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DGTX is the native currency of Digitex futures Exchange, which is a platform for the purchase / sale of futures of BTC, ETH and LTC.

Futures markets, whether gold, government bonds, or cryptocurrencies, present a great potential, however the high commissions applied in these transactions reduce profit margins significantly. But the DGTX project will offer the possibility of carrying out these transactions without any commission, thus attracting a considerable number of investors that operate in similar markets.

Digitex Futures Exchange will cover transaction costs by generating new DGTX tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.
All statistics of gains, losses or account balances will be expressed in the value of said tokens.

Merchants must have DGTX tokens to access the free market of commissions, creating a high demand, which allows the platform to replace the profits that the commissions would generate.

The emission of new tokens will be decided democratically, since the platform will use a decentralized government through the blockchain.

Guaranteed Security


Unlike other futures exchange platforms, users will be able to trade without having to entrust their money to the platform, since the balances will be maintained through a decentralized and independent contract in the ethereum blockchain. The contract consists of the platform being able to obtain the balance of the account, commercial profits and losses, thus keeping the balance of your account updated, but this will never have physical possession of the funds.

Guaranteed Value


To prevent the value of the token from falling due to an excess supply, there will be no new tokens to generate revenue until 2 years after its launch, a period during which the registration of new users and the trading volume in Digitex Futures Exchange, will generate that the futures markets increase exponentially, and all the new operators will compete to buy a limited number of DGTX tokens.

The increase in the price of the token will cover the inflationary impact generated by the creation of the tokens issued at the beginning of this project.

By 2021, the Digitex Futures Exchange platform will issue new DGTX tokens to cover operating costs, which will include:

  • Software development
  • Servers
  • Staff
  • Locals
  • Marketing
  • Support

Users will vote on the number of tokens that will be created, through the decentralized blockchain government, which consists of:

1 DGTX = 1 Vote

The new tokens will be created through an intelligent contract and can be acquired by users when they send ETH to the smart contract address and automatically receive the equivalent amount to the ETH sent

Relevant aspects of the DGTX:

  • It is the initial currency of Digitex Futures Exchange.
  • The costs to carry out the transactions in the Digitex Futures Exchange will be paid with DGTX
  • The amount of initially available tokens is 1,000,000,000 DGTX
  • There will be no emission of new tokens during the first 2 years after its launch.
  • It is an ERC-223 token based on Ethereum that can be negotiated with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH

Initial distribution of Tokens:

  • 650 M (65%) Sale to the public
  • 200 M (20%) Digitex Market Markers
  • 100 M (10%) Team and Founders (Current and Future)
  • 50 M (5%) References



tabla 1.png

If the projections shown in the previous table are fulfilled, we will obtain the following inflation table for the next 12 months.

tabla 2.png

Possibles scenarios

  • In the worst case shown in the tables above, only 100 merchants registered in the first 2 years would leave the price of the DGTX stalled at $ 0.02, the platform should only increase the supply of tokens by 5% to cover the projected costs in 1 M dollars for the next 12 months.

  • Given the most favorable scenario presented in the table where 50,000 merchants register on the platform, the price of the DGTX would be $ 0.43 and this would need approximately 10 M dollars for the next 12 months, having to increase the supply of tokens by 2.3% DGTX.

Features and benefits of Digitex Futures Exchange:

  • Zero of negotiation fees.
  • Decentralized account balance.
  • Highly liquid futures markets.
  • Automated market makers.
  • Futures of BTC, ETH and LTC.
  • One-click negotiation interface.
  • Complete privacy.
  • Decentralized governance by blockchain.

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