The Native Platform: Bringing Out the Inherent Value Of Communities Through A Local Economy

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The Power of Efficient Communities in Creating and Realizing Value 

A community is a group of people with a common understanding, common interests, beliefs and aspirations towards which they aspire. A community could be built around a particular movie, protecting the earth, ensuring justice for women or practically anything at all. However, once a community has been established, its sole purpose is to accomplish its set goals and realize the value which it possesses.

Effective communities based on various interests are therefore the very foundations of human existence and interaction. The ability to genuinely contribute to a community based on a particular interest to which an individual belongs brings forth a truly great sense of accomplishment hence the attention and energy channeled to such an endeavour is expected to produce value.

However, a community can only be efficient and so realize its full and inherent value in a global economy only when its governance system in terms of decision making is openly fair and all embracing. An efficient community can therefore only exist where its members are genuinely concerned or interested in the objectives of their own community which has been created around a particular objective they dentify with and so would be more open to channelling the energy and attention into the cause of such a community in order to produce value rather than being coerced into things one would rather not do.

The hallmark of an efficient community is the achievement of value.

Understanding the Importance of a Financial System in Communities.

The Chinese Chao

The history of the evolution of financial systems is a very much interesting one. It all began and still is in the form of Fiat which as a currency was only started by the Chinese in the form of a bronze shell called the "Chao" at around 1,000AD. Fiats of the modern day are backed by governments and serve the societies within which they are used.

However, since the advent of Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrencies have been developed which serve the needs of specific communities who comprise a particular project around which they are built. The financial system of cryptocurrencies, though not yet perfect offers the individual and smaller ecosystems more control over their affairs with a high degree of functionality that may even surpass that offered by traditional fiat systems.

Cryptocurrencies therefore allow for the storage of wealth within a small ecosystem or local currency peculiar to a particular community (often an online community dedicated to a particular purpose) and so allows for such a community's recognition within a global valuation network. A good example is Berkshares.

However, the problems of the non existence of a platform through which a non tech savvy community can develop their own currency and the absence of a structure or mechanism through which they can be valued against each other in a global framework persists. 

These problems however, are effectively solved through the project Native.

What is Native and How it Will Revolutionize the Way Communities Operate.


Native is a platform that will ultimately revolutionize the way Communities operate and ultimately make communities an ideal of what they ever truly stood for. From the formation of communities to the running of their affairs in terms of decision making and value creation, Native is the one stop platform.

Native is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and as yet is the only platform which provides that hitherto missing structure and mechanism through which communities can be valued and operated through their own local currencies peculiar to them while also providing an unrivalled set of decision making tools for such communities. Native is also each and every community's gateway into emerging financial ecosystems irrespective of such a community's technical know-how.

Through the instrumentality of Native, the formation of communities for the individual's core and basic interest has been made all the more easier hence communities are what make up the Native platform. 

A set of people who are interested in a particular area of human life or anything at all and are passionate about such a thing, for instance, conserving the earth can come together and form a community on Native which would be guaranteed its own currency and a set of decision making tools. 

In addition to native being a game changer, it also allows for the following in terms of benefits of starting a community on native which where hitherto simply not there.

1.  While most communities hitherto struggled to get financial assistance or raise capital through bank loans and crowdfunding, Native offers these communities built upon its platform the ability to raise capital through the sale of such a community's tokens.

2. Native also affords communities the ability to make collective decisions which have been agreed upon by the majority of members of a particular community through the instrumentality of  Native's polling feature.

3. Native provides communities with recognition and one of the foremost wishes of any community, the ability to redeem value within a global framework.

The Features of a Community on Native and the Impact of An Economy that Enables the Accomplishment of Goals by Communities.


Communities that thrive on the platform Native are provided excellent features necessary for their growth and efficiency and the realization of value in addition to an economy that enables them to accomplish their set goals. 

A community has two main user types these are:

1. The Curator

A curator is the pioneer member of a community and serves as an administrators or leaders of communities given their in depth knowledge of the subject matter around which a community is built. A curator is responsible for setting up contents or approving such contents to be viewed and voted on and Is also responsible for approving tasks completed by members.

2. Members

Members are those who join various communities that they are interested in and actually align with their own interests, goals and aspirations. Members are only incentivized to join a community as a result of the presence of an economy which enables the achievement of goals. Members are responsible for voting on community issues and may even remove a curator if need be.

Communities also possess some other important features necessary for their smooth running and the accomplishment of set goals, these are:

Community Currency.

Each and every community on Native possesses its distinctive currency in the form of a token which has multiple functionality that may even be enhanced by a community if need be.

A community currency first of all serves a medium of exchange within a particular community and so ensures independence while enabling transactions within a particular community. A community currency is central to the realization of a community's value and their reserves are held in the Native Token(NTV).

Community Currencies are also central to membership of communities hence joining a community requires the conversion of the Native Token (NTV) into the Currency of the particular community desired to be joined. The amount whoever depends on that set by the Curator of a community. However, once membership is acquired, a member gains participation rights in a community too.

Communities have the ability of allocating their own currencies to other projects or communities that align with their own objectives. This is made possible through token swaps or even the purchase of such currency by an external party.

Community Fund.

Communities possess a Fund which continues to grow through the sign up of new members, active and high level participation by members of a community as well as the other means of revenue of a community. It is with a community fund that goals are achieved and growth stimulated hence such funds are responsible for the completion community projects and tasks.

Community Collective Decision Making Tools.

There exists various decision making tools for communities on Native through which members can take decisions, vote through polls and and carry out tasks and projects. These include:

(a) Projects:

Members of a community have the power to vote on whether a designated project should be carried out in the community. Until such a decision is reached, the funds responsible for the accomplishment of such a project are escrowed and if a decision is not reached by the required percentage of members, such funds are returned back to the Community Fund.

