONAM will act as a guarantee deposit, in addition to facilitating the purchase and sale of assets without increasing the volatility of the market.

  • Multi-language UI and Multi-language 24/7 LIVE Support: ONAM seeks to reach a large number of clients on a global scale, all this can be possible through live chats for ONAM users, where they will help a large number of users to solve problems no matter how small or large and all this in multiple languages ​​to reach as many people as possible.

  • FIX Server for Institutional Investors: In this way, institutional investors obtain better operational efficiency, greater transparency and lower costs and risks.

  • Advanced and Custom APIs: With ONAM's customized APIs, they will greatly simplify and facilitate the development and work of the merchants.

  • Affiliate Program

Why choose ONAM?

Unlike other exchange platforms, ONAM seeks to be at the forefront, in other exchange platforms it is usually necessary to manage several pages that offer the necessary tools to make an exchange, causing a difficult process for any user or institution, in ONAM they are offered all the necessary tools for greater performance and all in the same interface, ranging from margins trading, over-the-counter trade, margin loans, among other features.

Source: WhitePaper, Page 13

In addition to the innovation of 10 million transactions per second, in ONAM very low rates are handled that are 0.05%, compared to other exchanges that have a higher rate, and ONAM offers a trade assistant which can guide merchants novice and experienced and with regulatory compliance of commercial surveillance, are characteristics that many large platforms of exchanges lack and do not offer their users.

ONAM also offers to eliminate the probabilities of suffering from hacking and offers the security of each user's funds, this is possible through the prevention of threats, intrusion detection and proprietary trade monitoring, making ONAM one of the better exchange platforms when it comes to protecting user data. For this reason ONAM is a scalable and innovative platform whose main rules are compliance with regulations, offering security to users and with an easy-to-use platform.

Source: WhitePaper, Page 13

Dedication of ONAM to achieve greater security and confidence of users

For ONAM to achieve the ideal security for the users is something fundamental, because in this way it will generate a greater confidence on the part of the users, managing to attract them to the platform greatly improving the usability of this, and to achieve this ONAM has been in charge of The following aspects:

  • Advanced threat prevention and intrusion detection systems powered by Machine Learning: ONAM offers patented tools such as advanced threat prevention, intrusion detection and in ONAM passwords are never stored.

  • Anti-Market Manipulation (AMM) System: The key to a good development is to maintain a clean system of manipulation, so the AMM system of ONAM will mark when an attempt is made to manipulate the market, unusually large operations, washing operations , among others, giving ONAM the possibility to intervene and maintain a clean system of manipulation and regulation.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) System: With this system it will be possible to identify possible money laundering attempts and intervene when necessary, this whole system is possible through several databases and international tracking lists.

  • Quarterly 3rd party Security Audits: ONAM will conduct quarterly audits of security protocols, order books, among other things, in order to maintain a transparent system and continue to guarantee confidence to users.

  • Qualified Custody: It is something that many exchanges are currently lacking, which is why ONAM has decided to partner with BitGo, the leader in providing cryptocurrency investment services at an institutional level, thus guaranteeing institutional grade policies, cold storage 100% and different signatures in class II vaults and to ensure that users' funds are stored more securely.

  • Employee Background Checks and Compliance Training: To have a platform of excellence it is necessary to have excellent employees, so ONAM will submit to background checks and offer training before starting to work in the company.

Source: WhitePaper, Page 22

Token ONAM

ONAM has its own token which is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network and its name is ONAM, this token has a total number of established tokens which is 300,000,000 with a limit of 195,000,000 ONAM tokens available in the Crowdsale. ONAM has the vision of complying with the established regulations, and with its ICO is not the exception, for which they will comply with the Crowdsale standards established by the SEC, thus ensuring the safety of the users' investment and avoiding delays at the launch. The ONAM token is of great importance in the platform, because through the token you can use all the capabilities of the platform and it offers great advantages to ONAM users.

"Based on September 19th, 2018 ETH price"

Source: WhitePaper, Page 22

Token sale funds allocation

  • "50% of ICO proceeds will be used towards Development of the ONAM Platform."
  • "25% of the ICO proceeds will be used for Marketing."
  • "15% of ICO proceeds will be used for day to day Operations of the company."
  • "10% of the ICO proceeds will be used for all Legal expenses associated with ONAM."