An example of a project in a community dedicated to Earth Conservation may be to plant trees every month.

(b) Polls:

Polls are general decisions taken by members that may have no impact on the finances of a community. Once a poll is accepted, it may be successful if its voted for by a certain percentage of the members of the community or it may not be successful if such poll dies not garner enough positive votes.

An example of a poll may be "should every member plant a tree every week?"


Tasks are objectives which are set out by a Curator and claimable by the members to perform. Once complete, the performance of the task is reviewed by a curator and a decision reached whether such performance is acceptable and the bounty which is payable in Native Token is earned.

An example of a task may be the organization of a lecture on the need to conserve the earth.

The Native Ecosystem 

Native is comprised basically of the Native Token (NTV) and the various community tokens of each community.

Generally tokens within Native are deployed using as Bancor Smart Tokens and with the help of the Bancor Protocol, tokens can be easily exchanged for another transparently and fairly.

Tokens on the Native platform utilize a continuous token model which ensures instant liquidity for tokens, affords an accurate indication of the market size of such a token and enables the determination of the value of a currency based on tangible results rather than mere speculations.

Token and Connector/Reserve Pricing

The price of tokens on the Native platform is calculated using three main variables which include, the value of base currency held in reserve i.e the connector balance, the outstanding balance which is the total number tokens in circulation and the connector weight.

Below is the formula for calculation token price:


Valuation of Communities.

Native provides a framework which would measure ad accurately as possible, the value of communities. These indices for the measurement of a community's value are as contained below:



The structure of the Native ecosystem enables the alignment of interests between various communities through a base currency and so enables for growth.

The Pioneer Communities of Native.

Native already has about six communities dedicated to various goals which they seek to achieve. These pilot communities include:

  • Earth Guardians: This is an impact driven community  with youths at its helm which aims at helping humanity to amplify her views and enabling innovative approaches to solving the problems that plague the human race as well as providing solutions to our most pressing problems.
  • Peace Accelerators: This community comprises of future driven and tech-centric individuals whose main aim is the advancement of world peace through various projects, events and campaigns.
  • Imaginal Films:  A collection of content creators, viewers and funders whose major aim is the creation of conscious films. 
  • DOLO: Dedicated to the achievement of smarter education through a decentralized society.
  • SDG Futures:  A decentralized community and technology stack dedicated to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals,
  • Rick and Morty Crew: A rare community of Rick and Morty Fans.

My Dream Community of Shakespearan Poets and How Native would Change the Way We'd Start, Operate and Grow.

I've always had this desire to write and share poetry, not any kind of poetry but Shakespearean poetry. However, a community dedicated to such poetry is harder to find than gold dust. So instead of channeling my energy to that which I naturally want to do. I haven't been able to do so.

However, with Native, I can simply start a community of Shakespearean poets on the platform and would be automatically granted the opportunity to earn capital through new member sign ups and more importantly, I would be able to find a community of people who are interested in Shakespearean poetry.

I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams but Native would also make available to my community a set of decision making tools in terms of polls (like choosing the best out of submitted poetry works), tasks (like writing a Shakespearean Sonnet) and Projects.

 In addition to these, the ability to value operate my community through its own local currency is priceless. The opportunity for growth through Native is close to a hundred percent guaranteed and this opportunity would also be leveraged by my community.

The end result therefore, is a community of Poets (who couldn't have come together without Native in the first place) being able to focus our energy and attention to what we always wanted to do and never could and so produce value.

Use Cases

1. Save the Earth: Earth Conservation Enthusiast Finds Himself a Community

Tom is very enthusiastic about conserving the Earth and her resources in the light of dwindling environmental and atmospheric quality which threatens the overall sustainability of the Earth. However, Tom always felt like he was all alone in this world hence none of his friends even shared as little as an atom of interest in his conservation efforts. With Native however, Tom is able to find a community of like minds who encourage one another and set up tasks like planting of trees. For the first time ever, Tom is really happy about his conservation efforts and finds encouragement in his community of Conservationists.

2.Expression Of Authentic Energy: Alice Finally Gets To Pursue Her Genuine Interest

Alice is a Teacher. However. She does not find value in it because it is not what she wanted to be and so she cannot express her energies authentically while teaching. What Alice ever wanted to do was to trade cryptocurrencies, however, general lack of knowledge and a supportive community was what kept her away from her genuine interesst. With Native, Alice is able to find a community of Crypto Enthusiasts and traders and together they are achieving their dreams of crypto trading. Alice is truly happy in the expression of her genuine interest now. This is what she ever wanted to do and she is doing it thanks to Native.

3. Journey to wellness: An Obese Patient getting reassurance and tips from his Kind

Mark has been Obese for as long as he could remember, however he has never ever set sight on another obese person with whom he can discuss and probably get tips for improvement and how Obesity can be overcome. However, Mark discovers Native and finds a community that is dedicated to the cause of those are Obese, Mark really finds a home in this community and with tips from the members of his new found community, he is well on his way to wellness.


Native is a very much brilliant idea, one that affords communities the opportunity to realize the value that they inherently possess through the instrumentality of local currencies and decision making tools. This opens the gateway for the valuation of communities even within a global framework. One of the foremost advantages of Native which really captures my attention is the ability granted to every community irrespective of technical know-how to operate their own local currencies.

With Native too, the expression of interests has been made relatively easier hence one can find his own community or even create one to express that which he always aspired to do but could not. Native has effortlessly revolutionized what was understood to be a community and i were to describe it in a few words, i'll simply say Native is an El Dorado for communities.

The Team

The Native Team is led by Jake Vartanian  whose experience ultimately led to the Native Platform. He is also the founder of Cryptodex.


The Roadmap


For more information, check out these sources:

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