Source: WhitePaper, Page 19

Problems solved through ONAM

  • Security: For ONAM security is paramount, because in this way it is possible to obtain the support and trust of the users, for that reason the ONAM team have implemented DDoS, Anti-phishing and 2FA solutions, and developing their own systems such as Its advanced threat prevention system with which they are able to detect any problem in real time and the detection of intruders and commercial surveillance.
  • Scalability: Scalability is everything in the cryptocurrency exchange system, and differences from many other exchange platforms that can only handle up to 2 million transactions per second, in ONAM that number is easily exceeded because in ONAM can process more than 10 million transactions per second, all this is possible through the use of programming language GoLang designed by Google.
  • Market manipulation: A common problem in many platforms is the manipulation of the market, ONAM will solve this problem through its surveillance, supervision and market compliance system, ONAM will be in charge of monitoring any suspicious activity and suppress and eliminate these cases of handling.
  • Customer service: ONAM will offer live chats 24/7/365 and also the first 6 months of the launch, will offer telephone support, this way will help any user to clarify and solve any doubt or problem they are presenting.
  • Scarce market liquidity: To avoid low liquidity, the ONAM team will commit to attracting miners, traders and market makers, offering truly rich and transparent order books.
  • Regulatory compliance: For a company to be prestigious and have good reputation and acceptance, it is necessary to comply with certain rules and regulations in order to have a transparent operation, that for ONAM is something of the utmost importance, for which they fully comply with the regulations established and They have hired legal firms in the United States to improve any legal obstacles.

Positive impact of ONAM in the market

In the market there are many exchange platforms where the user is not a factor in the ecosystem of the platform, where they do not comply with the regulations generating little confidence and security and scalability is not very good, where the leaders of these exchanges only they are interested in filling their pockets, no matter if they do not offer a good service.

At ONAM the customer comes first and excellent market scalability together with great security are fundamental for them, ONAM will be in charge of offering support to novice and experienced users through live chats 24/7 and in multiple languages ​​for that no one is left without understanding, many users often have unknowns when entering a new exchange platform and have had to be left with these unknowns by not having the help of anyone, so this help that ONAM offers will have a great impact.

And with the Real Time Market Surveillance, Monitoring and Compliance system, ONAM will be monitoring any suspicious activity and in this way will be able to generate reports on these suspicious activities for the regulators, thus complying with the regulations, see the dedication by part of the ONAM team to comply with the regulations gives users the transparency with which this platform will work, generating great confidence and security for users. Unlike many other exchange platforms, ONAM will have a strong positive impact on the market, easily achieving acceptance and massive adoption by users and institutions.

Exchange UI Preview

Source: WhitePaper, Page 14

Supported Assets at Initial Launch


Case of use

The market for cryptocurrencies has been increasing, from Bitcoin, which was the first known cryptocurrency to the large number of cryptocurrencies that can be found today, has led to the growth of a greater number of trading platforms, but such platforms do not They hoped for a massive adoption and acceptance by people and institutions, for Rossi it was never something fundamental to know more about cryptocurrencies and exchanges, but over the years he has seen the boom in these currencies, so It has taken the time to investigate a greater number of cryptocurrencies and know more about them, but has also seen that many platforms do not have the necessary tools for new users or have an obsolete system and do not offer security or compliance with the rules of regulation.

Rossi finally finds ONAM, an exchange platform based on complying with regulations, in a great scalability, offering the necessary data security and offers help to new users, in different languages and with live chats 24/7, so that Rossi enters ONAM and following the steps and requesting help and guidance, becomes more aware of how exchanges work and how ONAM is a platform that seeks to be at the forefront and offers all the necessary tools for the best possible performance by of the users.


This publication that I have presented has been to let you know this is an exchange platform, which is ONAM, and how through the content presented in this publication you could know what ONAM is, its main characteristics and the visions that this platform has, and that without a doubt ONAM will impact on the current market of exchanges.

And it is that ONAM to offer the highest number of transactions per second in the market, with its low commercial fees, with the tools offered to users, its positive characteristics, solutions to problems that can be found today, and with its ideal to be at the forefront and comply with regulations, makes for many users a platform in which to invest time and use it to make exchanges.





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